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No going home for Monique today.  First they took her down to get a PICC line inserted to give her whatever nasty drugs she'd need to take home to treat the MRSA staph infection she has.  Her surgeon came in and said she didn't have a MRSA infection so she wouldn't need the PICC line.  She went back to her room.  Her infectious disease doctor came in and told her she *does* have MRSA and *will* need the PICC line, so they rescheduled her to go down and get it.  Her surgeon wanted to see her again before letting her go home.

Bottom line, between the doctors' disagreement and all the delays, Monique gets to stay in the luxurious St. Vincent's Bed and Breakfast, uh, Hospital, waited on hand and foot for another night.  *sigh*
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So here we are, still in the hospital in NYC.  Monique is doing pretty well physically, sleeping a lot as her body is recovering.  Unfortunately, this recovery should be happening in the comfort of home.  The hospital however will not release her until they know that she will receive the care she needs every three days.  She is going to be on a wound vac machine, a necessity as she has this gaping wound the size of a grapefruit in her abdomen.  With her history of infections, the doctors rightly don't want to close her up.  So for the next 8 weeks or so she'll need a visiting nurse every 3 days.

Due to an insurance snafu, she somehow used up her annual allotment of this service earlier this year while she was doing no such thing.  The insurance company was ticking it down while it wasn't being used.  The fact that it's their fault does not resolve it any quicker.  Monique has finally started calling in favors from people in very high up places and things are starting to happen.  With any luck we'll take her home today.  In the meantime, we sit here and wait. 

I wish laptops on your lap in a hospital room were more condusive to getting work done.
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Well, that was exciting and I'm certainly glad i went along.  Yesterday I took Monique to NYC to see a surgeon to potentially handle her surgery.    The trip itself was the biggest problem.  Let's just say that timing in many aspects almost made us miss the appointment and in fact we were late.  There were a few close meltdown points in there, but I got her through them.

The surgeon himself was very good.  I liked him a great deal.  He was very understanding and stated things pretty plainly.  He didn't try to blow her off.  He didn't try to oversell himself.  He laid out all the options and non-options.  He looked at everything Monique brought and discussed it all in detail.  He took time to view the 3 CT scans from the past year and a half.

The bottom line is that he is going to assemble a team of the right surgeons to review and work on the case together, since he disagrees with the current theory of what the problem is, and there will be more tests (and therefore likely visits to NYC) before a course of action is taken.

All in all, it was a positive trip.  Thank you to everyone for your well wishes.
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Last night right before dinner Monique was complaining of abdominal pain. Monique is one of those people who handles pain extremely well, so when she complains I give it a lot of credence. She checked her abdomen, which has undergone 10 surgeries in the last 15 years, and there was an area that looked really bad, swollen, red and hot. We looked at that and decided with the way it felt and the outstanding warnings of her condition that we should get her to the ER, so we did.

The nurse took one look at it (it looked a lot worse) and immediately called a doctor over. They poked and prodded and took all the readings and took fluid samples and then did a CT scan. When all is said and done, they *believe* it's *just* a skin infection and prescribed 10 days of antibiotics and a follow up with her PCP.

We got out of there at 12:30 this morning. Thank goodness it was nothing worse. That was quite the scare.

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