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Just catching up since I haven't done so in a couple of weeks.
Long details behind cut )

Well, that's about it for now.  For all you long time LJers who've fallen off the bandwagon and many of you therefore off my radar, if you're still reading, feel free to post something and let me know you're still alive.
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We finished a big conversion project at work yesterday, one that's been in the works for a year and a half.  We were dreading that we'd have mission critical failure and have to do fast and furious rewrites and then have to spend the weekend working.  Fortunately, it went pretty well, probably the smoothest transition I've ever seen, with only minor data issues.  We spent most of the day yesterday reviewing data with users and openend it up at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon.  So... win!  Barring any unforseen disaster with system or data today, there will be no weekend work.
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I haven't gone to work on a weekend in probably about a year now.  I had begun to forget how much I hate it.

However, being down by a person in tech support for two weeks now and being hit with the typical month end flood of work, worse by it being the biggest month in years and not being able to delegate some of the work I normally do (see aforementioned tech support shortage) and having a weird annual update not work right and chew through hours of my time yesterday, oh and I'm leaving Friday for a two week vacation, well, I just had to get in here today and try to play catch up.  And you know what, seven hours of catch up was just not enough.

Just a few more days and this will be the first vacation in years that I will *NOT* be doing work while I'm on vacation.

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Tell your qualified friends about:


Full-time Collections and Accounts Receivable Coordinator


Wallingford based publishing firm is seeking a bright & energetic person with strong organizational and analytical skills to support the Collections and Account Receivable Department.  Duties involve:  analyze aging spreadsheets; collect past due & short paid invoices through direct customer contact; follow-up on prior collection activity; secure payments by requesting a check or purchase order; credit card transactions; corresponding with sales field regarding delinquent accounts and enter notes into JDE system.  On the Accounts receivable side you will be tasked with applying cash and credit card receipts.


Applicant must be a multi-tasking, self-motivated individual.  Excellent computer skills (Windows XP environment) a must with solid experience in Word and Excel. Knowledge of JDEdwards Enterprise One experience a plus.  Minimum 3 years related experience.  Salary dependant on experience.  Email cover letter and resume to Paul Bernick, pbernick@themarlincompany.com


We are an equal opportunity employer.


Hours 8:30 – 5:00

Monday through Friday


I'm still waiting on the job description for the tech support position I mentioned last week.  It is apparently still not fully defined.  If you're interested in getting a jump on it and just want to get your cover letter and resume in, send it to dminelli@themarlincompany.com.  I promise I'll post it when I hear more about it.

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I have a three person tech support team, just enough to squeak by with everyone working about 10 hours a week overtime.   One of my guys is out on the second week of his two week vacation.  Another one just called in sick this morning.  I have one guy doing the work of four today.  I was already doing some of their duties to give them the time to devote to phone issues.  Today is going to suck in a major way.
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Memorial Day weekend - Very nice.  Monique and I mostly just stayed at home and didn't do much.  Slept in all 3 days.  She worked on work stuff a fair amount of the weekend, but she really likes her work and weekends is where she tends to do the, "Wouldn't it be cool if I had time to play around with <x>" type stuff instead of focusing completely on the daily needs.  I spent the time working primarily on 7V stuff, but that's ok as I enjoy that.

Monday we met [livejournal.com profile] gianajho  and [livejournal.com profile] klee39  for lunch at the Olive Garden in Mancheter CT and talked for a couple of hours.  That was absolutely delightful.  I wish I could meet with friends like that more often.  Gianajho showed me the book she's working on for me.  It was wonderful and I can't wait to see the finished book. 

The week at work has been both too short and too long.  I am overwhelmed by the amount I have to do and thus the reason my updating has been sparse.

I saw my Rolfer again yesterday for the first time in a couple of months.  I sadly missed my session with her last month.  She has been doing far more for my ankle problem than any of the "real" doctors.  Of course to get squeezed in I had to miss one of my weekly meetings here at work.  I was absolutely heart broken over that (*right*).  I have to move to better orthotics.  If that still doesn't help (in addition to the exercises she's given me) then I'll probably have to move to a pediatrist and maybe custom shoes.

