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Monique and I went up to Mansfield MA Friday night so we could attend the NERO 25th anniversary party. While it didn't do much for the much needed productivity of a long weekend, it was a nice change of pace.

NERO reunion )

Defy Gravity or Popular? )

BBQ in brief )

All the Halloween costumes )

So, fun weekend if not terribly productive again and now off to another (blessedly short) work week. Happy Monday everyone (even if it is Tuesday)!
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Nutshell version, awesome weekend but utterly exhausting.

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So for all of you who have Columbus Day off, boy, do I envy you.  I would have loved nothing more than to sleep in today, maybe even until 7:00 or 8:00.  Sooooo tired.  Oh well, Mirror, Mirror is coming up this weekend.  Maybe I'll catch up on my sleep then.
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I have to admit that putting Sasha down on Friday afternoon put a damper on my entire weekend.  Even when I was playing the Headmaster, I burst out in tears a couple of times.  Good thing I have understanding friends.

Jyn came up Friday night and did a stay over with her kitty on her way up to MA.  She's just a wonderful person to talk to and we stayed up until 1:00 (after promising Monique I'd be in bed by midnight) talking about a great many different things.  The fascinating part was how much of it was LARP related but not war storying, but so much deeper things like the psychology behind some of the things that happen at LARPs and how we react to them.  It was a great night to have a friend keeping my mind off other things.

7:00 Saturday morning came a lot earlier than I would have liked but Monique and I had to get moving for me to go to our weekly weigh-in with her and get her back home on time for me to leave on time to meet people for lunch before the 7V one day.  I gained two tenths of a pound this week.  :-(  Oh well, you can't keep losing forever I guess.  I'll make up for it next weekend.

I picked up Jack/Richard Horton on the way and we got to the DQ at exactly the arranged meeting time.  Company was fantastic.  Lunch was good.  Again, having friends around was an extremely good thing.

So, 7V, yeah, first thing I see on my way to park the car is this adorable, grey, tiger tabby cat in the driveway that looked so much like Sasha that I lost it... again.  *sigh*  This is a recurring theme through the day because this awesome, loving kitty was around throughout the event all day.  One of my friends even picked her up during the event IG right in front of me.  There were people wondering why the Headmaster was crying.  People in the know did some quiet explaining.to those not in the know.  To those who felt guilty, don't.  I'd rather have seen that sweet little kitty get some lovin' than not just because of me.

On the other hand, the majority of the day was a great deal of fun.  The RP was fabulous, I didn't die of heat as I feared and I got to spend some time with PCs that I rarely ever did during the campaign (Gavin, Idriante (perhaps some of the best RP of the day), Alera and Calita).  Dream interpretation and Vortican mentality were two topics that were just a blast to talk about.  Compassion Ball hit me with some drastic news at the most inopportune time and looked so miserable doing it.  Kate was pretty cool too; all but pushed me out of my chair to go up and give a testimonial on Prof Caelia's behalf.  Best awkward RP ever with another NPC... and sadly, no PCs around to witness it, though I'm sure they will get the fallout from that at further epilogue events (yeah, there will be at least one more).  So, good time all around and much needed.  Getting home at 1:00 in the morning, not quite so needed, but worth it.

Sunday was a day of unpacking the car, laundry, balancing the bank accounts, budget and bill paying, cleaning up the LARP room and then basically being a sloth in front of the TV, mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.
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Monique and I did our weekly weigh-in on Saturday morning at the weight loss center.  I lost 2.6 pounds this week for a total of 13.6 pounds in 7 weeks.  At this rate I'll be at goal in just a couple more months.  Yay!

I got the laundry all sorted, washed, dried, folded and put away, did a couple minor chores, tested several recipe apps to meet Monique's request for one, found a pretty good one and set it up for her, completed Kumir's rebuild on the Mirror, Mirror database, did a condensed cheat sheet and even packed for next weekend with about half the stuff in the car already.  Woo-hoo!  Not that I'm excited about next weekend or anything.  :-)
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We were supposed to be going up to NH this coming weekend for tax-free shopping / Easter / Bardic / Haunted House kick-off meeeting / Haunted House site hunting, but due to changes in plans went up this past weekeend instead.  Chris and Elijah came with us and we met up with both Monique's mom and my family for an early Easter.  We also took the opportunity with Randy and Tracy to talk about various haunted house issues.  Only 220 days to go; the clock is ticking.

Haunted House stuff behind the cut )

On an unrelated topic, freeing up next weekend from the NH trip means that we're free to make a trip down to VA next weekend.  Since I have Friday off (there's a reason it's called GOOD Friday) we're going to head to VA Thursday night after work and we'll be down there for a couple of days to spend Easter weekend with Monique's family.


Feb. 11th, 2013 11:02 am
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I've been sick since Tuesday night and while it's changed shape, it's carried on right through today. Today I'm down to a persistent hacking cough, though I think I brought up my first pieces of lung today, so I have high hopes that's the beginning of the end.

Chris and I spent many hours this weekend shovelling. He's been sick as well so we go out in short shifts to shovel and then come in and collapse weakly for a while before trying again. We finally got one car out of the snow yesterday and with the plow were able actually get it out to the street so I could go pick up Monique at the airport, though she did have to sit there and wait a few hours.

