May. 11th, 2015 01:30 pm
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Madrigal happened this weekend and in spite of all the things going on to make me consider skipping it (see previous post) it was

incredibly awesome for me and I'm so happy I went.

All the Madrigal stuff behind the cut )

I am so looking forward to the next event and barring one thing, I'm pretty certain I want to come back for the third arc as Zephy (assuming he lives through the second arc).

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Wow!  This was the best Madrigal weekend I've had in a long time.  The NPCs, all the NPCs and there were a lot of them.  My fellow PCs were so much fun to interact with.  Thank you all for putting up with the unusual wierdness that was Zephyr this weekend, well, weirder than usual.

In no particular order of stuff:
Stuff that happened behind cut )

Sparkly clean Zephyr who rarely even gets an inflict, never mind carry it over the end of the event, left the event with not one, but two inflicts. This is a huge milestone. I'm making progress in my LARPing. :-p

Finally I will leave you with the first riddle that came into my head for the riddle competition with SoulDrinker. I didn't use it because she would have killed me on the spot for it, but it was so timely in light of current events that I had to share it. Don't worry if you don't get it if you're not up on Madrigal IG current events.

What's black and white and red (read) all over? (Go on, admit it. You're conditioned to go with the classic answer of a newspaper.) The correct answer is...

Answer... )

I can't wait for the next event. Happy Monday all!
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Zephyr and I had an awesome vacation away from Shadowfane!

I got to flex my RP muscle in a different direction with an NPC shift as Abhorrent-tainted Joval.  I don't think anyone out there doesn't know that about Joval, so I can share that much, even if I shouldn't talk about the specifics of the encounter (much as I'm bursting with glee to do so).  However, if one of the PCs had had the power to kill by gaze I think he'd have committed regicide.  That alone was totally worth the price of admission and not PCing at all Friday night.  :-)

As is typical of most revels I didn't get invested in the political plots and almost none of the plots and regular venues I'm personally pursuing were there because of the IG location.  This was just fine with me.  I got to spend a lot of time making music and just talking to people.  It was kind of like the early good old days for Zephyr before every event turned into constantly being pulled in multiple directions all the time.  I actually had time for exchanging information, talking philosophy, catching up with other characters' lives and being the social creature that makes Zephyr what he really is.

There were the prerequisite field fights that invariably happen in front of Roskin Hall.  Those became logistical challenges due to the mud.  Many fine spell packets were only thrown once because there was no way I'd throw them at my worst enemy after they came to their places in the mud and water.  There was actually one fight that packets were in such shortage that I'd wait until my targets were standing in snow or on ice to throw at them so I could recover and reuse the packets.  I felt really, really bad when an NPC was charging at me and the only thing I had to save my ass was a slam by wind because he was charging at me across nothing but mud.  Either he was going down or I was and that really wasn't a contest.  Like I said, I felt bad for losing that packet to the mud... oh, and for the poor NPC.  ;-)

I went on one mod, if only because someone asked me specifically to go.  I didn't actually feel the need to get up and volunteer for mods.  I was quite content with low fight weekend.

The gathering of the monarchs was entertaining on many fronts and the troubadours got to perform.  A huge RP encounter ending in song.  How much better does it get?  :-)

NPC of the event for me was definitely Griff.  I had quality time with him in multiple roles.  His Rhomurgian scholar was absolutely adorable in his demeanor.  i hope we get to see him some more now that I can keep my promise to get a certain organization off his back.  The cross world virtual dinner with Jade Moth was nothing shy of fantastic; a great way to further a plot line in a low key way with minimal physical effort.

Halia and Terra's song was so amusing.  I'm glad they let me participate in some small fashion.  The look on Grum's face was priceless.  :-)  In fact, I would say that the time with Halia, Terra and Aralyn was probably the PC highlights of my event.  I love my fellow PCs.

That's the quick highlights.  Happy Monday all.  Have a great week.
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I went into the weekend with relatively low floon.  I was tired and still not feeling great.  I actually contemplated not going.  I even asked one of the plot members I speak to fairly often if she'd be upset with me if I opted to skip it, thinking she'd say something like, "You should stay home and take care of yourself first", but no, she basically said, "Yes, I would be upset, suck it up".  Ok, she didn't say it quite like that, but that was the gist of it.

I am so glad I went.  The weekend was just so filled with awesome.  There were some moments of cold and wet.  I skipped most of those and slept through them and only did the ones in the cold and wet that either called to me specifically or that interested me enough to go.

Details behind the cut )
Thank goodness this was the quick version.   Sorry about that.  I let my enthusiasm run away with me.  As it is I'm leaving out so many highlights.
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What a strange event.  I guess some of it had to do with being tired going in and it being a really low energy event.  I actually napped three times over the course of the event. 

