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Birthdate:May 23
Location:Monroe, Connecticut, United States of America
Married (happily, to Monique since July of 1982) with two grown boys, Nick (who made me a grandfather in 05) and Chris (who made me a grandfather again in 08). Update: grandfather for the third time in 11. I'm an IT manager. I'm a published arranger and composer (who maintains his publisher's website and royalty calculations). I've got 17 works to my name so far. I manage and play in the Silver Village Flute Choir (bass flute). I PC a LARP called Mirror, Mirror, a dog scavenger named Kumir; thus the LJ name and icon. I did character updates for NERO MA and served three plus years on plot. I was a plot member and permanent NPC for Madrigal from its inception (a high priest of Naveril, thus the IM name), something which came to an end in Spring 06, though I will now be PCing the game as Zephyr, an Eurvein of Air. I staff a limited run (2 1/2 - 3 year) game called 7 Virtues plus however many post-campaign events we'll run. That's the public "me" in a nutshell. I know it doesn't tell you who I am as much as it tells what I like to do, but if you're curious about more, ask and I'll tell you; I'm not shy, or check out my personal web sites, or (woefully under construction) or read through my LJ which is pretty much public (and why I assume you're here).

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