We're going up to NH for the weekend to visit parents, walk with the brother for NHAB and go to his bardic and oh shit, I just realized I forgot my flute.  Darn it.  Oh well, I'll just have to sing or something instead.

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Vacation was wonderful but way too short (what a surprise, huh?).  I could have used two more weeks just to prepare for the 7V event.  Oh well, Monique worked short weeks while down there (only 50 hours or so), but that still left me plenty of time to do fun stuff like write plot, scour character histories (players beware), write songs (for the game) and do cool logistical work. 

Monique and I spent most of the week together, at least in the same room and I wasn't at work, so I was very happy.  Just getting all that 7V stuff done removed loads and loads of stress, so I'm feeling much better for the vacation.

First day back was rough.  I met with all 6 of my guys, one-on-one to catch up on things going on.  That chewed through a fair chunk of my day.  The rest was spent reading emails and dodging problems that need to wait until tomorrow so I could get to the important stuff.  Gotta love job security.  I've only been back one day and already I think that light at the end of the tunnel is the flames of Hell flickering across the tunnel walls.
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Things down here have been not what I expected exactly.  Bob (my father-in-law) is in the hospital.  He is constantly wearing an oxygen mask (a BiPAP) so that he can continue to breathe as his lungs are not capable of giving him enough oxygen on their own.  His spirits are pretty darned good for someone who knows he's looking at dying within a few days.

He doesn't *look* like he's on death's door.  He actually looks pretty good.  Yesterday he kept trying to take the mask off while I was with him and I told him I couldn't let him do that or Dot (his wife) would kill *me* and he said that at least he wouldn't die alone (with a smile on his face).  Gee, thanks Dad!  ;-)

He's truly accepting of the whole thing and it makes it very surreal.  It just doesn't seem like it is what it is.  On the bright side, it means that our final memories of him will be good ones.

On the work front, we've had about 10% of our customers down since Monday and we've been struggling with that in conjunction with my network engineer who has been in NV all week trying to handle this remotely, our service provider, myself from down here in FL with limited access and Verisign because it appears our SSL certificate *MIGHT* be the problem.  It's been a nightmare on top of the personal stuff.  The last thing we want to do is give free service to 10% of our customers, so we've frantic.  It looks like the things we did last night finally have things working, though none of us have any idea why.  If the fix solved the problem, then 100% of our customers should have been down for the last four days.  I guess for the moment I shouldn't question it and just count my blessing.
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Last night we discovered that a temp in our HR department had been spending a great deal of time on unsafe web sites over the course of her work day.  In less than two weeks, she's managed to trash her PC with some pretty nasty viruses.  Our systems warned us about their presence after the work day was over yesterday.  We took the PC out last night and have determined that we're going to just wipe it.

However, she is without a PC today.  Her immediate supervisor is out and it has caused quite a commotion that is going to get this temp terminated, oops, I think that's her going out the door now.  I know she was wrong to do the things she's done on our time with our resources.  Still, I have directly caused the termination of a person who was probably counting on this income. 

I know, it's her fault, not mine.  It doesn't change the fact that I feel rotten about it. 


*sigh*  The VP of finance just came to me to tell me that the deed is done and that the poor girl was in tears and claiming she only went web browsing on approved break times.  Of course, the entries we were able to recover on this poor PC indicate site access times that range throughout the day across a week and a half, but still, she was crying.  I feel worse.  :-(
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So much for breaking the bad habit of postponing posting. 

Last weekend and the Seekers )
Work update )

Patriots game )
Health stuff... not mine... you probably won't care )

Car maintenance woes )
Amusing ending so that I can start and end on a high note )

In the performance world, they say that if you start a program and end a program really well, it doesn't matter how bad everything in between is, so hopefully you enjoyed this presentation.  :-)

One word

Jul. 31st, 2009 10:58 am
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I have but one word to describe my morning (EDIT: my whole f***ing day)... WTF?  Ok, technically that's an acronym, not a word, and if you explode it out, it's three words, but still.   Aaaaaaargh!  Everything that can go wrong is picking today to do it and in horrible, awful ways that are making my head explode.   Breathe Rick, breathe.  Drop your shoulders.  Relax.

