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This weekend was a really good time and a wonderful way to start a vacation.  That's right, as of Friday night I'm on vacation for two weeks!  Yay!

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Wonderful weekend.  I enjoyed it so much.  Today I head off to FL for (almost) two weeks of resting and recharging in warm, sunny FL and I get to see Monique again after her being gone for a week.  Yay!
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Not much time, so for now, just a short overview of the NERO weekend.

Friday night I got to the site in a pretty foul mood and was not feeling up to playing at all, so I went to bed before game even started.  I figured I'd start Saturday off well rested in a better frame of mind. 

This strategy worked pretty well and Saturday morning I went out in a recurring NPC role to push along the plot a little.  Of course that all meant that I didn't get into game as Kumir until Saturday around noontime and therefore I wasn't really invested in any of the plots.  I did participate in the puzzle/riddle portion of the tourney with my team and we took the colors presentation.  The highlight of the weekend (for me) was the slaver plot in which one of Kumir's sons was introduced.  He was played by [livejournal.com profile] agraitear.  I can't imagine anyone playing the part better.  This turned a kind of "eh" event into a really good event.

Dinner after was a lot of fun.  I always enjoy post event time with people.  I wish I could do it more often.

On a really positive ending note, I got home to Monique's news that she met with a dietician this weekend for a couple of hours and she will be starting a new diet as soon as the food comes in (in the next couple of days).  This is the same plan agraiter used on which he lost and has kept off a lot of weight.  I have high hopes for this and I'm really ecstatic that she finally took action.  Yay!
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So much for breaking the bad habit of postponing posting. 

Last weekend and the Seekers )
Work update )

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Amusing ending so that I can start and end on a high note )

In the performance world, they say that if you start a program and end a program really well, it doesn't matter how bad everything in between is, so hopefully you enjoyed this presentation.  :-)
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... that some people aren't aware that I will probably stop playing NERO during the two - three year period that I'll be staffing 7 Virtues.  Oh yeah, in case you didn't know it, I'll be staffing 7 Virtues.

My time with Monique is precious and far more rare than I'd like.  As such, adding a third LARP without dropping one of the other two is a bad thing.  Much as I love Kumir (my absolute favorite character ever), I love the game of Madrigal far more than NERO and my team at Madrigal is the most awesome, tremendous, stupendous group of people ever.  Therefore, for at least the run of 7V, I'm going to give up NERO.

Now, that being said, when I first mentioned to Monique that I was going to staff 7V and give up NERO to make time for it, her first response was, "Will the 7 Virtues events be on the same weekends as the NERO events?".  This may seem like a silly question, considering that neither game has a 2010 schedule, but the interesting thing is that it implies that she might be open to letting me play 7V in addition to NERO and Madrigal.  I am not going to push for this.  As I said, my time with her is precious, moreso than NERO as a third game and I don't want to cause either of us strife by pushing for something like that.  If it happens that I can play a couple times a year, great.  If not, oh well.

Finally, I've been asking myself how it is that some people who have grown close to me in the past year to a year and a half didn't know about something like this and it occurred to me that I have been mentally prepping for this for over two years, since Melissa first asked me to do it.  I knew then what it would mean and I accepted it.  I guess that I just never stopped to think about it as news to people who came into my circle of friends after that time frame.  So to those of you in that situation (i.e. silway), my deepest apologies for the backward way you may have found out.
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Well, sort of.  I knew the last time many of you saw me I was undead.  ;-)

The last week and a half have been... interesting; as in, "May you live in interesting times".  The last week of work prepping for vacation was really rough.  I just didn't have the time or stamina for an LJ post.  I was constantly going trying to get everything done at work I needed to before leaving.  I failed.  I'm sure the ramifications of that will come back to haunt me when I get back, but right now, frankly, I just don't care.

While doing the long hours at work, I was also trying to get stuff done at home to prep for vacation and for NERO.  Let's visit NERO first.  NERO notes )

The escapades of the memorial service... )

How I spent the first 2 1/2 days of my first real vacation in 14 months )
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I just checked the hourly weather forecast for the next 18 hours.  We are supposed to have ligtning storms starting around 7 pm tomorrow night at the Madrigal site.  This means 4 damage by lightning instead of the usual 2 damage by lightning.  It's a stormdancer's dream.  Unfortunately, I have to leave game at 5:00.  On the bright side, I will not be wet like everyone else.  I am uncertain whether I should be happy or sad.
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I'm finished packing.  Everything is checked on the check list.  The van is packed.  Floon is high.

