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Monique had been down in Frederick, MD all week last week, so rather than drive down, I took a train and she met me in Baltimore.  From there we went down to the Fairfax, VA area to spend the weekend with family.

Train is a pretty cool way to travel.  I like it.  Roomy seats.  Refreshment car.  On-board internet.  I was able to catch up on all the PEL reading from 7V (what peopel had turned in to that point anyway) and I even got a lot of my own PEL written, which I still turned in incomplete, but I'll add to it  :-(

We stayed one night with each of Monique's two sisters.  We did manage to sneak in a hastily planned last minute lunch with Kiera and Steve and a game of Ticket to Ride at their place.  I wish we could have done more and spent time with more people, but this was very much snuck into the middle of a busy family schedule.  The rest of the weekend was spent mostly talking.

We picked up Elijah in DE last night on our way home.  He'll be staying with us for a week.  This of course put us a fair amount out of our way and we didn't get home until far too late last night.

So, back to work.  Short week.  Monique and I are taking Friday off to go to St. Louis for the annual Halloween convention.  Good times and something to look forward to all week.  :-)


Sep. 26th, 2011 08:00 am
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Monique and I went up to NH this weekend for Brent and Erin's wedding. 

Visit with my mom and dad )
Wedding )
Visit with Monique's mom )
Medical issues )
Flute choir rehearsal )
More Monique medical stuff )
Happy Monday everyone.  Have a great week.
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Ok, I'm adding in cuts because this ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated.

Much needed (and appreciated) friends time )
7V staff lunch )
Mixed bag of family stuff mixed with an unhealthy dose of cleaning )
And finally, to all my friends who are Packer fans, congratulations on your team's fine victory last night in the Super Bowl.

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Friday night Monique got a call from her sister.  Their mother was down visiting them, had taken a fall, passed out and was taken to the hospital.  It appeared she had broken her wrist and they admitted her, not because of the broken wrist, but because of the passing out.  She's had blood clotting in the past and is on blood thinners and they ran tests on her heart, carotid artery, etc. 

Saturday morning it became apparent she was going to be staying, so we trekked across the state to the hospital to spend a few hours with her.  This ended up taking the vast majority of our day and we didn't get home until late, thereby killing any plans I might have had of stopping to see Dave and Xephyr at the fair.  :-(

Sunday was pretty awesome however.  We had the 7 Virtues party at Eagle Pass to help raise money for the building effort and to give the players some IG down time to talk, plan and spend some non-save-the-world time with the faculty.  There was much fun role-play, lots of it with characters I often times don't see much of in the normal setting.  It was really cool for me to watch people working on the Wisdom Book and listen to the theories and such being kicked around from it.

Dinner after with a huge crowd at Uno's was fantastic.  I got to sit with a few people I spend little to no time with and it's always nice to hear new things about new people and clear away some of the conceptions that form from only knowing their characters.

I got home at midnight and this morning I'm exhausted, but it was so much fun and so worth it.

PS - Mom (-in-law) is doing fine and was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. 
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Look at that, a post, and only a week and a half since the last one. 

Long ramblings beneath the cut to save friends' pages )
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Yesterday was a pretty bad day.  I broke down several times thinking about Monique's dad.

Monique came home last night around 9:30.  I knew she was going to be taking it even harder than me, so when she came in I had a nice fire in the fireplace waiting and a glass of wine.  I figured a little comfort would go a long way and I was right.  We talked for quite a while.  She wanted to pass on the weekend and just stay home, so I spilled the surprise I had for her so she would still make the trip.

We came up to NH this morning and got up here with enough time for her to take a 20 minute cat nap before the massage and facial.  As I suspected, these were exactly what she needed.  She's taking another nap now.  And btw, the massage and facial didn't hurt me any either.  ;-)

Her mom will be driving up from FL starting tomorrow morning, stopping in VA for a day and possibly in CT for a day.  There will be a memorial service for Bob next Saturday, so we'll be coming up two weekends in a row.

That's about it for now.  On the bright side, we'll still be at the wedding tomorrow.   I'm not sure how to convey that to either [livejournal.com profile] silway  or [livejournal.com profile] thedeviantangel .  Hopefully they'll see it here.
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Monique just called.  Her father passed away this morning.  That's all for now.  :'-(
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Things down here have been not what I expected exactly.  Bob (my father-in-law) is in the hospital.  He is constantly wearing an oxygen mask (a BiPAP) so that he can continue to breathe as his lungs are not capable of giving him enough oxygen on their own.  His spirits are pretty darned good for someone who knows he's looking at dying within a few days.

