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Monique and I went up to Mansfield MA Friday night so we could attend the NERO 25th anniversary party. While it didn't do much for the much needed productivity of a long weekend, it was a nice change of pace.

NERO reunion )

Defy Gravity or Popular? )

BBQ in brief )

All the Halloween costumes )

So, fun weekend if not terribly productive again and now off to another (blessedly short) work week. Happy Monday everyone (even if it is Tuesday)!
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Just catching up since I haven't done so in a couple of weeks.
Long details behind cut )

Well, that's about it for now.  For all you long time LJers who've fallen off the bandwagon and many of you therefore off my radar, if you're still reading, feel free to post something and let me know you're still alive.


Oct. 31st, 2012 02:44 pm
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I couldn't let Halloween go without doing *something*, so I decided to decorate my office and the entryway into it.  In the area outside my office I set up a cemetary and then turned my office into the sanctum of a demon, which I played.  Here are some pictures with descriptions.

Pictures and descriptions behind cut because I care about my friends )
It wasn't bad for a quick throw together.
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What a busy weekend.  I went into it with a 'to do' list of about a dozen items.  I managed to get exactly... ummmm, half of one of them done. The problem is that while I had my own 'to do' list, I neglected to account for the lengthy 'honey do' list, which as all good husbands know takes priority over any silly list of things they want to get done.  ;-)

Weekend details behind cut )
On the bright side, we did manage to sleep in both days so I won't be starting off the week totally exhausted.  Happy Monday everyone!  :-)
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You've all been very patient, a whole week and no update on last Friday's haunted house.  I was hoping to have a video of it, but as things worked out, almost all the video footage was no good.  :-(   So what I have for you is a slideshow and a detailed explanation of how things went. 

The haunted house last week in my department was a smashing success.  I was skeptical that we could outdo the previous year, but we totally blew it away.  The reviews were unanimously outstanding.   We had guests who were blown away. We even scared the skeptics who claim they can't be scared. People are still talking about it this week and I suspect will do so for a long time to come.

Haunted house details )

The only problem I have now is how to outdo it again next year, but there are already plans in the works.  No, really.

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I last left off on Friday, the day before Halloween.  The thing I didn't mention about the whole haunted house that's relevant here is that there were 11 hours of setup for it across two nights last week.  We were there until 2:00 in the morning the night before setting up our haunted house and I was back to work at 7:00 in the morning, with a (45 minute) commute each way.  If you do the math, it means I was drop dead tired Friday night and opted not to drive to NH on only 2 hours of sleep.

So why was I going to NH? 

Halloween at Randy's, because you can never have enough Halloween )

But that's not really why I came to NH.  I'm on vacation this week. 

Vacation, oh boy! Restful, relaxing, recharging vacation. (Boring details under cut) )
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I had posted about my haunted house Friday, but several people have reported that they can't see it, so I'm reposting it.

Haunted House
Details behind the cut... Enter if you dare )
This definitely made up for my lack of Halloween spirit last year. :-)

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