Edit:  And thanks for many kind words and thoughts from everybody.  You guys are awesome.
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...putting off updates for a week at a time.  It leads to long posts.  However, I will attempt to be brief, no promises. 

Babysitting Elijah )

Flute stuff )

Madrigal Troubadours )
Picnic with family )

Harry Potter )

Work stuff )

Nick )

One Man Star Wars Trilogy )

More flute stuff )

Guess what I desperately need to get to today?  That's right, 7V stuff.  So on that cheery note, I will leave you and go catch up on all those emails I didn't get to over the past three nights.

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Theatre thoughts )


ERP and (not) vacation )


JoAnn's and the Dollar Tree (sounds like a fairy tale) )

So now I'm working on catching up on a whole bunch of stuff.  Maybe I'll actually get some of it done.

One last thought.  Thank God the weather wasn't like this last weekend.  I think I'd die running around in the sun in a black, furry dog suit this weekend.

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sans_peur and I were here at work until midnight last night.  I can hear you all shouting, "Aha!  I knew you couldn't stick to your resolve to go back to normal hours."  Before you do that, you need to understand this is a necessary step.  We're doing a full blown test conversion to compare a frozen month end old system against the new system.  If we don't do this over the weekend, the company is essentially down for two days during the week.  So for a few days only, I'm doing what it takes to get it done.

I will be returning to normal (for me) hours again as soon as it's done, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

The bright side is that  the company paid to put us up in a hotel that's normally two minutes from here, so we didn't have our usual commutes home and back.  Good thing, because it took me twice as long as usual to get here from the hotel because of the weather.  I'd hate to think that if I'd been home I'd have had to shovel first and then fight a two hour commute.

If you have the option of staying home, do it.  It's nasty out there.  If you're reading this from sunny CA, TX or FL, find another reason to stay home.   ;-)
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Still no PELs, sorry Silway.  As promised, I told Monique I needed an evening of down time last night.  She said, "That sounds good.  Let's go out to dinner and then go to bed and cuddle over the last two episodes of Battlestar Galactica".  The two BSGs were awaiting us on TiVo.  So somewhat sadly, no downtime for writing PELs last night.  I will try again tonight.

My brother, the biggest ever Patriots fan, would be so proud.  I now own my very first piece of autographed Patriots memorabilia.  Two days ago I went into the office of the Director of Sales with an issue.  He complained that I never come in unless I have a problem or want something from him.  So yesterday, I grabbed my cup of coffee (mmmmm, coffee)... *takes a sip of today's cup*.. where was I?  Oh yeah, I grabbed my coffee and went to visit with Dale (aforementioned director). 

As we were talking, I noticed he had a Patriots football helmet on top of the shelf in his office.  This shocked me because Dale is from Ohio and *NOT* a Patriots fan.  I asked him about it.  It turns out that he and Frank (our President and mutual boss) had gone to an Easter Seals charity auction and Dale always likes to buy something at things like this.  It was autographed by Wes Welker.  Dale gave me the helmet, which now sits on my desk at work, proudly displaying my Patriot-ism.
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Today will be a new test for me.  I have resolved not to do these ridiculous hours trying to pull off two 40 hour a week jobs at one time.  My boss agrees with me and I'm feeling really good about saying 'no'.  We'll see if I can hold on to that.  Anyone wanting to send along thoughts of strength and resolve, feel free.  I can use all I can get.  "NO" is not a word I use easily and I'll need to make sure the project manager gets it from day one.

Valentines Day was awesome.  Monique found tickets to go see Barry Manilow.  Oh, stop making faces.  My generation loved him and Monique and I fell in love to his music.  Anyway, he was playing on Long Island Saturday night.  We went down Saturday afternoon and had a very relaxing day together.

The show itself was amazing.  Even at sixty-something years old, Barry still has a solid, strong voice.  He's not the dynamo he was twenty years ago, but he still has a great stage presence. 