He doesn't *look* like he's on death's door.  He actually looks pretty good.  Yesterday he kept trying to take the mask off while I was with him and I told him I couldn't let him do that or Dot (his wife) would kill *me* and he said that at least he wouldn't die alone (with a smile on his face).  Gee, thanks Dad!  ;-)

He's truly accepting of the whole thing and it makes it very surreal.  It just doesn't seem like it is what it is.  On the bright side, it means that our final memories of him will be good ones.

On the work front, we've had about 10% of our customers down since Monday and we've been struggling with that in conjunction with my network engineer who has been in NV all week trying to handle this remotely, our service provider, myself from down here in FL with limited access and Verisign because it appears our SSL certificate *MIGHT* be the problem.  It's been a nightmare on top of the personal stuff.  The last thing we want to do is give free service to 10% of our customers, so we've frantic.  It looks like the things we did last night finally have things working, though none of us have any idea why.  If the fix solved the problem, then 100% of our customers should have been down for the last four days.  I guess for the moment I shouldn't question it and just count my blessing.
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The doctors think it's probable Bob won't make it to the weekend.  We're leaving after work tomorrow night and flying to FL to say goodbye.  What an awful thought.  Things are not good with the family.  In fact, I've broken up several times today myself.  Bob was an awesome husband, father, grandfather and father-in-law.

Anyway, I should be back either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.  I am so not looking forward to this, but I wouldn't miss the opportunity to see him again.  The bright side is that his wife says he's taking it really well and is in good spirits and is joking about how he's going to be coming home (in a box).   Yeah.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.  It really helps to know you're all out there and sending along good thoughts.

Bad news

Feb. 23rd, 2010 04:59 pm
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My father-in-law (Bob) has been in the hospital down in FL for a few weeks where he and my mother-in-law spend their winter months.  He's been in ICU and all four daughters have been down to help their mom and to help play patient advocate for Bob and to spend time with him.  He was recently moved to a regular hospital where his condition has deteriorated rapidly.  Today the doctors gave him days to live.  I just got off the phone with Monique.  We may be going to FL with weekend and not to enjoy the sunshine or escape the snow.


Jan. 5th, 2010 09:33 am
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Hmmm... somehow missed that whole NY update.  I wonder how that happened.  I guess I should throw a quick one in here for posterity.

New Year's weekend )
Broadway trip )

Somewhere along the line, I forgot to be quick.
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Monique's mom is going home from the hospital today.  She's on a 10 day regimen of antibiotics to try and eliminate the infection and reduce the swelling of her gall bladder.  They'll re-admit her after that and remove it.  They don't want to do that while it's infected because they'd have to open her up.  If they wait they can remove it laproscopically.  So she's not in any imminent danger and all is well physically with her for the time being.

Two of Monique's sisters are staying up there through Wednesday when my father-in-law gets the full results of the multiple biopsies taken in regard to his lung cancer.  I picked Monique up yesterday.

Thanks to all for their thoughts, prayers and well wishes.

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My mother-in-law was admitted to ICU as I mentioned earlier.  Last report to me, her blood pressure was down to 84 over 60.  She was however awake and in good spirits.  I have since found out that she had a gall bladder issue about a year ago and chose to ignore it.  They believe it is what's causing her issues right now.  They are running tests and will in all likelihood end up taking it out.

Nothing new to report other than that at this time.  It's still a question of waiting.  I'm taking it as "no news is good news".

Thanks everyone for the well wishes.  They're much appreciated.  I love my friends.  :-)

Edit: Oops, I was talking to someone else about their pancreas earlier right before I wrote this and I had pancreas on the brain.  It is her gall bladder that's the potential problem.  They will now be awaiting the elimination of the infection before doing the surgery, so she will likely be in the hospital for days.
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My mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital by ambulance this afternoon.  They told her she had a massive blood infection and she was lucky she made it to the hospital in time.  Just a few minutes ago we got word that her condition had deteriorated, something is wrong with her pancreas and her blood pressure is dropping rapidly.  They've put her in ICU.

Monique is rushing up there with her sister.  If things get worse, I suspect I will go up also.  I'll happily take any prayers, well wishes, healthy thoughts you wish to send our way.
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Monique and I both took Friday off to go to NH.  My Aunt Margaret, my mother's oldest remaining sister, was given a week to a week and a half to live, kind of suddenly.  She asked that all of the family on my mother's side be asked to see her before she died. 

