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Monique and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last Tuesday.  Weeknights during stressful work weeks make for a terrible anniversary celebration, but we made it up this weekend.

Friday night we drove up to a luxury bed and breakfast in Colebrook, CT.  It was absolutely marvelous (other than the old fashioned claw tub in the bathroom).  The grounds were beautiful.  The hosts were gracious.  The grounds were an arborist's dream with trees from all over the world.  The food was a bit uppity for my tastes, but most people would have loved it. 

One of the highlights for the weekend happened as we pulled in Friday.  Just as we were about to turn from the road into the driveway, Monique points up the road and says, "Is that a big dog?".  There is this black bear, about 100 yards away, walking down the road towards us.  It wasn't a cub, but neither was it a full grown adult.  Monique says "I want to get out of the car and take a picture".  I was a little shocked that Monique was being that brave.   And of course, that's the time that her cell phone refuses to go into the camera app.  *sigh*  I managed to get my phone out and get one shot as it was on the edge of my viewing range, so we don't have a great shot of it.

Saturday, we had a one-hour in-room couples' massage that was to die for.  In the downtime before that, Monique and I sat on the couch in the main entry of the B&B and just played several games and talked.

Saturday night we drove up to Pittsfield MA to see the closing night performance of 'Fiddler on the Roof' at the Barrington Stage Company.  Wow!  The quality of this show rivaled most I've seen on Broadway, with the possible exception of the set, which, while effective, was sparse.  However, the acting, singing, choreography, music, costumes, everything else was just top notch.  There was this violinist, the Fiddler on the Roof, who kept weaving in and out through the various scenes while playing the entire violin score from memory.  This guy was the real deal and the way he was playing while moving around was just astounding to me.  I was in total awe of the whole performance.

We came home today and just crashed in front of the TV for a few episodesof JAG.  All in all, a very awesome, much needed weekend of rest and relaxation.
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Yeah, yeah, I know, almost 2 weeks without a post.  I've been busy, so sue me.

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I think that's about it.  Any questions?

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