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While our family mourns the passing of  our father, Theodore "Bud" Pierce, we want to invite family and friends to join us in this difficult time by celebrating his life.
There will be a graveside service on Tuesday, November 20  at St Francis Cemetery at 2:30 p.m. The address for the cemetery is 32 Pine Hill Road in Nashua, NH.  All who wish to pay their respects or share support  are welcomed to gather for hors d'oeuvres and beverages  at Randy's home from 5:00-7:00 pm.   The address is  109 E. Glenwood St. Nashua, NH  03060
Thank you to all for the expressions of love and support at this most difficult time. In lieu of flowers we suggest people consider making a donation to Bud's preferred Charity; 2020 Vision Quest c/o NHAB 25 Walker St Concord NH 03301   (www.2020visionquest.org)

The link to the obituary is http://www.davisfuneralhomenh.com/.

Sad news

Nov. 17th, 2012 01:39 pm
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My dad passed away this morning at about 2:30.  Monique and I were already in NH for the 2020 VisionQuest charity dinner and auction so we were able to see him before they took the body away.  Sadly, we did not get to see him before he passed.  At this point it looks like we'll be up here at least through Tuesday night.  Tentative plans call for a brief cemetery service Tuesday afternoon with something like calling hours for those who wish to pay their respects at Randy's house Tuesday night from 5:00 - 7:00.

He had been mostly bed ridden for some time with a very poor quality of life, so in many ways it's a blessing.  I'm happy for him that he no longer has to live that way.  Randy said that my dad had indicated he felt he'd lived a good life and was ready for the end whenever it came.

My dad was a very simple man.  He liked to hunt and fish.  He had this way about him that you just had to like him; everyone who knew him did.  He had an infectious smile.  I like to think he raised us right.  I'll miss him.
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...putting off updates for a week at a time.  It leads to long posts.  However, I will attempt to be brief, no promises. 

Babysitting Elijah )

Flute stuff )

Madrigal Troubadours )
Picnic with family )

Harry Potter )

Work stuff )

Nick )

One Man Star Wars Trilogy )

More flute stuff )

Guess what I desperately need to get to today?  That's right, 7V stuff.  So on that cheery note, I will leave you and go catch up on all those emails I didn't get to over the past three nights.

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Monique and I went to NH this weekend.  We visited her parents and stayed up way too late Friday night talking.  As is typical, if I go to bed late, I wake up early to make up for it.  I hate my body clock.  We spent the entire morning chatting with them some more before heading to Nashua to see my mom.  The visit there was ok.  My mom only managed to piss Monique off once and she kept her temper and her tongue.

We checked into the hotel after that visit and took a 20 minute nap.  Unfortunately, it lasted an hour.  I looked at the time, kind of freaked about being late to the Bardic and fell back down for a few minutes.  I looked at the time again, freaked again and poked Monique, who sort of groaned and then I fell back asleep for a few minutes.  I woke up again a few minutes later, looked at the time, freaked out again and woke Monique again, who decided she needed the sleep more than she needed Randy's Bardic.  I could sort of agree with this sentiment, but knew that I'd be upset with myself later if I didn't go, so I forced myself to get up.

Fortunately I found a Dunkin Donuts on the way and met the bardic well caffeinated.  While everyone else was drinking beer and mead and other such alchololic beverages, I was toasting with coffee.

I snuck off with my favorite duet partner, jjmarika, and we worked up a couple of flute duets and even snuck in a bit of practice on Mystery of Shadowfane for good measure.  We probably won't perform it until the fall, but it's good to keep chipping away at it.    We performed the two pieces we prepared and The Three Captains as well upon request.  No matter how many times we play it, that piece never gets old and it's so full of fond memories too.

There was the usual crowd with many of the usual songs and a few interesting new ones (people *AND* songs) as well.  Ayesha was in funny music mode and her lolcats song had the room in stitches.

I ended up there until almost 1:30.  I was just enjoying it far too much to leave at a reasonable hour.

