Sep. 27th, 2008 03:06 pm
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As many long time readers of my LJ know, I post my PELs.  This started last year as an experiment that has worked out quite well and led to some most interesting feedback and discussions.  I've added a lot of people to my friends list since the last time.  I just put up my last NERO PEL today (when I should have been working on a database) and hopefully will get last weekend's Madrigal PEL up tomorrow.  Let me know if you're not currently  on the list and are interested.
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...but I thought I'd share the major highlight that ran the entire course of my  Madrigal weekend, from Friday night through Sunday morning, brought to you by the evil genius team of Tim Barry, Bob Hess, Beth Fallon and JJ McGill.  I have shared most of these pieces with many players IG, so if you're afraid of meta-gaming any of this knowledge, you may assume I talked to you about it IG. 

While the timeline of reporting may seem a bit strange, the chronology is important, so if it seems I'm jumping around, there's a reason.

create_universe, there's a lot of romantic crap here.  You might want to skip it.  ;-) 

This one little plotline just made my whole weekend.  The fact that four evil geniuses worked so hard to make my weekend just floors me.  I'm told they had a very specific timeline of what had to go out when to get maximum emotional impact.  They succeeded well.  I can't wait to see where this goes.

This obviously will get huge accolades in my PEL, which is still forthcoming.  Sorry all, I haven't had time to write it yet.

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