Nov. 25th, 2013

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7 Virtues just had its second post war epilog event.  I really enjoy staffing these events.  They're relatively low key and therefore low stress while still allowing the story to continue.  I can leave home at a reasonable hour Saturday morning and be home Saturday night.  Setup and breakdown are much easier than a regular event.  Logistics is minimal.  What's not to love?

I got to flex my roleplay muscles a bit differently this time.  I started out as a patron of the arts looking to commission people to create uplifting works of art, paintings, music, songs, poems and stories to inspire the next generation of Armandy.  "But wait Rick, how is that any different for you?"  I'm glad you asked because if you didn't you sort of fell into the same trap as some of the PCs.  I was also playing an assassin out to get a vial of the blood of an ex-Touched Hero.

By passing myself off as the nephew of the old Selflessness professor and a patron of the arts looking to bolster the morale of the nations and pass along hope to the next generations of Armandy, I quickly gained the trust of everyone I met.  Then i spent about an hour and a half talking painting, music, song, poetry and stories with different people until i found one of my targets, at which point I slipped an enchanted scroll into the pages of poems and repeated the scene with him.  At this point I'd established my credibility and story so strongly that no one had a problem letting me paralyze him and walk out while talking to him as I left.  I'd hoped to actually kill a PC in front of a room full of PCs and get away clean, but I forgot how hard it can be to kill some heroes, so he reduced my death to unstable and then instead of bleeding out he went unconscious so he only sat there unconscious and minus his blood for the duration of the paralysis, but I'll take it as a win anyway.

It was a very fun exercise and I had a blast doing it.  The roleplay with all the PCs was fabulous and hopefully taught them at least one valuable lesson.  :-)  I'm betting none of them fulfill their commission though and Aloysius will be out all that money.  ;-)

I spent the rest of the event as the Headmaster, always a fun role to play.  Early on I found Siobhan coming out of the Reliquary of Souls.  She needed time mostly by herself and knowing Brae the way I do, I figured I'd get her to drink to feel better and give her a chance to talk to the Headmaster alone and get whatever was bothering her off her chest.  Unfortunately (IG, OOG mwahahaha) the Headmaster was smitten with a love curse and fell head over heels in love with Idriante during this discussion.  This was amusing because in his love struck state he blew off Siobhan hard in the middle of his talk with her and he created an uncomfortable situation with the lovely Idriante.

I talked children and marriage and futures with many of the students... uh, Heroes.  Need to quit doing that; old habits die hard.  Knowing the upcoming plots over the course of the day always makes it fun to steer early discussions in directions that you know will lead to great follow-up discussions later in the day.  *waves at Bess especially*

I loved hearing students report to me about the assassination attempt that I pulled off.  It made me feel warm and fuzzy all over... well, even warmer and fuzzier than being the Headmaster already makes me.

All the Despair and Compassion discussions were just awesome.  Kiva really is my prime studen... uh, Hero, but the tears shared with T'Dira were wonderful beyond compare.

It's so touching to go out into a fight, go down and hear the stu... Heroes' rallying cries around pushing for the Headmaster.  It gives me more of that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Then I get to yell at a Hero for trading her life for mine only to realize that the Headmaster's major objection to this is probably not quite as relevant anymore and give her the start of a mock scolding and end it with a warm, fuzzy hug.

Oh, and kudos to T'Dira for putting a bow on the Headmaster's tail without him knowing about it.  :-)

Set up for Dark World 7V.  Yay!  More warm, fuzzy... oh wait.  >:}

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