Sunday we went to visit my dad and Monique had the idea to take him out for a ride instead of just sitting in the nursing home visiting.  This worked out really great.  We took him around Nashua and Hudson and visited a lot of the places he had lived.  It was a wonderful trip down memory lane.  I can't believe the house where I grew up.  It's so tiny compared to my memories of it.  It must have shrunk.  ;-)  My dad was really lively and he looked so happy to be out and about.  We stopped and got him a small coffee as a treat.  He really liked that.

Monique and I listened to more of "The Time Traveler's Wife" on the way home.  I bought this audiobook a few months ago and had listened to it when I went to DC.  Monique has been listening to it and I didn't mind hearing some of it again.  It's a really good book and I highly recommend it.

Last night she took another nap and I started work on a song for NERO, a commissioned work to save some unicorns.  I'm actually pretty pleased with the progress I made on it.  With any luck it will be ready for opener.
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 This is my first post from my two week vacation.  Of course, that's because I haven't had internet connectivity since Friday night at work.  I've been suffering serious withdrawals.

Vacation so far:
Saturday, I drove up to NH to go with the bro to tell my mom that our older brother had died.  Now before you go thinking what a terrible thing this must be for me and offering condolences, let me clarify a few things.  We found out Wednesday night that he died almost three years ago.  We did some more research and though we haven't got a 100% match, we are 99.999573012% certain it is him.  We have a match on first name, middle initial, last name and birth date.  We have confirmation of past three addresses.  We have some information from the hospice where he spent the last 4 months of his life that he died of a prolonged illness.  They won't tell us more because he indicated he had no family, but that's in keeping with the estrangement from the family.  We have a social security number of the deceased that was issued in NH about the time my brother would have had his issued for work purposes.  All we have left to do is somehow find out definitively what my brother's SS# was, but the rest just ties out too much to rule it out.

So we went to see my mom.  That was the only part of this that was hard on me.  I was dreading that part.  She took it a lot better than I expected.  There were some tears, but she seemed to rebound well.  Of course, I was pretty sure that was partly shock and that it would be worse after she was alone for a while with her thoughts.  I've called her a couple of times since then and it has hit her pretty badly.  I will continue to check on her.

We went and visited with my dad for a while too.  He'd heard it the day before.  It didn't seem to impact him badly, but he did look very thoughtful during the rest of the conversation and didn't say much.

I had to pick up Monique in Hartford at 7:30, so I couldn't stay around much.  She had been in VA helping out her sister for most of last week and she took the train back up to CT so we could fly to FL Sunday morning.  We took a hotel close to the airport rather than drive an hour south just to drive an hour and 15 minutes north Sunday morning.

Sunday was a travel day.  We left CT at about 8:45 and got to our condo at about 4:00.  We read a little bit after getting all of our stuff settled in and I decided to take a 20 minute cat nap around 7:30.  I woke up Monday morning at about 8:00.  Yes, the shock.  I not only slept in until 8:00, which is outrageous for me, but it was after sleeping over 12 hours.  I've been burning the candle at both ends and from the middle out as well for far too long.

Yesterday, by the time we got going, it was after 11:00.  We decided that our first day out in the sun probably shouldn't be done out in the worst heat of the day, so we went shopping.  Monique got her nails done and we both got haircuts.  It was 5:00 by the time we got back and a storm was moving in, so we still didn't go out and get any sun, but at least it's been relaxing.  We watched 6 episodes of the last season of West Wing and then went to bed at 9:30.  

I got another 9 1/2 hours of sleep.  I feel decadent.   I sat out on the back porch overlooking the ocean this morning while sipping coffee.  There was a heron on our back lawn.  I watched him for a while.  It was just wonderfully relaxing.  I've wasted half the day and it's glorious.  More later.   I need to go answer more of that silly meme from last week.  I'll bet some of you thought I'd forgotten you.
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I must call my dad tonight and talk to him.  It's been a couple weeks.  It's amazing how fast time flies.

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