Jan. 10th, 2011 08:58 am
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Snow.  Ugh.  Must have been 12 inches out there and the plows had left a thick, icy, heavy layer at the top of our driveway, which is a miserable hill, as any of you who have seen it can attest.  It took me a couple of hours to clear the top near the street and I was about ready to fall over after.  Fortunately, the guy who plows our driveway had come right before the storm finished, so the rest of the driveway wasn't too bad, except for around Monique's car.  Getting her out yesterday was not fun.

Of course, the reason I had to get her out was so she could leave me for a week to travel for work.  :-(

On the bright side, I did some 7V plot work this weekend that was a lot of fun.  I hope the players who "benefit" from it enjoy playing with it as much as I did writing it.  i don't get excited about plot writing often.  It's not really my forte.

Oh hey, speaking of 7V, we had a couple of slots open up, so if you were thinking of playing the weekend of January 28, go for it.

The highlight of my weekend was learning and implementing some Excel manipulation through Access VBA code.  That's some interesting stuff right there, at least to me.
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Things are looking good.
- It's Friday.  Work Hell is almost done!  Yay!
- I finished the character creation portion of the 7 Virtues database last night.  It accurately tracks race expenditure, headers (including pre-reqs and exclusions), skills (same as headers *and* the wonky 2:1 CP expenditure ratio for core skills).  Now all I have to do is get it to spit out the HTML code for the character pages, but worse case that should be a couple of hours.  Printing out character cards will be a snap.  Reports on the wiki site for staff each event will be a breeze.
- House is clean and laundry is done.  This is good because...
- Monique comes home tonight after a week in MD for work.  YAY!
- Off to Nashua tomorrow to see parents
- Couples' massages, facials and jacuzzi at the hotel spa (shhhh! It's a secret.  Monique doesn't know, but she doesn't read LJ anyway.  "Massive waste of time!")
- [livejournal.com profile] thedeviantangel  's wedding... oh, and [livejournal.com profile] silway  's too.  ;-)
- Hang out time with friends at wedding and reception

Promises to be a good weekend.
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Monique has a problem at work.  She's due to roll out a new program to one of the divisions she works with this week in MD.  This is the workflow database that I worked on for a year and a half until this past January when they hired a full time developer.  He's done a great job, but due to medical reasons he missed a fair amount of time just recently and some of the reporting needs aren't what they need to be for this release.  So Monique asked me to come in this morning and help out on that front.

So I got up at 5:00 this morning and we came in to work on it.  Unfortunately, it's now 10:40 and Frank is still not here and not answering phone or email.  We're hoping he's well.  Also unfortunately, it means I've been sitting here for the past few hours unable to do anything productive since I can't get to the back side of the database to do any development work.

The good thing is that I've been working on some 7 Virtues stuff, so it's not a total loss, but still, 5:00 on a Saturday.  And Monique won't have what she needs by Monday morning.  *sigh*

Off to Martha's Vineyard this afternoon.  We're leaving at noontime today for tomorrow's wedding.  Should be fun.
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Today will be a new test for me.  I have resolved not to do these ridiculous hours trying to pull off two 40 hour a week jobs at one time.  My boss agrees with me and I'm feeling really good about saying 'no'.  We'll see if I can hold on to that.  Anyone wanting to send along thoughts of strength and resolve, feel free.  I can use all I can get.  "NO" is not a word I use easily and I'll need to make sure the project manager gets it from day one.

Valentines Day was awesome.  Monique found tickets to go see Barry Manilow.  Oh, stop making faces.  My generation loved him and Monique and I fell in love to his music.  Anyway, he was playing on Long Island Saturday night.  We went down Saturday afternoon and had a very relaxing day together.

The show itself was amazing.  Even at sixty-something years old, Barry still has a solid, strong voice.  He's not the dynamo he was twenty years ago, but he still has a great stage presence. 

