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What a busy weekend.  I went into it with a 'to do' list of about a dozen items.  I managed to get exactly... ummmm, half of one of them done. The problem is that while I had my own 'to do' list, I neglected to account for the lengthy 'honey do' list, which as all good husbands know takes priority over any silly list of things they want to get done.  ;-)

Weekend details behind cut )
On the bright side, we did manage to sleep in both days so I won't be starting off the week totally exhausted.  Happy Monday everyone!  :-)
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One week from now and 7V will be all over.  It's been a heck of a ride and a lot of it has been fun, but I'll be glad when it's over.

This weekend saw more time spent on the house renovation project, though most of it (for me anyway) was on restoring order and cleaning in areas that were already done.  Man, the dust from drywalling gets into everything.  What a pain in the butt.

Amidst trying to get that done I just had to finish 7V update work if I was going to meet the schedule.  I managed to pull that off by staying up late Saturday night.

Sunday we had a wedding for someone at Monique's work and then flute choir rehearsal last night with half a football game sandwiched in between there which I half watched while I finished the half-assed job of a Madrigal PEL I ended up submitting.  I didn't even reread it before submitting it.  Sorry Madrigal staff.

So tired.  I wish Marlin had Columbus Day off too. 


Sep. 26th, 2011 08:00 am
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Monique and I went up to NH this weekend for Brent and Erin's wedding. 

Visit with my mom and dad )
Wedding )
Visit with Monique's mom )
Medical issues )
Flute choir rehearsal )
More Monique medical stuff )
Happy Monday everyone.  Have a great week.
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The Eastwyck team players from NERO spent the weekend at my place.  This consisted of silway, thedeviantangel, draco, byron and talon.  There was no IG session, just OOG bonding.  We played games and talked and ate and ate and ate.  We played multiple games of Settlers of Catan and RoboRally, both a lot of fun.  Of course I didn't win a single game all weekend, but it was still fun.

Monique did her usual amazing job of making too much food for everyone.  Let's just say the scale was not my friend this morning.

I miss playing with these fine folk.  I miss playing Kumir.  Sadly, I just can't go play while I'm doing 7V, so it probably won't be until late in 2012 that I play again.

Flute choir rehearsal was awesome.  It was the first time in a very long time that we had that many people all at the same time.  The sound was really good.  It was nice to see that people had kept up with practicing over the break, a break extended by two rehearsals due to winter weather issues.

And then, there were 7V PELs.  We got the vast majority of them in this weekend with a huge number yesterday, last night and the wee hours of this morning.  I was up until after midnight processing and I still have about 20 to go.  Silly 7V players, waiting until the last minute, but the PELs are so wonderful to read.  I love our players.


Jun. 6th, 2010 06:51 pm
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We went up to NH Friday night with intent to go to dinner and spend some time with Monique's mom.  Unfortunately, things came up for Monique and we ended up getting to NH really late.  This meant we didn't get much time with her mom, especially since we had to leave her mom's house by 9:00 Saturday morning for me to get to the NHAB walk-a-thon on time.

I was the last team member to arrive but still on time for the start of the walk.  It was hot and sunny in spite of the call for thunder storms.  The walk wasn't as bad as I feared.  My ankle held up pretty well and I enjoyed the company of my team.  Our team came in first for dollars donated.  Yay!

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] silverhare , [livejournal.com profile] jbradshaw666 , [livejournal.com profile] agraitear , [livejournal.com profile] tressum , [livejournal.com profile] arianhwyvar , [livejournal.com profile] silway , [livejournal.com profile] marcus_sez_vote , [livejournal.com profile] stableyr , [livejournal.com profile] outlawblade , [livejournal.com profile] noradannan , [livejournal.com profile] last_real_angel  and [livejournal.com profile] quentarielf for your monetary support and to all my other fine friends for their encouragement.  You helped me personally raise $380 for the cause.

We went to Randy's bardic last night.  It was a small and very diverse group.  There was a greater diversity in the music than usual.  I thought it was a fun night with the poetry and music mixed in.  I wasn't mentally prepared for a performance.  I forgot my flute and just wasn't feeling up to singing, though we had a Tom Lehrer theme going for a couple of songs and I was sorely tempted at that point.

Monique and I visited with both my parents today and then headed back down to CT for the final flute choir rehearsal of the season which didn't happen due to too many last minute cancellations, so I spared the few members that would have driven a fair distance for no real good purpose.
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This weekend was a really good time and a wonderful way to start a vacation.  That's right, as of Friday night I'm on vacation for two weeks!  Yay!