Oh yeah, gotta put out enough food and water for the cat.  Almost forget. 

See y'all at the site.
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I've been thinking about NERO quite a bit this weekend.  I am quite psyched by the plot brainstorming I did Friday night.  I'm thinking I may just NPC the whole upcoming June event because of the number of PC / NPC switches I'd have to do.  Beside that, it's going to probably be hot and not being in a fur suit all weekend would be good and allow me to help move along one of the two plots I'm NPCing for.

Beside that, I've been really annoyed by National's decision to pull National plot from Ravenholt for the whole year.  I've had friends who have had amazing interaction with it this past weekend in Volta.  I want to protest and not give my money to National for the duration, but I also don't want to hurt NERO MA.  I'm thinking I can do both things by NPCing NERO MA for the rest of the year.  It still helps NERO MA by giving them another NPC for the rest of the year which will improve the game for the players and I give no money to the retardedness that is NERO National.

I'm not convinced I want to do this yet, but I'm leaning strongly in this direction.  Thoughts?
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I had an really good, solid, fun NERO event this weekend.  I will go into details later as time permits.  Did it help with my feelings of apathy that I've been having for NERO lately?  Too soon to tell.  I need to digest it, absorb it, assimilate it.  This needs to happen when I'm not tired from a LARP weekend and facing a crapload of work issues.

All I can say is that I have never been part of a grand, epic, gypsy adventure (that I have to memorialize in song when it finishes) in which ogres were defeated by gypsy hooch.  It was marvelous.


Apr. 17th, 2009 12:33 pm
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Q: What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
A: I don't know and I don't care.

Just a little light humor to start the post.  Usually I'm all excited about an upcoming LARP event.  This usually starts a few days in advance of the event and the enthusiasm just builds to the actual event.  This is a a bonus of LARPing for me, added incentive to play as it were, since it makes otherwise icky weeks more tolerable.  This time, it's just not there.  I have to say that I really don't care whehter I go tonight or not.  I will go, but if something came up to stop it, I have to say that it wouldn't break my heart.

I don't know for sure what's causing it.  When I get an email about Madrigal, I light up.  When I get something about NERO, well, not so much.  I'm enjoying the game.  I've certainly had several really entertaining events in a row.  I just don't seem to have much enthusiasm for it outside of that anymore.  I don't know if it's all the negativity about the stupid National removal about Harmonics, a skill set I don't even play with anymore, the removal of National plot from NERO MA, the stuff going on with adjudications or what.  Maybe it's a combination.  It's been building for a while now, so I'm guessing those are just additional factors that are added on to an existing issue.  Maybe I'm just falling away from this particular LARP.  I don't know.  We'll see how this event goes and take it from there.
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My darling brother, because of his lack of sight, can't really scour all the LARP pages and get event dates for planning his next bardic event.  Because I was doing this for him, I decided to post it here in case any of my LARP friends needed help planning the rest of their LARP year.

This is sorted by date. If you want it any other way, let me know.  I put it in a spreadsheet.  If you feel I have unjustly overlooked a game that belongs in this cluster, let me know the dates and I'll add it.  These are all based on the games' web sites as of today.  Endgame is based on their registration page and not their schedule page, which is 2008 dates.

April 17 - 19     Ravenholt
April 24 - 26     Aralis, Kaurath and Pirates
May 1 - 3         Endgame and Volta
May 8 - 10        Isles and Madrigal
May 15 - 17       Aralis and Valiant
May 22 - 25       Kaurath
May 29 - 31       Endgame
June 5 - 7        Pirates
June 12 - 14      Ravenholt and Valiant
June 19 - 21      Isles
August 28 - 30    Endgame
September 11 - 13 Ravenholt, Pirates and Valiant
September 18 - 20 Isles and Volta
September 25 - 27 Kaurath
September to be determined    Aralis
October 2 - 4     Endgame
October 9 – 11    Madrigal and Valiant
October 16 - 18   Ravenholt
October 23 - 25   Isles, Kaurath and Pirates
October to be determined      Aralis
November 13 - 15 Madrigal
December 4 - 6    Volta

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