I went and worked on the database for Monique yesterday.  I should have finished it, but she decided that she wanted a feature that we had originally written out of phase one.  So I came very close.  If I can just stick to my resolve at work today I can get home in a timely enough fashion to finish it off after dinner but before Heroes.  It would be so nice to be done.

I looked at the schedule for flute choir this season.  We have four performances, two of them without firm dates yet.  I have *NO* Sundays free for rehearsals at all in April.  The group as a whole doesn't have a lot of flexibility for date/times for jobs.  It's going to be tricky. 

The schedule as a whole will be messy with the whole work project timeline falling into uncertainty.  Should make for some interesting stress working in the LARP weekends, vacation weeks, potential weekend data conversion, etc.  I live by a fixed calendar and I just don't have a good one for the next 4 months.  I hate that.

Madrigal - T minus 4 days 16 hours (or so) and counting!  :-)
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These days it seems like I have about 7 hours a day of ERP and about 7 hours a day of IT management.  For those of you who see everything in life as a math problem, that comes out to about 14 hours a day.  I don't have 14 hours a day, except some days I just have to.  Yesterday was one of those days.

This ERP project keeps the implementation team in the confiscated training room almost full time.  It makes it easier to work as a cohesive team if we're in the same place.  It also makes it easier to pass colds around, but that's another story.  Anyway, about a week ago, a piece of work came through that needed to be put on hold pending a follow up document.  I have not been in my office since that happened.  The document came through and was put in my office.  Yesterday afternoon I got the rush reminder, which meant getting it done before leaving last night.  About 10:15 I figure I had an hour or so to go on it and gave up.

Monique is so awesome.  She came up last night and took a hotel room at the hotel that's three minutes from where I work.  So when I left here last night, my 50 minute commute was only 3 minutes, as was my commute in this morning.  So back to this project in the hopes of getting it done before most people get in.
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I've been pushing really hard for a couple of weeks at work.  The earliest I've gotten out of work has been 6:30.  That means my short days have been 11 1/2 hours, though in all fairness I did get out of work Friday at 5:30 to beat Monique home.  I wanted to make sure I had time to finish cleaning the house before she got back from her two week business trip.  There's actually no end in sight for that particular nonsense.  I expect it to go on until about July at this point.

However, I put in about 16 hours this weekend on the database project and reached a fairly comfortable point on that.  I think another weekend or two and I'll be able to mostly wash my hands of that project.  So I might actually get my weekends back.

I've been really busy and thus haven't had a chance to keep up with LJ and so missed [livejournal.com profile] klee39  's birthday.  Belated happy birthday my friend!  I hope it got better than it started.
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I'll bet you're getting tired of reading about this stupid ERP project.  I assure you, I'm far more sick of it than you are.  We were here until 10:00 last night.  We finally managed to kick off the lengthy process we hoped to have kicked off before leaving the night before.  The corollary to Murphy's Law, "There's always one more bug", is absolutely true.  Thank goodness for [livejournal.com profile] sans_peur .  She's been a Godsend through all this and I couldn't have done it without her.

However, I had to drive home afterwards because I hadn't packed for the weekend and I'm leaving right from work today to go down to sunny (but no less frigid) VA for some relaxation and comaraderie and then a day with my wonderful wife who I haven't seen in almost a week.  So good riddance to another week of ERP woe.
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...because that's the story of my life lately.  What else am I going to write about?

sans_peur and I worked on data conversion until 12:45 this morning,   At that point, we needed some serious brain power for analyzing a problem and I just didn't have it any more, so I made an executive decision (being an executive and all) and called it a night, even if technically it was now a morning.

I am so tired this morning.  I woke up at a little after 5:00 and looked at the clock and my brain said, "OK, time to get going."  My body replied, "OK" and then I woke up about 15 minutes later and my brain said, "Cute.  This time we need to get up" and my body said, "OK".  I woke up about 15 minutes after that, looked at the clock and the brain said, "I really mean it this time.  Get up." and my body said, "OK".  This fun and unproductive routine went on until about 7:15 at which point my brain wore down my body's resolve.

So back to the fun and excitement of data conversion on far too little sleep.  Thank goodness for coffee.

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