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Christmas four day weekend was pretty awesome.

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Now back to "reality".  Happy Boxing Day everyone.

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I thought my office could use a little Christmas cheer and I needed a place to hang the stockings for me and my two employees, so I built a fireplace.

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It's been a while since I updated.  I guess post-Christmas is a good time for a quick update.

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Yesterday was just not a good day timewise.  Not only did the alarm not go off, but I woke up two hours later than usual.  I forgot that I needed to stop for gas (or else).  Then I got caught in traffic due to a horrendous accident.  I hope the driver of one of the cars was ok; it was that bad.  I got to work well over two hours later than usual.  I had two very long meetings that chewed through time I didn't have.  I had one guy out.  The day seemed destined to leave me absolutely no time for anything, so I didn't post the really cool stuff from the night before.

Monique and I have a 29 year tradition that stems from our first Christmas "together".  We as a couple celebrated our first Christmas on December 21st because that's the last day we saw each other before Christmas, due to being in college at the time and going home to our respective families.  To continute this tradition (and because Monique loves opening her presents early), we have celebrated our Christmas between her and I on the 21st every single year.

I got her a color Nook this year along with an extra charger, earphones for listening to music on it, a glare screen for outdoor use and a nice case for it.  I decided to have a little fun with it and wrap all the pieces individually and spread them around the house with each gift having a clue to the location of the next gift and a clue to what the big gift was.  She wasn't feeling well that night and was not really into the game and couldn't figure out most of the clues because she wasn't up to her normal sharp standards.  :-(   Fortunately, with a little help, we got through it all and she was absolutely delighted with her presents.

She got me the most marvelous gift, a commissioned artwork by my favorite artist, [livejournal.com profile] silverhare .    Monique had sent her a disc full of photos from all periods of my life.  Cindy picked about a dozen of them and created a collage that details my life.  I meant to call her yesterday and gush over it and thank her profusely, and that's where my regret for not posting yesterday comes in. 

I should have put this up yesterday because it was just so fantastic.  I couldn't even call her on the ride home for I have lost her number.  Maybe I never had it and only thought I did.  :-(  Anyway, it was one of the best presents ever and I want to thank these two wonderful women for it.

One more day to work and then off to VA for 4 days / 5 nights.  With any luck I'll find time to see the talented Cinday and thank her personally.  Since I'll have essentially two days without commitments, with any more luck I'll get to see several more of you while I'm down there.  If you're interested comment here or drop me an email or give me a call.


Dec. 27th, 2008 10:10 am
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We're back from our multi-day tour of NH for Christmas.  Actually, we got back last night.

Tuesday night Monique and I had a nice quiet night together at the Radisson in Nashua, NH.  We watched "The Women" and then retired early. 

Wednesday we picked up my dad at the nursing home and took him out shopping.  He wanted to pick out Christmas presents himself.  Based on last year, we knew he wouldn't last long so Monique had done most of his shopping already.  He had given her direction on Randy, but that was about it.  He was going to be seeing Amy, Chris and Elijah on Christmas, so we saved those gifts for him to pick up.  Three gifts worth of shopping used up his available energy, as predicted.   He asked us if we could go to Dunkin Donuts and have a coffee, like we did last year.  This was a special treat for him as he's supposed to have thickener in everything he drinks.  He won't drink coffee all year because he hates it that way and my dad is a bigger coffee lover than I am.  If he breaks this rule as a treat once a year and handles it slowly and carefully under supervision and it makes his Christmas cheerier, then so be it.

Christmas Eve, Monique and I spent another quiet night together wrapping my dad's purchases and watching movies at the hotel.  We watched "Burn After Reading" and "My Best Friend's Girl".

Christmas morning we rushed to get my dad at the nursing home and get to Randy's.  In fact, we rushed so much I forgot to pick up things my dad could drink from the nursing home and had to go back after I dropped off Dad and Monique.  As it turns out, we didn't have to rush so much.  The nursing home staff told us the day before that Randy had told them that we would be picking Dad up at 9:00.  This was news to us since exact plans hadn't been made.  Randy had not in fact told them this, but that was their interpretation.  My dad was so excited about the 9:00 time that we pushed for it anyway.

Amy, Chris and Elijah weren't leaving CT until after noon, so there was nice quiet conversation with Randy and Tracy for a few hours.  It was really nice to get to know Tracey.  She's personable, down-to-earth and just fun to be with.  I enjoyed her company a great deal.  They made a wonderful ham dinner which even my dad enjoyed, albeit pureed.  Chris and Amy arrived a little after 3:00 and we opened presents.  Much fun was had by all.

