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Need to get at least some sort of list together before I forget what I did all weekend.

It was a good weekend to be a Stormdancer, not too wet, but wet enough to make sure lightning was up by 50% for a lot of the weekend, and boy did I need it.  By the time I crashed Saturday night all I had left was one refresh, 2 karma and a slam.  It's been a long time since I used up so many attributes in one weekend.  Somehow I found myself being "the" healer a lot this weekend.  And was it my imagination or were there a lot move 'avoids' than usual this weekend?

So in no particular order (since that's probably not going to happen):

- In the Know - Sounds like the Naporean royalty is having himself a grand old time at the taxpayers' expense.  There was lots of fun Naporean scheming going on.  It was fun to listen to, even if I did stay mostly clear of it for 'conflict of interest' reasons.

- Chat with Saint Theresa was good and I was glad I was able to dump it all to Ezrem before the rest of the weekend ate my brain

- Learning a new song with Tashka - I love working on anything music, especially with Tashka.  Sorry to my roommates for having to listen to the same tune over and over and over again but that 's the risk you take living with a Troubadour.  I do wonder what the piece is and what more will come of it since I'm pretty sure it was a harmony part and not a melody part.

- Magpie asking Zephyr to help her with a ritual by speaking on her behalf about Hope was pretty cool.  I'm sorry I missed that Saturday night.  :-(

- Recovering the relic of Myrkorim was a fun mod.  It was unusual being the sole Naverilite in a room full of Myrkorim priests and then getting to tell stories that told of their glory afterward was pretty awesome.

- Two resets while fighting off Malediction spirits while Terra untangled the web.  Looooong fight, good test of endurance.  I felt bad for the NPCs.  I felt worse for me when it was over and I could finally drag my sorry butt to bed.  ;-)

- I had the best talk ever with Nur Saturday morning over breakfast.  We finally have a full list of all the names and occupations of all the souls inside Souldrinker in order of how she took them.  I especially enjoyed talking about how our relationship has changed over the years as she's recovered who she used to be.  The talk about Jade Moth's family was insightful.  Talking about the trust between us to allow me to take over her for the Aberrant temple fight was also very touching.  Great RP.

- Meeting with Nur and interested PCs was awesome.  Her take on 'Her' and our decisions about 'Her' and how those of Pangaeus view 'Her'  were quite interesting.  In the long run I don't think it impacted our choices but it was fun to talk about from that perspective.  And Nur's reaction to the Orichalucm was awesome as was the revelation of what it is and what exposure to it can do.  That made for an interesting chat with Petros after seeing as the Eurvein are in their current physical condition in part because of it.

- Josef is just the best.  Griff does an amazing job with this character.  I just love him.  With the aid of the writ I gave him to continue his research unhindered by the Inquisition (I knew something *good* would come of being part of the Inquisition eventually) he was able to get us a contact to take us into a tomb to recover the dagger that belonged to Souldrinker when she was alive.  Great module with some really cool revelations and an almost complete list of everything we need to do to finish her off.

- The vision with Rob, Zoe and Chris beating the snot out of Mikka and corrupting her (well, her character) was pretty intense.  Zoe does creepy amazingly well.  Nice surprise ending with the mask on Mikka too.  I was impressed.

- Inquisition talk with Dar was a ton of fun.  I look forward to doing Inquisition stuff with him.

- Inquisition - 4 down, 1 to go - I had my fourth execution.  I'm really torn over this one and the fallout led to some awesome discussions with fellow PCs.  I think the guy was guilty of what he was accused of.  I think it was right to sentence him to a writted death.  I'm not sure it was exactly for the right reasons and that kind of thinking is dangerous.  The talk with Trey's Inquisitor after helped Zephyr see that his opinion of Inquisitors may be a little in need of re-evaluation.

- Inquisitor William Rouen - Tim totally blew me away with this.  Not only did he spend waaaaay more time than a staff person should (IMO) with a single PC, but the roleplay was just superb and really helped Zephyr out a lot with his thoughts on the Inquistion and his place in it.  Thanks Tim!

- Mummy Lord fight - I started that fight fresh, reset twice during it and was almost out again at the end.  Ouch!  I still have no idea how we survived that as well as we did.  There were a couple of NPCs that could have been far more damaging to our lines than they were.  I think there was some serious leeway given in this fight; thank goodness.

And that is roughly the end of my weekend right up Saturday at the end of the Mummy Lord fight.  I was cold and a bit wet and decided to go in and change.  I finished changing and laid down to rest "just for a few minutes".  Some hours later I woke up cold and shivering and climbed into my sleeping bag to warm up.  Some time later my cabin mates came in and I woke up for a little while.  I was not feeling well at all, fatigued and headachy.  Now part of that could have been the onset of a cold and part of it could be the 3:00 and 4:00 wakeup times the two mornings before the event.

Whatever the case I did not get up for Magpie's ritual.  Sorry Maggie.  :-(
I did not get up for the Aberrent temple fight.  Sorry Nur.  I didn't keep an eye on Jade Moth for you as promised.  :-(

When all was said and done I was in bed almost 15 hours.  When I woke up Sunday morning I checked my phone for the weather to see what I should put on for layers.  There was a voice mail from my wife.  Her best friend had died Saturday night and she was totally distraught.  Thus began a frantic packing to get off site before everyone was up and about.  From the time I opened my eyes to the time I drove off the site was half an hour.  My teammates are awesome.

That means I missed everything that happened Sunday and it sounds like Sunday was as busy as the rest of the weekend.  Oh well, it's only 4 weeks to the next Madrigal event.

It has been pointed out to me that my description of the weather as wet but not too wet does not take into consideration the fact that I was in bed through the worst of it and so I do not have the proper appreciation of how poor the weather actually was. Sorry about that.
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