I went and worked on the database for Monique yesterday.  I should have finished it, but she decided that she wanted a feature that we had originally written out of phase one.  So I came very close.  If I can just stick to my resolve at work today I can get home in a timely enough fashion to finish it off after dinner but before Heroes.  It would be so nice to be done.

I looked at the schedule for flute choir this season.  We have four performances, two of them without firm dates yet.  I have *NO* Sundays free for rehearsals at all in April.  The group as a whole doesn't have a lot of flexibility for date/times for jobs.  It's going to be tricky. 

The schedule as a whole will be messy with the whole work project timeline falling into uncertainty.  Should make for some interesting stress working in the LARP weekends, vacation weeks, potential weekend data conversion, etc.  I live by a fixed calendar and I just don't have a good one for the next 4 months.  I hate that.

Madrigal - T minus 4 days 16 hours (or so) and counting!  :-)
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I worked a lot this weekend on this database project for United Health.  I was there until about 8:00 Saturday night and about 6:30 last night.  I lost a good 6 hours to what appeared to be a design flaw.  Turned out it was crud in the sample data that should never happen in real life.  The bright side is that there's now all sorts of error trapping for unlikely errors.  *sigh.  The down side is that I wanted that project done this weekend and now I still have a few hours to go.
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I've been pushing really hard for a couple of weeks at work.  The earliest I've gotten out of work has been 6:30.  That means my short days have been 11 1/2 hours, though in all fairness I did get out of work Friday at 5:30 to beat Monique home.  I wanted to make sure I had time to finish cleaning the house before she got back from her two week business trip.  There's actually no end in sight for that particular nonsense.  I expect it to go on until about July at this point.

However, I put in about 16 hours this weekend on the database project and reached a fairly comfortable point on that.  I think another weekend or two and I'll be able to mostly wash my hands of that project.  So I might actually get my weekends back.

I've been really busy and thus haven't had a chance to keep up with LJ and so missed [livejournal.com profile] klee39  's birthday.  Belated happy birthday my friend!  I hope it got better than it started.
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Are you kidding?  No way!.   It's been done by everyone else.  I want to write about something really exciting, like the weekend I just had.

I drove down Friday night to Virginia.  It took me about 6 1/2 hours, which is actually pretty good.  I left work early, so I was down there by 9:00.  I spent about an hour with Monique, apologized a lot, and then we went to bed.  Saturday morning, we were up at 5:00 to bring her sister and my cousin to the airport.  We went to an IHOP with them for breakfast.  Sadly, the heat was out in the place and by the time we finished eating our breakfast, the food and the coffee were cold.  After dropping them off at the airport, we went back to their house, where Monique decided to go back to bed.  This struck me as a good time to go on over to Steve's house.

I stopped at the local grocery store and picked up a whole bunch of snacks, a fruit tray and a veggie tray, and some blueberry muffins.  i figured nothing would go to waste and I was correct.  I was hoping to find a Dunkin Donuts on my way over, but there don't seem to be many in VA.  So sad.  As it turns out, I went within about 50 feet of one and didn't know it because it was facing out away from the very plaza I was shopping in.  *sigh*

Saturday consisted of Erin making breakfast for everybody (I felt like a hobbit having second breakfast) and much hanging out with cool people.  Nikki did both lunch and dinner for everybody.  Saturday night, we got in costume (mostly) and did a several hour in-game session as our Madrigal characters.  I caught up on Eurvein stuff with Petros and convinced Grum's Company to enter an entertainment competition.  I had a fabulous discussion with Valentine.  She actually managed to surprise me, both IG and OOG.  Most amusing.

Sunday was pretty much a mirror image of Saturday, though Cindy and Hope and Josh did manage to overcome inertia and lethargy.  They got eight of us out hiking the trails of one of the fine VA parks.  It was wonderful and I'm really glad we got out and about.  It was an invigoration walk through a beautiful LARP mod site (well, it should be anyway) where I enjoyed the conversation, exercise and fresh air.