Details behind cut )

That's just the short list.  I've got to get to work, but I wanted to put those thoughts down while they were fresh in my mind.  Good work PC, NPCs and staff alike

Happy Monday everyone!

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Fun and much lower key event for me than normal, by choice.  I puposefully took a step back away from things a lot.  This gave me RP time with both my fellow PCs and some of the NPCs that I normally would have missed out on.

Performing with Tashka in front of much of the town was both scary and fantastic. 

The bummer of my weekend was breaking my flute through a really freak accident.  I'm not looking forward to finding out the price tag for fixing it, if it even can be fixed.

I think the mod the Eurvein did to gain their elemental transforms was highlight of my weekend.  I had such a blast on that one.

I would say that Zephyr's event could be summed up by the song, "Both Sides Now"

Lyrics )

Hiighlights later.
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I wrote this 7 part piece of music for piccolos, flutes, alto flute and bass flute for a Madrigal plot.  For some strange reason I never thought it would have to be actually performed and thought perhaps I could just use this with my flute choir.  Cue my panic when I realized it did need to be performed.  I have no flute choir at Madrigal.

I managed to scrape together two recorder players and 4 flute players to join me.  I rewrote parts to accomodate the new instrumentation.  Some of these people had never really played their instruments before and some not in many years.  Some had never played in any kind of ensemble, a totally different challenge.  Then there were dropouts and I panicked to find substitutions and more rewriting and part shuffling.  Then there were failed rehearsal attempts.  I was somewhat despairing before this event.

My group of musicians were nothing short of awesome.  They worked like slaves on their parts.  They  were everything I could have dreamed of and the performance was fantastic and the piece sounded amazing.

So my most heartfelt thanks to George, Nicole, JJ, Amanda, Lisa and Erin (both of them, the clarinetist and the dancer).  You are all incredible and I owe you big time for bringing my creation to such a beautiful life.
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I had a most awesome event.  There was the usual smattering of fun mods and field fights, but I actually had an encounter where I felt real fear to the point I was shaking after and some outstanding roleplay evoking high emotions.

Though I'll try for chronological order, no guarantees:

Details behind cut to spare friends' pages )

Geez, I'm the better part of a way to an actual PEL here.  Sorry about that.  I got caught up.
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I hurt in so many places that I'm sure it must have been a great event.  In fact, having never hurt this much coming from a LARP event it had better have been the best event ever.  ;-)

So for the moment, a few bullets so I don't totally forget it later when I go to write my PEL.
Friday night - Game on
Sunday afteroon - Game over

Ok, so far so good and about where my brain is at.  There must have been other things in the middle there.

-Getting rid of slavers who were going to attack Grumstar - must remember to get back to Klee to find out what was in the letter
-Ritual to empower Jack's weapon of Naveril
-Cleansing Malediction from the trees at Deepsong's request - Teaming up with Klee, discussing how hard it is to root Zephyr, "Zephyr is one of the most rootless people in Shadowfane"  ;-)
-Inquisition's insane asylum
-Other world Grum's Company
-Time vampires
-Explaining to Brook what happened to Tandra - father/daughter bonding time
-Trial of Winnifred
-Chats with Valeska and Inquisitor Lirannon about... a disturbing personal matter of faith
-A romp through gloaming for Azerhauden's piece of a Falling Star (as in "Night of the...")
-Trip through the gate with Nur and Jade Moth
-Ancient Enemy of the East
-Thank you note from someone who's learned from me  :-)  (I wish I'd had just a little free time to write a couple of these myself)
-Stuff that came through the gate to get "The Prince"
-Morning chats over coffee with all the other early morning risers
-Snow weasels!  :-)

Thank goodness I bought an additional Void before this event.  I'd have been so screwed.otherwise.

Additional 'highlights':
-Falling on my face after tripping on a step up in the dark on my way to sing at Death's Gate.  Thanks to Steve and Tim for being there for me.  It's good to have EMTs and medics on site who are competent.
-Falling over backward tripping over another player the next day and twisting an already strained knee in the process.  Ow!  Ow!  Ow!
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So, lest anyone think that I had a lousy weekend just because I posted the bad stuff about the car, let me assure you that I had a fantastic weekend because there was Madrigal.  I could have gone and done nothing but roleplay and had a great time.  I was just happy to be able to go. 

Bullet list behind cut )

It's a start.  I'm sure I missed things.


May. 16th, 2011 10:38 am
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Weekend of physical hell.  So many fights.  So much time spent in uncomfortable battle caster pose.  Stayed up until after 4:00 both mornings and still got up close to normal hours.  I suspect my body will be extracting a price for this fantastic event for at least a couple of days.

