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What a busy weekend.  I went into it with a 'to do' list of about a dozen items.  I managed to get exactly... ummmm, half of one of them done. The problem is that while I had my own 'to do' list, I neglected to account for the lengthy 'honey do' list, which as all good husbands know takes priority over any silly list of things they want to get done.  ;-)

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On the bright side, we did manage to sleep in both days so I won't be starting off the week totally exhausted.  Happy Monday everyone!  :-)
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One week from now and 7V will be all over.  It's been a heck of a ride and a lot of it has been fun, but I'll be glad when it's over.

This weekend saw more time spent on the house renovation project, though most of it (for me anyway) was on restoring order and cleaning in areas that were already done.  Man, the dust from drywalling gets into everything.  What a pain in the butt.

Amidst trying to get that done I just had to finish 7V update work if I was going to meet the schedule.  I managed to pull that off by staying up late Saturday night.

Sunday we had a wedding for someone at Monique's work and then flute choir rehearsal last night with half a football game sandwiched in between there which I half watched while I finished the half-assed job of a Madrigal PEL I ended up submitting.  I didn't even reread it before submitting it.  Sorry Madrigal staff.

So tired.  I wish Marlin had Columbus Day off too. 
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Ok, I'm adding in cuts because this ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated.

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And finally, to all my friends who are Packer fans, congratulations on your team's fine victory last night in the Super Bowl.

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Monique and I both took Friday off to go to NH.  My Aunt Margaret, my mother's oldest remaining sister, was given a week to a week and a half to live, kind of suddenly.  She asked that all of the family on my mother's side be asked to see her before she died. 

In addition, my father-in-law, also in NH, was diagnosed with lung cancer on Wednesday.  Let's just say that there was much emotional not-so-goodness going on on both Monique's side and mine, so we spent the whole weekend up there with family members, splitting our time up to give as much emotional support as possible.

By the time we got up there, my aunt had already slipped to the point that she was never conscious again.  While we did get to see her alive, we did not get to speak to her.  I wish we had left one day earlier.  Oh well.

Monique's dad was in moderately good spirits all things considered.  We spent all day Saturday playing cards with my in-laws.  I'm glad we went.  He goes in for more testing this week to find out what stage the cancer is at.  Cross your fingers, send prayers and well wishes.  He's one of the best people on the planet and he deserves all the best.

My dad was in a pretty bad way today.  I couldn't even rouse him.  They checked his oxygen and other things.  He apparently just had a really rough night and was too tired to wake up.  Randy and I are talking about ways to improve his quality of life at this point because it doesn't look like his quantity of life is going to get any better, regardless of what is done now.

We rushed back to CT because I had a flute choir rehearsal tonight.  We had another new member tonight.  She's a good, middle of the road player.  It was a decent rehearsal.

Sadly, the Patriots lost to the Jets today.  :-(
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Still no PELs, sorry Silway.  As promised, I told Monique I needed an evening of down time last night.  She said, "That sounds good.  Let's go out to dinner and then go to bed and cuddle over the last two episodes of Battlestar Galactica".  The two BSGs were awaiting us on TiVo.  So somewhat sadly, no downtime for writing PELs last night.  I will try again tonight.

My brother, the biggest ever Patriots fan, would be so proud.  I now own my very first piece of autographed Patriots memorabilia.  Two days ago I went into the office of the Director of Sales with an issue.  He complained that I never come in unless I have a problem or want something from him.  So yesterday, I grabbed my cup of coffee (mmmmm, coffee)... *takes a sip of today's cup*.. where was I?  Oh yeah, I grabbed my coffee and went to visit with Dale (aforementioned director). 

As we were talking, I noticed he had a Patriots football helmet on top of the shelf in his office.  This shocked me because Dale is from Ohio and *NOT* a Patriots fan.  I asked him about it.  It turns out that he and Frank (our President and mutual boss) had gone to an Easter Seals charity auction and Dale always likes to buy something at things like this.  It was autographed by Wes Welker.  Dale gave me the helmet, which now sits on my desk at work, proudly displaying my Patriot-ism.
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Damn, this got a lot longer than I originally thought, so I'll put it behind cuts.

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