Shortly after getting back, I had to say my farewells and head back to Monique.  Josh came with me and the three of us went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  It was a wonderful meal, good food, great company.  I don't spend nearly enough time with Josh and as predicted, much of the conversation was about children, his and mine.  Of course, mine are the same age as half the people I hung out with this weekend and his are barely older than my grandchildren, but it gave us common ground. 

I tried to get Monique to go in and see people when we brought Josh back, but she was really tired and just wanted more crash time.  We went back to her sister's house where she worked on finishing the third book in a trilogy she started that weekend.  i worked on the database on my laptop.  We listened to his and hers iPods.  It was so romantic.  :-p

Monday morning we headed over to her other sister's to pick up the flowers she forgot there on Friday.  We chatted for a while and I played catch and Connect Four with my nephew.  He won one.  I won one.  He didn't want to play a tie breaker.  Monique and I then headed up to Frederick MD where Monique is spending the rest of the week for work.   I got her luggage in the hotel for her and we watched a movie before dinner, after which I headed home.

I listened to an audio book most of the way, The Time Travleler's Wife.  I got a little over halfway through it.  It's an excellent book so far and I highly recommend it.  However, if you read it and don't like the second half or the ending, don't blame me.  I'm only recommending the first half so far.

Work today would totally ruin this post about a fine weekend, so I'll skip it for now.
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I was pretty excited Friday morning.  I beat some amazing probabilities and got the answer I wanted from my analysis of some data.  I won't go into the details except to say that my findings would save my lead programmer and my favorite consultant hours and hours of work.  I was ecstatic.  I don't think my lead programmer understood enough of what it saved him to get all that worked up about it, but he's got years of backlogged work, so avoiding any more is a good thing.  I thought my consultant would be happy, but she's too darned efficient and had already done a ton of work on it way faster than I thought she would.  My findings made her have to go back and undo work.  *sigh*  At least I saved one of them.

Now for the aggravated and annoyed part, which have absolutely nothing to do with the above.  This is about my database project I'm doing on the side as a consultant.  I met with the new programmer there Sunday in a follow up meeting.  The first thing he did was jump all over me about how my table design was missing half the elements it needed for what the users want.  I'm baffled as there's no way I've missed the amount of stuff he's talking about.  He pulls out this mock up of a screen I've never seen before in explanation.  It's a mock up *HE* did based on a meeting with the users *AFTER* I'm no longer involved in that phase of the project and the scope of that part has creeped *WAY* outside its original boundaries.  So how was I supposed to build a table with additional fields that had never been asked for?  Damned if I know, but he seemed to think I should.

Then he questions why I'm doing the work I'm doing at the point I'm doing it, which is keeping him from getting to the two independent sections of the database.  I walked him through the whole philosophy of the database, but this isn't good enough for him and he starts off on how he's being held accountable for a timeline that I'm keeping him from hitting.  Before I blew my cool, which I was on the edge of doing, I went off in search of a mediator.

By the time we were done talking with Monique, all was good, we had a plan to finish that weekend's work and a plan to go forward.  I thought that he understood that the timeline wasn't set in concrete and that we were having these meetings to keep up on the status.  I was to give him all my work to date by the end of yesterday so he could have a copy, which I did.

Today I get an email from him, ccing his boss and his boss' boss (which just happens to be my wife).  He wants to know why, after our discussion of function and philosophy, that the form in question doesn't work as we discussed.  Understand that this form is only about 2/3 of the way laid out to look like the samples, that only one of the multiple function buttons is even on the screen and that most of the functionality that the users need hasn't been built in yet.  He shouldn't even be looking at it, never mind criticizing it and ccing others.

