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Reported for jury duty yesterday and very fortunately did not get picked.  There were 90 jurors and I was randomly assigned 83.  They only got to number 66 before they had enough people for a jury so I'm off the hook.

Darned good thing too because the trial started today and was scheduled to run for two weeks.  Sounded interesting
(http://www.justice.gov/dea/pubs/states/newsrel/2009/boston063009.html), kidnapping, theft, murder, drug trafficking, but I really couldn't afford to be out for two weeks right now so I would have ended up having to work nights and weekends while doing this.

I've been through the local court process several times, including sitting on two juries, once as an alternate and once all the way to deliberation and verdict, but this was my first time seeing the federal process.  It's different.  I'll just leave it at that.

I may have to go back in August, but there are no trials planned at this point for August, so with a little luck I'm done for at least two years.
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The defense rested today, so they let us out early.  The prosecution is going to bring in two rebuttal witnesses tomorrow.  She says they'll be quick, but she can't vouch for the defense.  He's not quick about anything, at least not so far.

If our luck holds out, they'll get through closing arguments tomorrow (I'm not holding my breath) and start deliberations Wednesday.  With even a little more luck, we'll reach a quick decision and finish on Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.

Wish me luck on that.


Mar. 19th, 2008 07:11 pm
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 The defense called their last witness today and there's still a week and a half to go.  The assistant to the judge told us this morning that we were on track, maybe a tiny bit ahead of schedule.  We got out 15 minutes early today, so I'm thinking we're no longer ahead of schedule.  Does this mean another week and a half of listening to defense witnesses?  There were five charges and I've only heard one of them addressed thus far.  Does this mean we essentially have 4 more charges to try individually?  Anyone know for sure?
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Today started the trial I can't talk about yet because it will go on for another two weeks and I swore an oath not to.  I fully believe it will last two weeks at this rate anyway.  Damned defense attorney has to hear every answer at least three times.  We only made it through 2 1/2 witnesses today out of a list of about 25.  *sigh* 

And there's this one gal on the jury that is as opinionated and firm in her convictions as I am.  God forbid we don't agree at the end.  It will be painful at best.  We've already agreed not to hate each other (too badly) if that happens.

So I'm sitting here at work at 9:00 at night, just finishing up some catch up stuff.  I can't afford not to come in and get stuff done after the trial.  Then I can take the 50 minute commute back home and do it all over again tomorrow.  And post move crap is happening here at work that I really need to be here to nip in the bud.  On the bright side, my team is pretty fantastic and handling the day-to-day stuff pretty well.

Not my most coherent post ever, but under the circumstances...
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Just finished the move.  My company closed down Thursday and we finished everything today.  Thursday wasn't too bad.  We only worked until about 5:30 because we didn't have all the computer equipment transferred yet.  Friday, we worked until about 9:00.  Yesterday, I worked until about 10:00.  Today, we finished around 7:30.  Boy, were those long days with the pressure of getting everything done so the company would be up and running by tomorrow morning.  I am completely fried.

I called in on the juror line to find out about the case.  We're on, so I have to report for jury duty tomorrow morning for a trial scheduled to run through April 1.  I'll do that all day and then go to work for a few hours.  I just can't afford to fall behind now.

Kill me now

Mar. 3rd, 2008 04:45 pm
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I spent 7 hours in the Bridgeport Superior Court building today.  That's right, jury duty.  There were 25 of us pulled for a pool from which to select 6 people.  They already had 2 people picked before we even started.  I have no idea how that works.  So they stick the lot of us in a room and call us in one at a time for both sides to question us individually.  Wouldn't you know I'm 4th from the end and these interrogations feel like they're taking hours.  Due to the very sensitive nature of this criminal case, they must have had a Hell time getting enough people to say they could judge it fairly.  They still needed two alternates after I was selected and there were only 3 people left behind me.

Now I'm on this case that's scheduled to run over two weeks and you know when it starts, the day after the weekend that my company is moving that I expect to be 4 days from Hell for me.

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