In addition, my father-in-law, also in NH, was diagnosed with lung cancer on Wednesday.  Let's just say that there was much emotional not-so-goodness going on on both Monique's side and mine, so we spent the whole weekend up there with family members, splitting our time up to give as much emotional support as possible.

By the time we got up there, my aunt had already slipped to the point that she was never conscious again.  While we did get to see her alive, we did not get to speak to her.  I wish we had left one day earlier.  Oh well.

Monique's dad was in moderately good spirits all things considered.  We spent all day Saturday playing cards with my in-laws.  I'm glad we went.  He goes in for more testing this week to find out what stage the cancer is at.  Cross your fingers, send prayers and well wishes.  He's one of the best people on the planet and he deserves all the best.

My dad was in a pretty bad way today.  I couldn't even rouse him.  They checked his oxygen and other things.  He apparently just had a really rough night and was too tired to wake up.  Randy and I are talking about ways to improve his quality of life at this point because it doesn't look like his quantity of life is going to get any better, regardless of what is done now.

We rushed back to CT because I had a flute choir rehearsal tonight.  We had another new member tonight.  She's a good, middle of the road player.  It was a decent rehearsal.

Sadly, the Patriots lost to the Jets today.  :-(
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So much for breaking the bad habit of postponing posting. 

Last weekend and the Seekers )
Work update )

Patriots game )
Health stuff... not mine... you probably won't care )

Car maintenance woes )
Amusing ending so that I can start and end on a high note )

In the performance world, they say that if you start a program and end a program really well, it doesn't matter how bad everything in between is, so hopefully you enjoyed this presentation.  :-)
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It's been over a week since I posted.  You'd think I'd post more during a vacation or at least on coming back, but life had other plans for me.  Between sickness, family Thanksgiving and no internet connectivity in the condo units, It just wasn't to be.  Once Monique's family started coming in Tuesday night, that ended forays up to the main building to connect.  Monique frowns on such anti-social behavior so I decided to skip adding to the drama of a family gathering by even making the attempt.

We spent Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, VA.  We have a timeshare down there and we used some of our banked swap time to pick up more units so that each family could have their own place to stay for the 3 1/2 days were together.  Unfortunately, ours was the master hang-out unit, so there really was no escape from the mob.  In the long run, it wasn't too bad because letting everyone else escape kept the stress relatively low.  There were a few moments, but not nearly as many as I anticipated and I actually had some very cool conversations with my niece Melanie.  She's always been very quiet and non-communicative.  I think college has done her a lot of good.

I found this brochure for a Crystal Concert in historic Williamsburg and talked people into going to see it.  It was only $10 a person and most everyone wanted to see the historic part of Williamsburg anyway, so it worked out.  This was really cool.  It was a program by a guy who plays the crystal armonica, crystal handbells, a glass violin and this french instrument that's made of glass that looks like a xylophone called a baschet.  Everyone in the family loved it, so I was pleased that I managed to pull off a successful family activity.  If you want to see some of these amazing instruments, check out http://www.crystalconcert.com/photo_gallery.htm

The drive home Saturday was pretty brutal.  It took us 11 hours.  I did all the driving so Monique could keep an eye on Elijah.  We took him on the ride home so Amy and Chris could get ahead.  They were going all the way up to NH for the Sunday football game.  Unfortunately, even though they had an hour head start on us, because of traffic and alternate routes and us meeting up with them in NJ (we caught up), we ended up getting home before them.

And to make matters worse, both Monique and I caught colds while on vacation, so that added to the general stress and fatigue.  I actually ended up being quite sick Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to the point that I've missed two days work this week.  So I guess I'd better get to it because being out for a week and a half isn't going to make the rest of this week any easier.


Jul. 7th, 2008 07:03 am
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My son Nick, his wife Nellie and their son Jason have been here since last Wed.  Monique wanted a big family get together for the 4th of July, so we bought their plane tickets.  They're with us through tomorrow.  Monique went up to NH with them on Thursday to get a few extra visits in, including with my mom who refuses to go to the brother's house right now for reasons of her own.

I went up early on the 4th with Chris, Amy and Elijah.  The day got off a little rough, but things ended up going ok after all.  We ended up with 18 people including some people I hadn't seen in about 9 years.

Yesterday we took Jason to his first movie in the theatres.  We went to see Wall E.  He was pretty good for an almost 3 year old right up until about 5 minutes from the end where he'd clearly had enough sitting still.

The movie itself was typically Pixar cute.  Not their best work, but quite good.

My mother always said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".  I guess I'm going to leave this post at that. 

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