I'm not upset that he looked at it.  I'd have the same curiosity about a new toy like this if it were given to me.  I'm upset that he knows it's very much a work in process, not even demoable yet, and proceeds to tear it apart in front of two other people without asking me about it privately.  This is one of the fastest ways in the world to get my ire up.  I have long ago mastered the art of replying to all and very politely telling someone they are rude, apparently deaf, inefficient and unprofessional in front of the same people they opted to include when they shouldn't have.  Should be an interesting conversation when Monique reads it.  I suspect I'll get in trouble for it this time, but there's no way he's getting away with that kind of nonsense.


Jan. 5th, 2009 08:30 am
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The weekend was both fairly enjoyable and productive, an unusual combination.

Friday was a day off from Marlin.  They very unexpectedly gave us the day off, making for a long weekend.  I went into United Health Care with Monique and worked with her new db designer answering a lot of his questions for the aspects of this project that he is taking over.  Then I spent the rest of the day working on my part of the db.  I've got to say, I LOVE my new laptop.  This thing just flies, no matter how much stuff I have open.  It really boosted my productivity.

Saturday, Monique and I went into her work again.  While I was working on the database I was also loading some of my CD collection onto my computer to get on my new iPod.  It demonstrated again how much I love my new laptop.  I had only loaded a couple CDs on my old computer and every time I was doing it, the CPU was completely maxed out and I couldn't do anything else.  The new laptop not only didn't break a sweat, but also let me have several instances of Access and SQL server open while it was doing it.  Just out of curiosity I watched the task manager for a bit while I was working and never saw it go over 70%.  Wheeeee!  I know, I'm sounding like a geek.  Just let me enjoy it.

I hit a huge snag Saturday that really screwed me over, cost me several hours.  I'm going geek again.  Fair warning.  I have a query that needs to select only the first record that meets the criteria.  This is very easy.  There's a SQL statement that starts out with "SELECT TOP x" where x = the number of records you want.  In my case, I put a one there and SQL picks the first record.  Access however picked 2 records, which totally messed me up.  Of course, it only started displaying this stupid behavior when I started doing larger data sampling, so it I had to go way back to the beginning of things I'd worked on Friday to change things.  I spent hours trying to fix this unexpected problem and it set me way back.  There were times I wanted to cry.  It was so frustrating.  So much wasted time.

Sunday, we took down all the Christmas decorations and (mostly) cleaned the house before going back to more database work.  I figured out my problem from the previous day and made a bit more progress, but still failed to meet my deliverable goal for turning it over to Frank (the db developer at UHC). 

Flute choir rehearsal was ok.  We have a new member.  She is an excellent player.  We had several of our regular members out, so we were still a little thin on numbers.  And early on in the rehearsal, my head cork popped out of my bass flute.  Fortunately, Cathi, the new member had a bass flute and let me use it for the rest of the rehearsal.  I can see why she's not fond of it and doesn't want to play it herself.  The low octave is horribly unresponsive.  I guess I'm just going to have to get mine fixed quickly.  I think it's going to be time for a new one some time this year.  *sigh*
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Damn, this got a lot longer than I originally thought, so I'll put it behind cuts.

Weekend )Monday weirdness )


Dec. 8th, 2008 08:24 am
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Not a bad weekend as weekends have been going lately.  Saturday morning Monique and I went into her work to spend the day with her new programmer, Frank.  I spent time showing him my methodologies and giving him overviews of the three projects I've done there so that he can take over on them.

The one that is currently in progress will be completed by the two of us in tandem and hopefully by the end of January I will have that monkey totally off my back, only giving occasional advice and consultation.

Saturday night, after dropping Monique off at home, I headed up to New Haven for the annual Fantasy of Lights to raise money for Easter Seals.  I ended up getting there a little late.  I hate being late for anything.  On top of that my sinuses were bugging me a lot, so I started into it not feeling all that nifty.  I suited up with the whole reindeer garb and the big gaudy Rudolph hat with the bright blinking nose and antlers.  In spite of feeling a little under the weather, I quickly got into the spirit and was soon greeting people with my usual holiday flair.  The interactions with the people are just loads of fun and I look forward to this every year.  Unfortunately, by 8:30 I was totally wiped out and I left early.  On the bright side, it was the busiest year I can remember to date in 7 or 8 years of doing this, so it was a good night for Easter Seals.

