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That's my awesome, spectacular, fantastic, inspiring brother in the news on WBZ TV.  Check out the video on the right too.


Every time I see him do these kinds of things it just makes me so proud.
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I'm back to talking about my brother Randy who's spending the week on a warm-up hike up in the White Mountains of NH.  He's with a bunch of people hiking up to 14 mountains, no mean feat for a blind guy.   Lots of credit to both him and to Quinn, his hard working guide dog.

But the really cool part of this is that we can see how they're progressing.  It's an ongoing GPS tracking of their progress and you can check it out here.  The different views are really interesting.


As an aside, thank you to all who donated in response to my post from this weekend for the NH Association for the Blind walk-a-thon coming up in June.
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Hi all

Most of you know my brother Randy.  He's attempting to become a Teva Life Agent. This is position which comes with an award of $10,000 for a one year Adventure Project.

His Teva Life Agent Adventure Project is to climb Mt. Washington... Oh yeah - did I mention he is completely blind?

Climbing Mt. Washington will be part of a much larger project to climb all 48 of New Hampshire's 4000' mountains to be completed by the year 2020.

In any case - what I am hoping to encourage you all to do is to go to this link and leave a positive comment on his video and to encourage Teva to choose him.

If you have connections who you think might be willing to leave a positive comment I would really appreciate any sharing of this event that you are inclined to send.

So if you have 5 minutes, click here, watch the video and leave a comment.  Thanks.


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...putting off updates for a week at a time.  It leads to long posts.  However, I will attempt to be brief, no promises. 

Babysitting Elijah )

Flute stuff )

Madrigal Troubadours )
Picnic with family )

Harry Potter )

Work stuff )

Nick )

One Man Star Wars Trilogy )

More flute stuff )

Guess what I desperately need to get to today?  That's right, 7V stuff.  So on that cheery note, I will leave you and go catch up on all those emails I didn't get to over the past three nights.

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Wow!  I want to thank everyone who read yesterday's post about the NHAB and generously donated.  How do I know you did this?  Because this morning I had the following email from my brother that sounds like it should be shared here:

Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 5:36 AM
To: Rick Pierce
Subject: In Stunned Appreciation...

Thank you so much for the LJ plug.  I could not believe the swift response.  Many people began giving online immediately after your post and we shot past my original earnings goal which I'd set at $540 and are poised to pass my second goal set at $1254 when the first goal was crushed beneath the philanthropic generosity of many friends some shared and some just known to you..at this point.  They are a testament to you on both accounts.. 
As such I wanted a quick moment to thank you personally for your donation and for the time in a busy schedule as well as the willingness to make an LJ plug of this style.  The results are significant and I very much appreciate your actions.  There are many accomplishments and other things in this world for which I have  pride and hopefully those are temperred appropriately to never become arrogance.  I do not however need to mitigate one of my greatest prides - the quality friend and person I have in you my Brother.
Thank you as well to the many folks who are upon this LJ and have been so kind.  There are many people who are going to benefit from the services your efforts enable.  If there's ever anything I may do to help I hope you'll allow me that opportunity.  If you do not have my direct contact then Rick can provide it for you. I wish LJ replies were a trifle easier with Screen readers so I could post this directly but hopefully my Brother will do such even though he'll potentially balk at the praise I very deservedly included. 
Be Well!
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