Read more... )

Wonderful weekend.  I enjoyed it so much.  Today I head off to FL for (almost) two weeks of resting and recharging in warm, sunny FL and I get to see Monique again after her being gone for a week.  Yay!
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Monique and I both took Friday off to go to NH.  My Aunt Margaret, my mother's oldest remaining sister, was given a week to a week and a half to live, kind of suddenly.  She asked that all of the family on my mother's side be asked to see her before she died. 

In addition, my father-in-law, also in NH, was diagnosed with lung cancer on Wednesday.  Let's just say that there was much emotional not-so-goodness going on on both Monique's side and mine, so we spent the whole weekend up there with family members, splitting our time up to give as much emotional support as possible.

By the time we got up there, my aunt had already slipped to the point that she was never conscious again.  While we did get to see her alive, we did not get to speak to her.  I wish we had left one day earlier.  Oh well.

Monique's dad was in moderately good spirits all things considered.  We spent all day Saturday playing cards with my in-laws.  I'm glad we went.  He goes in for more testing this week to find out what stage the cancer is at.  Cross your fingers, send prayers and well wishes.  He's one of the best people on the planet and he deserves all the best.

My dad was in a pretty bad way today.  I couldn't even rouse him.  They checked his oxygen and other things.  He apparently just had a really rough night and was too tired to wake up.  Randy and I are talking about ways to improve his quality of life at this point because it doesn't look like his quantity of life is going to get any better, regardless of what is done now.

We rushed back to CT because I had a flute choir rehearsal tonight.  We had another new member tonight.  She's a good, middle of the road player.  It was a decent rehearsal.

Sadly, the Patriots lost to the Jets today.  :-(
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The weekend was pretty good.  We slept in late both days, late being 8:00 and 7:30.  It's late for me anyway.  Got much needed sleep.

I picked up my son Nick and my grandson Jason Thursday.  They're visiting for two weeks.  How does that equate to a pretty good weekend?  Well, Nick has been incredibly helpful and useful around the house and Jason has been wonderfully well behaved.  It's a big change since the last time we saw them at Thanksgiving when I wanted to beat him most of the time.  Nellie couldn't come out because of work.  I wonder if her absence is the difference in Jason's behavior.

Saturday was spent cleaning the house, doing laundry and shopping.  We spent a lot of money this weekend.  We ended up getting Monique a new Blackberry 9000 Bold.  She's very excited about having a GPS built completely into her phone and being able to get her work email on her phone.  We also bought three Disney movies for Jason, Pinochio, Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid.  We watched the first two Saturday night with Jason and Nick.  I had forgotten how much fun Disney movies can be.

We had a great moment with Jason.  Monique figured she'd get him banana chips to try and get something a little healthier into him than potato chips.  We had a big build-up about them as being special chips just for him.  You have to trick him into eating most things.  He's pretty fussy.  He very enthusiastically bit into one.  Then his face scrunched up and he spit it out back onto the plate and said, "That's disgusting!"  He doesn't speak well at all for his age, but this came out clear as a bell.  It was hysterical coming from a three year old.

Today Monique and I worked together on the backlog of mail and bills.  We hadn't opened mail in about 3 months.  It was a painful way to spend a lot of hours on a weekend, but it feels good to have it done.

Tonight was the end of an era for my flute choir.  One of our founding members is leaving us to take a new job in New Orleans.  Tonight was his final rehearsal.  We worked on some pieces for a church job we're doing in May and then spent the last half hour doing whatever music he wanted to do as a going away present.  It was a lot of fun.
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Today will be a new test for me.  I have resolved not to do these ridiculous hours trying to pull off two 40 hour a week jobs at one time.  My boss agrees with me and I'm feeling really good about saying 'no'.  We'll see if I can hold on to that.  Anyone wanting to send along thoughts of strength and resolve, feel free.  I can use all I can get.  "NO" is not a word I use easily and I'll need to make sure the project manager gets it from day one.

Valentines Day was awesome.  Monique found tickets to go see Barry Manilow.  Oh, stop making faces.  My generation loved him and Monique and I fell in love to his music.  Anyway, he was playing on Long Island Saturday night.  We went down Saturday afternoon and had a very relaxing day together.

The show itself was amazing.  Even at sixty-something years old, Barry still has a solid, strong voice.  He's not the dynamo he was twenty years ago, but he still has a great stage presence. 