Sunday we spent most of the day working around the house, cleaning, decorating the tree, laundry, followed by a football game (Yay!) and a really good flute choir rehearsal.  We had a new member last night.  She hasn't played in two years, but she was enthusiastic and she has her own bass flute, which she thinks she'll skip playing for a while so she can get her C flute back in shape.  We finished preparing all of our Christmas music for the Ronald McDonald House Trees of Hope fund raise that we'll be playing at next Saturday.
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A few years ago, I designed a database for Monique to use for calculating monthly savings for her COB department.   It does some pretty complex stuff behind the scenes, but the user interface is pretty easy.  You put in a start and end date for the month you want, you press a button and presto, results (after about 45 minutes of processing).  Since then, she's moved up in the world and given this to her minions to work on.  

I've spent more time on this database off and on since then doing enhancements.  Lately, they have some problem running it every single month and I find myself in here (United Health) at night after my real job running the darned thing for them.  I don't get it.  They have explicit directions.  It runs fine when I run it.  I'm getting sick and tired of coming in here and fixing the darned thing.  This is four months in a row and it's different every month.

Ok, I'm done venting now.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.  Next month it will be perfect (he says optimistically).


Aug. 4th, 2008 08:19 am
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I planned on working on Monique's database project all weekend.  How did that go, you might ask?

Saturday, we had a long, leisurely breakfast and talked about a fairly complex, scope creeping aspect of the project for a rather long time.  Then when we went upstairs to work, I had issues with virtual memory and performance that have been plaguing me for a while.  I am in dire need of a new PC.  This one is 5 years old now and maxed out on important things like memory.  Let's just say the rest of my day went into making my machine work better in the hopes that  Sunday it would work better for me.

Chris and Amy asked Monique to watch Elijah Saturday night so they could go out.  We decided to just watch a movie after dinner before going back to work.  Yeah, that didn't work so well either.  We watched 3 movies.  Guess how much work got done?  However, it was relaxing and a nice change of pace.

Sunday, as we were contemplating getting out of bed to do work, we started talking about Monique's sister Lise, who has been in the hospital for a couple of days up in New London CT, about an hour and a half away.  I asked her if we were going to go visit her.  It led to a talk of priorities and how ours are a little out of whack, since we've put work over family.  Guess where we went?  If you guessed the hospital, you're right.  We got home right around 6:00.  Monique was really tired and laid down for a nap.  I decided to read my emails, catch up on LJ, fun stuff like that while she napped.  About 7:30, she wasn't awake, I was tired, I went to bed.  Guess how much work got done?  That's right, essentially none.

However, for some reason, I'm feeling pretty darned refreshed this morning!  :-)
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I've gotta say, this week totally sucked.  We have recently embarked upon the implementation of a new ERP system where I work.  I am part of the four person implementation team.   We were told to expect to spend 50% of our time on this project for the next 6 months as we work on a go-live date of Jan 1, 2009.

This week, the four of us were in training from about half of Monday and from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with an hour and a half for lunch.  This means trying to get my usual 50 or so hours of work done in the remaining time.  My entire team is working OT on a regular basis as it is.  I have nothing left to delegate.  This is really not going so well.  I'm working 12 hour days and falling farther behind.

In addition, our sales department is doing their annual regional sales meetings.  Usually they pack up and go to the individual regions.  They figured since we had this brand new location this year that they'd bring all the salesmen (RMs) to us to check it out and at the same time promote teamwork and morale and all that other stuff our company promotes in our products.  They asked each department to do a 15 minute presentation to sub-groups of 3 or 4 RMs at a time.  This means 5 times each on 3 seperate days.  The first five presentations were yesterday.  Yup, in addition to all this other crap, my department wasted 2 1/2 hours dealing with this... AND we get to do it twice more next week.

