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In all the excitement of the weekend I forgot to put out the final verdict on the cat names.  You already knew that Elijah named "his" cat Mia.  I have chosen to name mine Gibbs, in honor of Mark Harmon's character from NCIS, and because I kind of like the name, and because Monique loves Mark Harmon and his character and I was pretty sure she'd approve, which she did.  :-)

So, Mia and Gibbs.
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Weekend highlights
Tucked away for neatness )

And then, there was Sunday night and Monday at the Mangios which was just a wonderful way to cap off a great holiday weekend.  That deserves its own separate post.  I probably won't get around to it considering how late it is already, but it certainly deserves one. ;-)
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My little boy turns 30 today.  I have friends younger than that.  I have friends just having babies for the first time.  There are some days I just feel kind of old.  Today qualifies.  Of course, part of that could be having exercised two days in a row after a week long hiatus from the gym and my body yelling at me for it.  I hurt in a lot of places.  Part of it could be that I'm getting old.  Don't worry, I'm not going to let a little thing like that stop me from doing all the things I shouldn't.  :-)

Today is also one month from the day I put Sasha down.  That's been a tough thing to deal with and it's only 8:20.  I've been a lot better at dealing with it.  Thanks to everyone out there who's given me advice and support.  As I told another friend recently, death is for the dead and the living have to go on living.  I've been doing that; even went out and got two kittens this weekend.  They'll get a separate entry because I don't want to muddy the waters here.  Ok, I was wrong, I can't deal with talking about Sasha anymore.  I'm already feeling dehydrated.  :'-(

While I was driving in this morning I passed the most pitiful thing I've ever seen.  There was a faun laying dead on the side of the road.  It was clearly a young, small deer, still had the spots on it.  What I can only assume to be the mother deer was standing over it licking its face.  Death, life... yeah, forget what I said earlier.  I was crying about Sasha at the time and this totally broke me.  Circle of life?  One less deer to be eating the flowers in my yard?  Those might be the Wisdom outlook, but man, I am so a creature of Compassion.  In the immortal words of the tin man, "Now I know I've got a heart, 'cause it's breaking."

Enough of that.  I have a brighter topic to indulge in, one that needs your help.  I'm going to put it up in a separate post.  Stay tuned.
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I have to admit that putting Sasha down on Friday afternoon put a damper on my entire weekend.  Even when I was playing the Headmaster, I burst out in tears a couple of times.  Good thing I have understanding friends.

Jyn came up Friday night and did a stay over with her kitty on her way up to MA.  She's just a wonderful person to talk to and we stayed up until 1:00 (after promising Monique I'd be in bed by midnight) talking about a great many different things.  The fascinating part was how much of it was LARP related but not war storying, but so much deeper things like the psychology behind some of the things that happen at LARPs and how we react to them.  It was a great night to have a friend keeping my mind off other things.

7:00 Saturday morning came a lot earlier than I would have liked but Monique and I had to get moving for me to go to our weekly weigh-in with her and get her back home on time for me to leave on time to meet people for lunch before the 7V one day.  I gained two tenths of a pound this week.  :-(  Oh well, you can't keep losing forever I guess.  I'll make up for it next weekend.

I picked up Jack/Richard Horton on the way and we got to the DQ at exactly the arranged meeting time.  Company was fantastic.  Lunch was good.  Again, having friends around was an extremely good thing.

So, 7V, yeah, first thing I see on my way to park the car is this adorable, grey, tiger tabby cat in the driveway that looked so much like Sasha that I lost it... again.  *sigh*  This is a recurring theme through the day because this awesome, loving kitty was around throughout the event all day.  One of my friends even picked her up during the event IG right in front of me.  There were people wondering why the Headmaster was crying.  People in the know did some quiet explaining.to those not in the know.  To those who felt guilty, don't.  I'd rather have seen that sweet little kitty get some lovin' than not just because of me.