I went and worked on the database for Monique yesterday.  I should have finished it, but she decided that she wanted a feature that we had originally written out of phase one.  So I came very close.  If I can just stick to my resolve at work today I can get home in a timely enough fashion to finish it off after dinner but before Heroes.  It would be so nice to be done.

I looked at the schedule for flute choir this season.  We have four performances, two of them without firm dates yet.  I have *NO* Sundays free for rehearsals at all in April.  The group as a whole doesn't have a lot of flexibility for date/times for jobs.  It's going to be tricky. 

The schedule as a whole will be messy with the whole work project timeline falling into uncertainty.  Should make for some interesting stress working in the LARP weekends, vacation weeks, potential weekend data conversion, etc.  I live by a fixed calendar and I just don't have a good one for the next 4 months.  I hate that.

Madrigal - T minus 4 days 16 hours (or so) and counting!  :-)


Jan. 5th, 2009 08:30 am
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The weekend was both fairly enjoyable and productive, an unusual combination.

Friday was a day off from Marlin.  They very unexpectedly gave us the day off, making for a long weekend.  I went into United Health Care with Monique and worked with her new db designer answering a lot of his questions for the aspects of this project that he is taking over.  Then I spent the rest of the day working on my part of the db.  I've got to say, I LOVE my new laptop.  This thing just flies, no matter how much stuff I have open.  It really boosted my productivity.

Saturday, Monique and I went into her work again.  While I was working on the database I was also loading some of my CD collection onto my computer to get on my new iPod.  It demonstrated again how much I love my new laptop.  I had only loaded a couple CDs on my old computer and every time I was doing it, the CPU was completely maxed out and I couldn't do anything else.  The new laptop not only didn't break a sweat, but also let me have several instances of Access and SQL server open while it was doing it.  Just out of curiosity I watched the task manager for a bit while I was working and never saw it go over 70%.  Wheeeee!  I know, I'm sounding like a geek.  Just let me enjoy it.

I hit a huge snag Saturday that really screwed me over, cost me several hours.  I'm going geek again.  Fair warning.  I have a query that needs to select only the first record that meets the criteria.  This is very easy.  There's a SQL statement that starts out with "SELECT TOP x" where x = the number of records you want.  In my case, I put a one there and SQL picks the first record.  Access however picked 2 records, which totally messed me up.  Of course, it only started displaying this stupid behavior when I started doing larger data sampling, so it I had to go way back to the beginning of things I'd worked on Friday to change things.  I spent hours trying to fix this unexpected problem and it set me way back.  There were times I wanted to cry.  It was so frustrating.  So much wasted time.

Sunday, we took down all the Christmas decorations and (mostly) cleaned the house before going back to more database work.  I figured out my problem from the previous day and made a bit more progress, but still failed to meet my deliverable goal for turning it over to Frank (the db developer at UHC). 

Flute choir rehearsal was ok.  We have a new member.  She is an excellent player.  We had several of our regular members out, so we were still a little thin on numbers.  And early on in the rehearsal, my head cork popped out of my bass flute.  Fortunately, Cathi, the new member had a bass flute and let me use it for the rest of the rehearsal.  I can see why she's not fond of it and doesn't want to play it herself.  The low octave is horribly unresponsive.  I guess I'm just going to have to get mine fixed quickly.  I think it's going to be time for a new one some time this year.  *sigh*
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Damn, this got a lot longer than I originally thought, so I'll put it behind cuts.

Weekend )Monday weirdness )


Dec. 8th, 2008 08:24 am
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Not a bad weekend as weekends have been going lately.  Saturday morning Monique and I went into her work to spend the day with her new programmer, Frank.  I spent time showing him my methodologies and giving him overviews of the three projects I've done there so that he can take over on them.

The one that is currently in progress will be completed by the two of us in tandem and hopefully by the end of January I will have that monkey totally off my back, only giving occasional advice and consultation.

Saturday night, after dropping Monique off at home, I headed up to New Haven for the annual Fantasy of Lights to raise money for Easter Seals.  I ended up getting there a little late.  I hate being late for anything.  On top of that my sinuses were bugging me a lot, so I started into it not feeling all that nifty.  I suited up with the whole reindeer garb and the big gaudy Rudolph hat with the bright blinking nose and antlers.  In spite of feeling a little under the weather, I quickly got into the spirit and was soon greeting people with my usual holiday flair.  The interactions with the people are just loads of fun and I look forward to this every year.  Unfortunately, by 8:30 I was totally wiped out and I left early.  On the bright side, it was the busiest year I can remember to date in 7 or 8 years of doing this, so it was a good night for Easter Seals.