On the bright side, the RMs had to vote on best presentation.  IT won.  We got a $50 gift certificate to take the department out to lunch.  I'm told that they will vote on this at the next two sessions as well.  At least if I have to do this, I can reward my team for it.  I'm hoping to take all three awards so I can take them out for a nice dinner instead.  We'll see.  I'm ramping up the presentation a bit in such a way that will keep it on track, not add any time to it (since I can't), and will add a tiny bit more flair to it, while at the same time getting a bit more participation from the people on my team that didn't participate.  It's not like I'm super competitive or anything.  ;-)

Now on to a nice relaxing weekend of database design for United Health Care.  Monique is off at work all day, so hopefully I'll get a solid day of programming done  (once I'm done goofing off updating my LJ that is).  :-)


Jun. 30th, 2008 08:07 am
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Friday night I was at work until midnight.  My successor's successor for the NERO update position (Perdue), came down to Marlin for training.  Unfortunately, he was 2 to 2 1/2 hours later than he was supposed to be.  Then we had database and computer problems so we got off to a slow start.  I figure we got about 1/3 of the way through everything he needs to know.  We'll get together again before an event to go through pre-event procedures.  The good news is that you generally only have to tell him something once.  He also took a copy of the procedures manual I created for my successor.

Saturday I spent some time hunting down the problems with the character database and talking Perdue through the fix on that.  I hate phone support. 

And I finally managed to complete and post my NERO weekend write-up.  I've only been writing it in little pieces for two weeks now.

Monique had asked me for information about projected growth rates on the database I'm designing for her.  I simulated it by adding several thousand records in 1000 chunk increments and monitoring the size of the database.  This took several hours to design the test data, emulate the actual import and do the measurements.  Monique was frustrated with this use of time, but I couldn't come up with a better way to give her the numbers.

Sunday was almost entirely spent on database design (except for a quick trip right after breakfast for us to get haircuts).  The db work was pretty fruitful and I'm happy with the actual progress I made on it this time.  Monique had a non-work project keeping her busy, so while we were together in the same room a lot, we weren't distracting each other from our projects because they weren't related.

We finished off the weekend with a couple episodes of BG.  We're about 2/3 of the way through season 3.
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Friday after work, I met up with 

[profile] burkefireguy11 and [profile] create_universe  They were on their way up from VA to NPC Endgame;  crazy bastards.  We went out to eat.  Nice break for them on their drive and a really good relaxation time for me with a couple of friends I don't get to see OOG nearly enough.  Well, I guess that applies to all my friends, but the VA crowd even more so.

After getting home from that, I got a call from them.  They were lost in the wilds of NH looking for the site and with the trusty help of Google maps, I got them back on track for their rendezvous with one of NH's finest for speeding.  Oops.  I got a call from them again Sunday night.   The game was good and the cop was nice and only gave them a warning.  :-)

Saturday and Sunday were mostly database work on the workflow database for UHC.

Last night my flute choir had our first rehearsal in 6 weeks, also our only rehearsal before next week's performance.  I don't know if it was the heat, the cycle of the moon, the closeness to the end of the school year or what, but things were pretty sloppy at first.  In fact, on the one really slow, Romantic piece we're doing (a Brahm's Intermezzo), my thoughts were disaster, train wreck, horrible and disgusting.  It didn't sound like the same group.  However, over the course of the evening, I beat things back into shape and I think we're ready for next week.

Monique and I continue to make headway on Battlestar Galactica.  We missed a lot of season 3 in the middle, so before watching season 4, we're going back from the beginning and watching it through.  I've ordered season 3 and in the meantime, in just a couple of weeks, we're almost through season 1.  I really don't have time for it, but it's the only relaxation time Monique and I are spending together.



