Jul. 19th, 2008 01:05 pm
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When we went into NY City last weekend, we decided to stay over an additional night and catch a second show.  We decided not to be picky and see whatever we could get for discounted tickets.  If you are on a budget, aren't picky and don't mind waiting in line, this is the way to go: .  This place has tickets mostly at 50% off and no handling fee.  Of course, they also only take cash or traveler's check.  You have to get there early.  I was in line about 12:30 and got my tickets at 3:00 for an 8:00 show.  They don't have tickets for the shows that are still selling out regularly and you can only get the tickets for the very next show time, no advance tickets.

So for instance, I couldn't get tickets to Wicked or The Little Mermaid, but tickets were available for Avenue Q (a must see BTW), Mary Poppins, Phantom, Hairspray, Spamalot, Mamma Mia! and Rent (just to name a few).  We decided to go see Spamalot in spite of my reservations about whether Monique would like it.  She hates Monty Python, not at all into that weird British humor.  She has not been able to force herself to sit through The Holy Grail or Life of Brian.

This show absolutely made the trip completely worthwhile.  I can't recommend it enough (after Wicked).  :-)
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I know, I know.  Some of you are anxiously awaiting reviews of The Little Mermaid and Spamalot from my anniversary trip Thursday through Saturday.  And some of you are probably wondering why I haven't responded to many LJ posts lately.  Sorry.  Work is just that bad that I haven't had time.  Details will come later.  I promise.

(cue up the music)
I am not dead yet; I can dance and I can sing.
I am not dead yet; I can do the Highland Fling.
I am not dead yet; no need to go to bed.
No need to call the doctor 'cuz I'm not yet dead.

He is not yet dead; that's what the geaser said.
He is not yet dead; that man is off his head.
He is not yet dead.  Put him back in bed.
Keep him off the cart because he's not yet dead


Apr. 11th, 2008 01:12 pm
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 I picked up Monique at the airport yesterday afternoon and we went out to dinner and then we went to see Camelot at the Schuber Theatre in New Haven CT.

I hadn't seen the show on stage in about 20 years, since I played in the pit orchestra for it.  They've given the show a pretty large face lift.  A couple of the songs were completely cut and several of them had been reworked.  The one that really struck me was "The Lusty Month of May".  It was a lot more primal in its presentation.  They added percussion to it and the dancing was a lot more, shall we say provocative, to go with it.  Several of the songs had second iterations cut out, which was fine with me.  It cost nothing and cut down the time of the show.  Overall, the changes were quite good.

Arthur was played by Lou Diamond Phillips.  He was excellent for the role.  He had all the energy and emotional push for the part.  He's not a professional singer, but his singing overall was quite good and his acting more than made up for any of the places where he lacked the singing power.

Rachel de Benedet was Guinevere.  She has an amazing vocal range.  Even when she sang quietly, it projected beatifully.  And what a voice.  I could listen to her sing a lot.

Matt Bogart as Lancelot was wonderful (once he remembered his French accent partway through the first scene).  ;-)  The power and passion in "If Ever I Would Leave You" was the most moving part of the show.

The costumes were outstanding.  When I play Joval again, I want the costume Arthur wore for the knighting ceremony.  Everything was so elaborate.  I absolutely loved the costumes.  The sets were minimal compared to the costumes.  They weren't bad, but the wow factor wasn't there.

The orchestra was fabulous and the conductor did one of the most amazing jobs I've ever seen.  From our seats in the box, I was easily able to see what he was doing.  There were a few times when I was just astounded how naturally he followed the singers.  There was so much ebb and flow on the tempos that I though sure he'd lose them on occasion and it just stayed together seamlessly.

This show gets a high recommendation and if it tours near you, it's well worth the admission.

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