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Monique and I have decided that we need to do something together that is *NOT* work, something that gets us out and socializing.  Two weeks ago, I went to this group of adult board gamers and had such a good time I went back last night.  Monique was unable to join me the first time, but she came last night too and also had a good time.

The group meets up in a store whose owner is one of the two group organizers.  There's typically 10 - 15 people playing either massive group games or 2 -3 smaller group games.

The tend to play things that aren't mainstream.  You won't catch them playing Monopoly, but half the fun of it is learning new games and they really are a friendly group of people.

So far, I've learned 
-Slide 5, I came in 4th out of 8, 
-Ticket to Ride (awesome game, in which I coincidentally kicked butt),  
-Tsuro (I was one of the 4 tied for 1st),  
-Catch Phrase (I was on the winning team, but Monique and I had the unfair advantage of our 26 year marriage hive mind), 
-Black Vienna (no winners) and 
-Werewolf (I was torn apart by werewolves both times, but at least the other vilagers never lynched me).  ;-)

It's been a lot of fun and I hope this stays a part of our social lives for a while.  It's a great way to unwind and destress after a long day. 

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