Mar. 12th, 2008 04:50 am
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Very strange.  I usually have no trouble sleeping.  Considering how little I get, that's no surprise.  

This morning, I woke up at 3:00 and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up and for the past hour and a half have been working on a database project for UHC.
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Friday night:  
Monique came home.  Yay!  She had essentially been gone for three weeks for business.  Of course, she didn't get home until about 1:00 in the morning, so I didn't really see her Friday night, but it was the thought that counted.

We slept in late, late being one of those subjective terms.  I think I slept until 6:30.  We went out for breakfast and then headed up to my work.  Monique plugged in her laptop at the spare desk in my office so we could be together.  I cleaned out a bunch of crap in my office (two big barrels full) and started the packing of everything I wouldn't need this week in preparation for next week's move.

Saturday night, we watched a bunch of West Wing episodes.  It was an acceptably nice day.  We at least spent the whole thing together.

We slept in late again, about 7:30, which, when you factor in daylight saving time, comes out to about the same as Saturday.  We had a nice, leisurely breakfast, did some cleaning around the house, and then went to her work, where we spent 5 hours discussing a new database project that I'm working on for her finance department.

A few more episodes of West Wing Sunday night, since we hadn't spent enough time together, and the weekend was over.  Nothing exciting, but not as bad as I'd anticipated.  I thought I'd spend the entire weekend doing Marlin work.  I am paying for it now trying to catch up on the things I didn't do.

On the bright side, our shipping department has absolutely *NOTHING* to do for a couple days, so we inherited them for as much time as we want for packing purposes for our server room, so there's that much less work my department will have to do on Thursday. 
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In December, my flute choir, the Silver Village Flute Choir, had eight members.  As of today, one of them has moved to TX and two of them have taken a leave of absence.    This means I'm down to five members for the Spring season.  Realistically, this is not enough to consider doing any performances.  I really need a minimum of six because most flute choir music has at least six parts.

So tonight, not only did I cancel the first rehearsal of the season (we would only have been four people due to illness), but I announced to my group that I was canceling the entire Spring season and that we would reconvene in the Fall.  I will use this time to advertise for new members and give the people on leave time to finish their pursuits and rejoin us (hopefully).

On the bright side, it will give me more time to work on the database project I'm doing as a consultant on the side and maybe focus on my arranging more.

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What happened to Monday?  I know I was here working.  Damn, Monday flew fast.

Weekend was good.  I spent a good solid  10 hours working on the workflow database for United Health Care.  Monique and I worked together on a lot of that on Saturday mapping out import files to database fields.  It would be nice if her team would get me *all* the workflow input files and be consistent in their structures and follow the rules I set for these things (single sheet per workflow, single row headers, etc).  But it's been fun and interesting working out new ways to handle their inadequacies.

Patriots!!!!  Woo-hoo!  18-0!  'Nuff said.

Monique is at some sort of seminar just south of Hartford all week, so the company got her a hotel room at the conference center.  It's about 15 minutes from my work.  I'm going to stay there all week becuse it beats going home at 35 - 40 minutes one way, it will be a nice change of pace and because I get to spend nights with Monique instead of home alone.

Monique's birthday was yesterday.  I remembered about 11:30 to call in a flower order.  I had already bought her a lovely earring and necklace set.  Chris and Amy were going to make her lobster for dinner, but we went out to dinner at Red Lobster instead because we had two reasons to celebrate.

Chris got a job yesterday.  He'll be working for RR Donnelly, a printing firm in Danbury CT.  Now that he's employed, he also got to fulfill the his agreement with Amy.  They agreed to wait until he had a job to tell all the family that she's pregnant.   So he made a lot of family calls last night.  It was kind of funny to see how excited he was about it.  Chris *HATES* talking on the phone.

Enough blather for one morning.  I've got a long 14 hours of work ahead of me, so I should get to it. ,

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