On the other hand, the majority of the day was a great deal of fun.  The RP was fabulous, I didn't die of heat as I feared and I got to spend some time with PCs that I rarely ever did during the campaign (Gavin, Idriante (perhaps some of the best RP of the day), Alera and Calita).  Dream interpretation and Vortican mentality were two topics that were just a blast to talk about.  Compassion Ball hit me with some drastic news at the most inopportune time and looked so miserable doing it.  Kate was pretty cool too; all but pushed me out of my chair to go up and give a testimonial on Prof Caelia's behalf.  Best awkward RP ever with another NPC... and sadly, no PCs around to witness it, though I'm sure they will get the fallout from that at further epilogue events (yeah, there will be at least one more).  So, good time all around and much needed.  Getting home at 1:00 in the morning, not quite so needed, but worth it.

Sunday was a day of unpacking the car, laundry, balancing the bank accounts, budget and bill paying, cleaning up the LARP room and then basically being a sloth in front of the TV, mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.
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Monique and I just came from the vet.  We decided to have Sasha put to sleep.  I love you kitty.  No more pain.  Oct 1, 2003 - Jul 26. 2013. 
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Thanks everyone for the advice on getting a pill into a cat. 

I bought a bag of tuna pill poppers last night as that sounded the most pleasant for the cat.  I tried a dry run to see what she thought of them without the pill and she won't touch them.  Then again, she's barely touching any food and hardly drinking any water, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by that.  Undaunted, I tried again this morning before the pill and she still didn't want anything to do with it.  *sigh*  Back to the other methods.

I'm not really so concerned about wrapping her up.  Her back hurts her and her back legs are basically incapacitated, so there's no struggling from the shoulders back, but man, the head and shoulders still have a lot of fight in them.  She clamps her jaws tight and growls at me and there's fire in her eyes.  This is her first line of defense because it puts me at an emotional disadvantage.  It's really hard to do this while I'm crying (like I'm doing now thinking about it).  Squeezing her jaws does not force her mouth open.  I have discovered that if I slowly force my little finger in from the front, through the deadly teeth, she will open her mouth enough for me to put pill in all the way and hold the tongue down long enough to get my fingers out without her spitting the pill out.

She is however determined and devious.  I did that and stroked under her chin as directed to induce swallowing.  This went on for over a minute before she actually swallowed.  I took my hands away to see if I'd been duped.  Everything looked good.  She resumed normal breathing and stared hate at me.  :-(  I waited a little more before putting her back in the pen.  She got on the floor, did this maneuver with her mouth and spit out the pill that appeared to have been gone.  Shit.  *sigh*

I got in the pen with her, apologized profusely to the back that was all she was letting me see and we went at it again.  This time though I decided to try something a little different.  After holding that pill in her mouth for a couple of minutes she had to be thirsty.  So since we were on the floor near her water bowl, I forced the pill in again only this time put some water on the end of her mouth with my finger.  She put out her tongue a little to get the water and swallowed it, along with the pill.  Then she drank quite a bit of water on her own.  Victory.

On a side note, I think everything is piling up a bit much.  My neck was feeling pretty badly out yesterday and I had a migraine start on the way home.  I was in bed by 8:00 last night and I'm feeling a little fuzzy brained this morning.  The other day Alysha said to me, "You need to learn to run faster or set traps".  I asked why and she said, "Because you can't seem to catch a break".  Anyone know where they sell break traps?
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Last night Sasha's symptoms had spread to her other back leg, though not quite as severe.  My regular vet was closed so I took her the the 24/7 vet clinic up in Newtown.  They were referenced in the voice message of my regular vet if it's an emergency.  I called them and described what had happened and they told me to bring her in.  Exams, blood tests, a few hours and $400+ dollars later, she's on pain and anti inflammatory medications for what they think may be a problem in her back (she was complaining rather loudly about any kind of back contact).

She is back on observation for a couple more days.  If she's not showing improvement in that time, they are recommending she go to a kitty neurologist for either a CT scan or an MRI because that would indicate either a tumor or disk problem on the spine.  I don't want to think about that right now because if it comes to expensive tests or surgery I suspect I will lose the financial fight and have to put her down.

On a side note, any cat owners out there with advice to get a pill into a cat?  She and I strugggled for about  5 minutes this morning.  In the end I won, but I think I traumatized Sasha almost as much as I traumatized myself.
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Good-ish news first I suppose.  Monique is home one week today.  She's still taking antibiotics every 12 hours through the pic line, but she's resting and giving her body time to recover this time.  She's out on short term disability and actually behaving herself and not working.