My mom, who for her own reasons refused to join us, added her own blend of holiday stress to the affair.  We originally were not going to see her at all because of timing issues and the previously mentioned refusal.  We managed to work out an arrangement to take her out to dinner Christmas night and then go back to her place to open presents.  She decided to change the plans without telling us and bought some things to eat in at her apartment instead, things I was pretty sure Amy and Chris wouldn't eat.   The actual visit itself though went very smoothly and I thought everything was worked out in a satisfactory fashion.  I found out from Randy the next day that she talked to him and blamed the misunderstanding on me because I didn't call to confirm the plans we had set.  *sigh*

We stayed over again at the hotel Christmas night because it was just too late to drive back to CT.  It was a good thing.  Monique was starting to feel unwell.  We ended up sleeping almost 10 hours.  I guess we were both pretty exhausted.  Friday we did grocery shopping, stocking up on things that cost us a lot less in NH than in CT and then headed home.  Monique slept a lot of the way.  

We opened presents with Amy and Chris and Elijah when they got home.  We also had the presents from distant family that were here waiting for us.   We had decided not to bring excess presents with us to NH and had saved those for our home coming.  We got some really cute pictures of both Elijah and Sasha (who had obviously missed us).  We didn't bother cleaning up and went to bed early again.  We slept almost 11 hours.  Must be getting old.   :-(

Anyway, overall, Christmas was a (mostly) good time spent with family and I very much enjoyed it.  Best of all, two more days before going back to work!  Yay!
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It started with Marlin letting us out at about 1:00 on Friday, a good 1/2 hour after it was really too late to be worth letting us out early.  It had been snowing heavily for a while and the roads were already bad.  I chose to stay and work for a few more hours, hoping that by 4:00ish, all the idiots would be off the road, either because they would be home by then or because they'd just be off the road. 

One guy I work with had gone out before the storm.  It took him 25 minutes to reach his destination.  He came back after the storm had started.  It took him an hour and a half to get back.  That was right around the time they let us out and he had gone about half way to where I live.  So the fact that it took me two and a half hours to make my normal 50 minute commute wasn't too bad.  And yeah, there were a lot of people off the road.

Ok, that wasn't really part of a fun weekend, but it deserved honorable mention here since it was sort of the prelude to the weekend.  Friday night was nice.  We stayed in and had a nice roaring fire and watched TV.

Saturday we did prep work for a trip to Providence.  My 7 year old nephew Joey who lives in VA is a big Patriots fan so we got him two tickets to yesterday's game with some help from the number one Patriots' fan (that's my brother, just in case any of you didn't know that).   Monique and I brought the tickets to RI to meet up with Joey and his father Mike.  We met them at a Legal Seafood near the hotel they were staying at.  Monique wanted to give the tickets to Joey in person so we could see his reaction.  It was really quite precious and I'm glad we did it.

The highlight of the time with them was when Joey was reading the menu.  He got real excited and goes, "They have crab cakes!", and I said, "You like crab cakes?" and he says, "No!".  The delivery just made it so hysterical.

Monique and I have a Christmas tradition that dates back 27 years now.  Our first Christmas together, we weren't together for Christmas.  We were both in college and our last day together was December 21st, so we exchanged gifts on that day.  The next year we were married and she asked if we could continue the tradition.   "Hmmmm, let me see, start a tradition of opening our presents four days early?  Ok."  Yeah, that was a tough sell.  :-)

Since the 21st was yesterday, I'm probably telling you this because we have celebrated this tradition again.  The other part of our trip to RI was a surprise (for me) overnight stay at a hotel in downtown providence so that we could go see a play on Sunday.  This was my Christmas present from Monique.  The play was at the Trinity theatre, about two blocks from the hotel, and it was called "The Receptionist".  I have no idea how it was, as we decided that the weather was bad enough to skip the play and head home early to avoid having a loooooong drive in the dark with icy conditions.  I was a little bummed that we missed the play, but very happy to get home without having to face that drive later.  It was pretty bad as it was.

However, we had a marvelous night Saturday night.  The bed was the best I think I've ever slept in and I have a fantastic night's sleep.  The restaurant was great and we had a sumptuous breaksfast.  All in all, the experience was still a lot of fun and I very much enjoyed my weekend.

We got home and Monique watched the second half of the Pats game while I took the snow blower to our driveway.  Then we watched more football, drank hot cocoa and relaxed in front of a nice fire before hitting the sack around 9:00.
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I figured I'd share a bit of my holiday cheer at work. Here's the tree on my desk with the garland and stockings, hung by the whiteboard with care.

And the beautiful wreath on the door of my office. I didn't notice it until I was taking the picture, but with the door closed, the wreath frames the tree inside.

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Well, ok, I actually have a lot more than that, but the subject had the right rhythm. This is actually going to be a fairly long update of stuff. I'll hide it behind cuts for brevity on friends' pages.

All in all, a busy, occasionally harried, but really good weekend.
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Now, back to my vacation and another day of database development.

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