Sunday we spent most of the day working around the house, cleaning, decorating the tree, laundry, followed by a football game (Yay!) and a really good flute choir rehearsal.  We had a new member last night.  She hasn't played in two years, but she was enthusiastic and she has her own bass flute, which she thinks she'll skip playing for a while so she can get her C flute back in shape.  We finished preparing all of our Christmas music for the Ronald McDonald House Trees of Hope fund raise that we'll be playing at next Saturday.
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The details cut and pasted for those who couldn't find the link:

The Fifteenth Annual Columbia Flute Choir Festival

sponsored by the Columbia Institute of Fine Arts and Columbia Flute Choir will be held on Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 10:00 am. The event is held at Columbia Baptist Church, 103 West Columbia Street, Falls Church, Virginia. The church main telephone number is (703) 534-5700. Click here for map/directions to the church.

Participants in previous years have included Flutes on the Brink, Baltimore Flute Choir, Frederick Flute Choir, The Musical Offering Flute Ensemble, The Woodbridge Flute Choir, the Fauquier Flute Ensemble, and, of course, Columbia Flute Choir.

The Columbia Institute of Fine Arts can be reached at (703) 534-2508.

And if you're interested in breakfast with us at 8:30, Steve posted:
There is an IHOP in falls church. 6655 Arlington Blvd Falls Church VA 22042. I have never been there, but I assume it is like any other. If there is an objection I can find something else. :)
I have no objections to IHOP, so I'm planning on being there.

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Wow!  This is one of the best thank you notes ever.  It came from the bookstore owner where the flute choir played Saturday.

Hi, Rick! Where should I even begin?? Let's just say that the Silver Village Flute Choir performance was AWESOME!!!!! I honestly did not know what to expect and you went way above and beyond my imagination. Everyone just loved it to pieces and some of my customers came back yesterday AND today to tell me how much they enjoyed it and want to know when will you be performing again! Yikes.

Please, do relay our sincerest gratitude to everyone who performed and know that we truly appreciated your time and energy. Personally, I loved the music so much I did not want it to end! (My favorite was your transcription of the Moonlight Sonata.) I know I am unable to pay for a performance at this time and would not dream of asking you to volunteer your time for repeat performances. That said, if you ever need a willing audience to test out new materials or just feel like performing, you know who to call!!!

(By the way, if you were to charge, how much would it be? Just an estimate would be fine. In case I win the lottery...)

Thank you, thank you again. From the bottom of our hearts. Keep up the beautiful work.

Written Words Bookstore

I am most pleased.  I suspect we will play there again, maybe in May or June.

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You know it's bad when you have a really nice weekend and Monday just sucks so much you don't even have time to post about it, never mind read about your friends' weekends.

Anyway, back to the nice weekend, because I really don't want to think about work for another few minutes.  Saturday [livejournal.com profile] winterswan  and [livejournal.com profile] vayrocklord  came over to visit and check out the flute choir as potential wedding music.  We chatted with them for a while before the rehearsal, they came to the performance and then we went out for dinner at Ruby Tuesday after.  We crashed pretty quickly when we got home.  Sunday morning we had a wonderful breakfast provided by my wonderful wife before they hit the road to go back to Providence.  It really was a good time and made me realize how much I miss being close enough to my friends to do that sort of thing.

So about this rehearsal / concert.  The Silver Village Flute Choir played at a bookstore in Shelton Saturday night.  It was a free job, but we play for the love of playing, so that was ok with us.  Unfortunately, one of my members got a paying job for several weekends in a row.  One of them was this job.  Fortunately she was able to get us a substitute because there were just barely enough of us available that night to cover all the parts.  Unfortunately, we don't play with a conductor so I wasn't real comfortable having someone sight read a performance.  Fortunately, everyone was able to come to my house an hour and a half early so we could run the tough parts and give her a feel for the ensemble.  It all worked out beautifully.  We had a crowd of about 25 in the audience.  The group did a great job.  I was thrilled.  We even got a two thumbs up from Monique, my best and worst critic.  She said it was the best she'd heard us play in a long time.  Woo-hoo.

