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Mirror, Mirror this past weekend was a great deal of fun in many ways, but had some real downer moments.  It was such high highs and such low lows that I'm really torn on how to rate the event.  I had a lot of fun and I'm trying to stay focused on that so that's what I'll talk about here.

Crossing the River of Blood to get to the Cursed Wood for Rocchus.  Defending the ritual to get the memories for the Guardian was fantastic fun.
Kumir: "Let my thoughts strike down my foes. Imube by Chaos"
Wyv: "Now I know why your thoughts are so chaotic.
Apparently the fact that Kumir is/was a Chaos Hound is not well known but boy do I enjoy Wyv's reactions to Kumir.   :-)

The weekend of information catch-up.  So many plots.  So much information.

Spirits without bodies rot.  Thank goodness one of my spirits occasionally has a body to give it stability.  Everything from the Soul Reaver on was such fun discussion on the topic.  I think I owe Ruakhi for this guy showing up and giving such horrible advice.  Talking about it with Ruakhi and Omi and the Guardian and the Guide and a host of other people was pretty awesome.

Hanging out with Ruakhi while waiting anxiously for the Necropolis folks was both fun and nerve wracking... and exhausting.  Ruakhi and Kumir have the best discussions, even brain dead at stupid o'clock in the morning.  Oh, and rune readings that lead to much enhanced paranoia.

Sneaking in under cover of darkness to rescue slaves... after discussing whether this was the kind of slavery from which slaves needed to be rescued.  o:-)

Rescuing a Hengeyoki from bounty hunters who managed to raise Kumir's hackles with their talk about beasts.  grrrrrr...  The loyalty chat with Tall Pines was extremely entertaining.  Nicely done Mr. Ramsden.

Kumir has finally gotten around to joining the Celestial Rune.  That keeps getting funny looks from people.  Kumir hopes to bring their reputation up, not have theirs bring his down.

The duelist / demon exorcism was pretty cool.  The fight had a nice feel to it and having to roleplay with the duelist to figure out how to defeat him was awesome.  Ruakhi getting to use her back story this way was an excellent plot tool.

The picnic by the lake was fantastic.  Cool breezes, great view, amazing company.

Green dragon avatars have an overwhelming presence capable of knocking you off your feet through their sheer magnificence.

The ice cream fight was the best fight ever.  Oh, what I mean is that the best fight ever was the fight to hold off the Seers with their horrible poisoner so that we could protect the gems so the prince of the Sultanate could cleanse them.  Ok, what I really mean is the ice cream fight was the best fight ever!  It was so darned hot and Raphael brought many kinds of ice cream and our groups refit/protection point was a picnic table.  Any time we had to refit armor or aura of healing we'd have ice cream while we rested.  After a while, I just didn't care if I was going to get ice cream on my muzzle and had ice cream too.  mmmmmm.....   :-)

Kumir, The Guide and the Guardian were summoned by the Master of Gates.  The summons was awful because we couldn't figure out what the three of us had in common or why he'd even be aware of us, so there was a sense of dread going up there.  We didn't know whether to bring a fight team (because if it turned into a fight we were dead anyway) or whether it just didn't matter who we brought.  Great info dump, even if a lot of the information was questionable.  It was an awsome roleplay opportunity.

Flute playing Sunday morning was one of the highlights of my weekend.  It had been a while since I'd had the opportunity for a full playing session and that just makes any day start out beautifully.  The fact that Omi was able to bring herself to join me and that we were about the best in tune we've ever been just made it all that much better.

Story time with Mei-Shan was heart warming.  She told a story that for some reason just completely resonated with Kumir.  I was enthralled by it; fantastic.  And Jyn has a great story telling voice and style.

Kumir met with a new master, the master of the path The Guardian of the Clouds.  Kumir has been pursuing this for a while and it was... interesting.  Near the end of the encounter Kumir ended up being the one to fetch the stick.  ;-)

Coming out of this encounter Kiala was bemoaning the fact that he had been sitting too long and needed some activity.  It was suggested that he run laps so he started running around Meloria.  "Kumir would join you Kiala, but he is no lap dog"  Hysteria ensued.  You had to be there.  Two dog jokes in such close proximity were too much for people.

All in all, a very fun event with some really good mods, fights, character interactions and character development.
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