Elijah is off with his mom for a few weeks on one of the prearranged court visit.  The quiet in the house is quite the change, probably good timing for Monique's recovery.

Schedule is crazy busy on the weekends considering it's summer.  I actually had to turn down the invitation to Mark's house warming events and  to Kendra and Adam's wedding which was a real bummer.

The house renovations are finally coming to a close.  Today the electrician should be back to do the final electrical work.  Monique's sisters will be up to help with the final work in the basement.  12 months and tens of thousands of dollars over budget and that whole mess will finally be done by mid-August.  It's good to have Chris and Elijah out of the upstairs bedroom and into their own space.

The big downer right now is Sasha.  She was fine on Monday morning, but Monday night she wouldn't come out.  I finally tracked her down and pulled her out from under my bed.  She couldn't walk on her left back leg.  She curled it up like a knuckle and dragged it, not putting any weight on it.  Monique says she was acting weird during the day, just laying on her side meowing.  Sasha doesn't talk to Monique often.  The two of them generally avoid each other so that was a pretty solid sign that something was up.

I couldn't get out of work Tuesday morning, so Monique and Chris were going to take her to the vet first thing Tuesday, something that failed to happen.  Monique called and made an appointment for yesterday afternoon and I got off work early to go take her myself.  The vet did a pretty thorough exam.  She has no feeling at all in that leg.  He pinched it pretty hard and she didn't even budge and he said that her skin was cold in that foot.  Her other back foot had plenty of warmth and feeling.  The same tests there got him plenty of feedback from her.  The upper part of the leg seems ok, no bone or muscle damage.  He's thinking there's either nerve or blood flow (clot maybe?) or both.  If it's just blood flow impediment, it might be back to normal within a few days.  If the blood is totally blocked then it could lead to more severe results including possible amputation.

We have to watch her for a couple of days.  If things aren't better by Thursday night, she's going to have to go back for further evaluation on Friday.  As of this morning, she's walking a tiny bit better, but she's carrying the foot at an angle and limping.  It looks like she's trying to use it but can't really feel it.  She doesn't seem to be in pain.  The foot is cool to the touch, not like dead skin, but definitely cooler than is healthy, especially compared to the rest of her.
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Several friends have been taking personality tests for their characters.  I'm on vacation.  I can afford the time to be a good little lemming.

The test is here: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

The real me as a baseline )

Zephyr )

Kumir )

Jericho )

Summary )

Anyway, it was a fun little exercise.

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or... What happened to Zephyr?

Short-ish story behind cut )
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No going home for Monique today.  First they took her down to get a PICC line inserted to give her whatever nasty drugs she'd need to take home to treat the MRSA staph infection she has.  Her surgeon came in and said she didn't have a MRSA infection so she wouldn't need the PICC line.  She went back to her room.  Her infectious disease doctor came in and told her she *does* have MRSA and *will* need the PICC line, so they rescheduled her to go down and get it.  Her surgeon wanted to see her again before letting her go home.

Bottom line, between the doctors' disagreement and all the delays, Monique gets to stay in the luxurious St. Vincent's Bed and Breakfast, uh, Hospital, waited on hand and foot for another night.  *sigh*
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So Madrigal happened this weekend, but for a variety of reasons I wasn't there and I'm both happy and sad about it.  Sad because of course, I missed Madrigal.  However, on Friday night at 9:27 when I turned out the light, already exhaused and unable to stay awake, I was pretty happy I wasn't about to spend 4 - 6 more hours awake.  I'm going to treat this like a show that opens in the "middle" and then subtitles it with, "24 hours earlier".

Monique's medical woes )

The rest of the weekend )
I hope everyone's Madrigal (or Numina) weekend was awesome.  Have a great week.
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] tressum and [livejournal.com profile] cristovau!  I hope you both have wonderful days today.

Tressum, I didn't find you a tressum but I did find a cat with aspirations of flying and birthday inspiration all in one shot.  Clearly we just need more helium.  :-)

Tressum wannabe behind cut )
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] embermwe!  I hope you have the best one ever!
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I'm beginning to get a good feel for the game and for where Kumir fits into it.  Highlight moments in no particular order of any kind:

Highlights behind cut )

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