Ah, nice happy thoughts.  Now back to reality and another grueling day.
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The past few days have been pretty good, I have to say.  We got  Thursday and Friday mostly off from the ERP project at work.  The guys working on the install with us had a client in the final stages of their install, so they couldn't be here with us.  It was great time for getting less behind in things for my normal workload.

[livejournal.com profile] create_universe , [livejournal.com profile] burkefireguy11  and Mark (LJ unknown, Adeon, new Eurvein guy at Madrigal) came up Thursday night on their way to NPC Endgame this weekend.  They came in from VA in the wee hours of the morning but were good sports and got up with me Friday morning anyway.  Monique made us all breakfast before work.  She's the best.  I love her.  I went in about two hours late so I could hang out with the guys.  Good time.

Saturday I took Monique and her friend Pam to the airport.  They're going to FL for a week's vacation.  It sucks that she's got so much more vacation than me, but she really needs the time to rest.  She's been pushing as hard as me.

After dropping them off I went to the CT Renn Faire.  It was a nice change of pace to just wander at my pace, stop where I wanted, spend as much or as little time at any one thing.  I've enjoyed visits with others, but this definitely had a lot to say for it.  There was a phenomenal mime.  I didn't think you'd ever catch me singing the praises of a mime, but this guy was incredible beyond words.  He "accompanied" several of the other acts in what appeared to be improv.  He used his total body to express everything.  He was quick on his feet and IMO, by far, the most entertaining thing I saw; a mime.  Who would have thought it?

Of course, I saw far too many things I wanted to buy.  The bright side of that is that I saw so much I wanted that nothing stuck out above the rest and I ended up buying nothing.  I saved a small fortune by wanting too much.  Win!  :-)

And of course the lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] vanora27  performed and then we went out to dinner after with a couple of her friends.  I stayed out way too late considering the hour and a half drive home, but it was so much fun it was completely worth it.

Sunday saw a house that was far too cold.  I finally buckled and turned on the heat.  Nothin'.  I went and checked the furnace and it had apparently been totally shut down.  I read the directions.  I played with it a little, very little.  There were 2 valves, 2 knobs and 2 switches (that I could find).  I asked myself, "What's the worst that could happen if you mess with it?".  Unfortunately, I answered myself, "It's a gas powered device you idiot, you could blow up".  I decided I'd call our plumber today to come turn it on correctly.

So I ended up bringing in firewood and starting a fire.  It didn't warm up the whole house, but it certainly took the edge off.  And it was a lovely backdrop for our flute choir rehearsal.  I've added in a couple extra rehearsals outside the normal schedule because we have a performance in mid-November and our bi-weekly schedule was already interrupted too much by LARPing.  I won't schedule a rehearsal on a LARP weekend because if I do, I'm either too tired or I don't make it back in time.  Since I run it out of my house, those aren't good things.

On the bright side, the music is shaping up nicely and I'm feeling good about the people attending and the performance as a whole.  I just wish I could get better commitment from people.  Waiting until a month before a performance to know I'll have enough people is nerve wracking.

On to work.  Happy Monday all.  Have a good week.
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Saturday was kind of a wasted day.  How can one have a wasted vacation day?  Isn't that sort of an oxymoron?  Well, we had to get out of our time share because we have one week in an ocean front unit that runs Saturday to Saturday and our second week is in one of the back units that runs Sunday to Sunday.  This meant we had to move our stuff to one of the hotel units for one night.  

Since you have to be out by 11 and can't check in until 5, it leaves a bit of a gap.  Of course, they try to work the priorities in your favor, but there's a lot of time sitting by the phone waiting for them to call.  Fortunately, that phone is the cell phone we had by the pool, so it really wasn't bad.

We went to a flute orchestra concert yesterday.  What, you may ask, is the difference between a flute choir and a flute orchestra.  This beast had 12 alto flutes, 5 bass flutes and 2 contrabass flutes.  The whole group was fourty-one flutists.  What an amazing sound.  I can't believe their spring concert fell right in the middle of our vacation and only 1/2 hour from where we're staying.

Anyway, off to another week of being lazy.
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Yes, I'm still working on answering all of yesterday's meme requests, but I had to share this!

There's an exchange going on on a flute choir list I belong to where a woman is looking for recommendations.  On this one email, an original piece of music I wrote got the most amazing, well thought out analysis and recommendation that just made my day.

The email )
The piece in question has a rather interesting back story, which can be found here (http://home.earthlink.net/~rgpierce/china.html).  It always amazes me that people like this one, but it's the coolest feeling in the world when they do.

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