For the sake of jotting down notes, as I remember things I did, I'm making a quick list that I'll keep adding to.  The order has absolutely nothing to do with reality because damned if I can remember at this point.

List of things that happened with minor commentaries )

This is a work in progress.  If you know there were other things that I haven't isted, feel free to comment with something like, "Hey Rick!  What about this world shattering thing you didn't mention?"   It probably shattered my world and my mind with it.
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So yeah, as it turns out, there *was* a Madrigal event this weekend.  I'm still trying to stuff my brain back into my head because so much of it just fried, melted, oozed out or explolded.  It was an awesome event, at least for me and tonight I hope to start a mad letter writing campaign as Zephyr.  So much to do, so little time.

There was awesome time spent with PC and NPC characters in side discussions that were so meaningful and many that were just plain fun.  There were huge accomplishments, some interesting failures and some mind-bending discoveries.  "She's *who*?  She's doing *what*?  She's been using me all these years?  She must die... dead,.. dead... dead!"

Anyway, I'll do a more detailed write-up later, but I wanted to post a huge thank you to all my fellow players and to the amazing staff of Madrigal for a fantastic event. 
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I'm clearly going to be doing this whole update thing in pieces, so I'll start with the short timeline version, maybe include some highlights.

Friday )Saturday )What Naveril Means )

OK, I lied, I did the whole darned thing. I had a fantastic event and can’t wait for November.

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One of the highlights of the Father's Day weekend event, Zephyr found out he's a father.  The whole scene was incredibly dramatic.  For those of you who may have witnessed it and been taken aback by the beginning, rest assured that I have known the NPC for about 20 years and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

And once my adrenaline wore off and my heart returned to a normal pace and my thinking got back to a semblance of order and my palms stopped sweating, it occured to me that the brother of Zephyr's lover was played by the actual brother of the lovely Beth who plays her.  The irony of this was not lost on me (eventually).  Well played.

The weekend as a whole consisted mostly of catching up with people that Zephyr hasn't seen in 7 months.  I think just about every conversation was interrupted at least once by someone saying, "Zephyr, when you finish here, can I speak to you?".  There were some cool plot things, but honestly, for me it was an extremely satisfying session of mostly roleplay with fellow PCs.

And I got to play at not one, but two parties.  Yay!  Though admittedly I would have loved to play more than one piece at the second, but it was a special dance.  :-)

Just to put it into perspective, going into the last battle of the weekend, I had more stats than I came in with and I'm perfectly happy about this.  Though I have to say, with the heat and humidity, I'm glad I didn't do more battling.  As it was, I had to quit the field for quite a while during the Sunday battle because if I hadn't I would have collapsed.

And then, to cap off a lovely weekend, I came into work for a data conversion project with 3 of my team and we stayed until almost 11:30.  Ugh.  Oh well, can't have everything.  I mean, where would you put it all?  ;-)
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I went out to dinner with [ profile] sans_peur  last night and we stayed at the restaurant talking for several hours.  It was a really lovely evening.  I truly enjoy just talking with her and we don't do it often enough.

I must have been completely wiped out though because I slept in until 8:45 this morning.  It was nice and all, but I had a really full schedule today.  I needed to run a bunch of errands, including making the bank and post office before they close (long story behing needing to be at the bank). 

The whole bank thing though did mean a bunch of financial work today.  Because I'm transitioning from one bank to another I'm juggling the transition of several automatic withdrawl and the timing has been "interesting", especially since the new bank sent my access information to the wrong address.  So I'm having to work really hard to make sure that there's enough money in each of the old and new accounts on any given day until the transition is complete.  Then I'm blowing off those assholes at Bank of America.  Oops, sorry, my bitterness showed there for a second.

Some of the things that automatically draw do so from the debit card number and not the bank account info.  This is problematic because the card was mailed.  They'll send me a new one but I won't have it for a week.  What a pain in the neck.  I've wasted my whole afternoon on this and I'm going to have to monitor my old and new account every day for a few days to make sure I haven't screwed up and unbalanced the amount of money one needs over the other.

On top of that, my head has been really fuzzy today.  I hope I'm not coming down with something.  I needed to get away from that stuff for a few minutes and thus the update.

I really wanted to work on 7V stuff today.  This is totally blowing my schedule.  On the bright side, it means I made the right choice in skipping Madrigal this weekend.  I'd have been a ball of stress.


Nov. 29th, 2009 02:59 pm
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Monique and I are working on our 2010 planning. This caused me to look at the Madrigal dates a little more closely. For the spring season they fall on Valentines Day weekend, Mothers Day weekend and Fathers Day weekend. I *might* be able to work a deal on Fathers Day weekend for a half weekend, but the other two are right out of there. *sigh*

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