Sadly between sickness and snow I missed the 7V wrap party. :-(

Today we have to try and dig out the other car and clear the front walk to the house before this crap freezes. Should be fun... not.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who responded to Friday's post about the haunted house. We're still a long way from the numbers needed to say it will work, so please check it out and if you feel you can help in any capacity let us know. Randy did a far more eloquent post on his 2020 Vision Quest blog at http://2020visionquest.org/Blog/. He even included pictures of past events.
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What a busy weekend.  I went into it with a 'to do' list of about a dozen items.  I managed to get exactly... ummmm, half of one of them done. The problem is that while I had my own 'to do' list, I neglected to account for the lengthy 'honey do' list, which as all good husbands know takes priority over any silly list of things they want to get done.  ;-)

Weekend details behind cut )
On the bright side, we did manage to sleep in both days so I won't be starting off the week totally exhausted.  Happy Monday everyone!  :-)
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One week from now and 7V will be all over.  It's been a heck of a ride and a lot of it has been fun, but I'll be glad when it's over.

This weekend saw more time spent on the house renovation project, though most of it (for me anyway) was on restoring order and cleaning in areas that were already done.  Man, the dust from drywalling gets into everything.  What a pain in the butt.

Amidst trying to get that done I just had to finish 7V update work if I was going to meet the schedule.  I managed to pull that off by staying up late Saturday night.

Sunday we had a wedding for someone at Monique's work and then flute choir rehearsal last night with half a football game sandwiched in between there which I half watched while I finished the half-assed job of a Madrigal PEL I ended up submitting.  I didn't even reread it before submitting it.  Sorry Madrigal staff.

So tired.  I wish Marlin had Columbus Day off too. 
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Monique and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last Tuesday.  Weeknights during stressful work weeks make for a terrible anniversary celebration, but we made it up this weekend.

Friday night we drove up to a luxury bed and breakfast in Colebrook, CT.  It was absolutely marvelous (other than the old fashioned claw tub in the bathroom).  The grounds were beautiful.  The hosts were gracious.  The grounds were an arborist's dream with trees from all over the world.  The food was a bit uppity for my tastes, but most people would have loved it. 

One of the highlights for the weekend happened as we pulled in Friday.  Just as we were about to turn from the road into the driveway, Monique points up the road and says, "Is that a big dog?".  There is this black bear, about 100 yards away, walking down the road towards us.  It wasn't a cub, but neither was it a full grown adult.  Monique says "I want to get out of the car and take a picture".  I was a little shocked that Monique was being that brave.   And of course, that's the time that her cell phone refuses to go into the camera app.  *sigh*  I managed to get my phone out and get one shot as it was on the edge of my viewing range, so we don't have a great shot of it.

Saturday, we had a one-hour in-room couples' massage that was to die for.  In the downtime before that, Monique and I sat on the couch in the main entry of the B&B and just played several games and talked.

Saturday night we drove up to Pittsfield MA to see the closing night performance of 'Fiddler on the Roof' at the Barrington Stage Company.  Wow!  The quality of this show rivaled most I've seen on Broadway, with the possible exception of the set, which, while effective, was sparse.  However, the acting, singing, choreography, music, costumes, everything else was just top notch.  There was this violinist, the Fiddler on the Roof, who kept weaving in and out through the various scenes while playing the entire violin score from memory.  This guy was the real deal and the way he was playing while moving around was just astounding to me.  I was in total awe of the whole performance.

We came home today and just crashed in front of the TV for a few episodesof JAG.  All in all, a very awesome, much needed weekend of rest and relaxation.
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Monique had been down in Frederick, MD all week last week, so rather than drive down, I took a train and she met me in Baltimore.  From there we went down to the Fairfax, VA area to spend the weekend with family.

Train is a pretty cool way to travel.  I like it.  Roomy seats.  Refreshment car.  On-board internet.  I was able to catch up on all the PEL reading from 7V (what peopel had turned in to that point anyway) and I even got a lot of my own PEL written, which I still turned in incomplete, but I'll add to it  :-(

We stayed one night with each of Monique's two sisters.  We did manage to sneak in a hastily planned last minute lunch with Kiera and Steve and a game of Ticket to Ride at their place.  I wish we could have done more and spent time with more people, but this was very much snuck into the middle of a busy family schedule.  The rest of the weekend was spent mostly talking.

We picked up Elijah in DE last night on our way home.  He'll be staying with us for a week.  This of course put us a fair amount out of our way and we didn't get home until far too late last night.

So, back to work.  Short week.  Monique and I are taking Friday off to go to St. Louis for the annual Halloween convention.  Good times and something to look forward to all week.  :-)
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Monique and I went out to MI this past weekend to visit with Nick and his family.  It was the first time I'd seen Johnny, the newest grandson and he's already about 6 months old.  I took Friday off so we could fly out early and enjoy a whole weekend with them. 

The only real plans for the weekend were to visit the zoo in Lansing.  The weather had other ideas and we spent the bulk of the weekend in their apartment just talking and watching Jason play video games.  A couple of times I joined in.  I won at golf and bowling and didn't lose at anything, so I'm feeling pretty good about this, considering how rarely I touch video games.  :-)

The only other thing we did was play Life, the Pirates of the Caribbean version.  We were home by noon time on Monday, so we had some time to get things done when we got home, which essentially means haunted house work at this point.  And that's about it.
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Monique went to Foxwoods with her mom and three sisters for the whole weekend, so I had pretty much the whole thing to myself.  I say pretty much because they didn't leave until Saturday morning but they left early.

All the good stuff hidden behind a cut for my friends' pages )
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7 Virtues details under cut ).

Happy Monday everyone.  Have a delightful week.
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Weekend was mostly good. 
-Slept in (for me) both mornings. 
-I got a lot of work done that needed doing.
-I lost four hours searching for something I thought I'd lost; panic ensued, but it did lead to cleaning out and organizing all my LARP stuff. 
-7V stuff shapes up nicely for the next event in... OMG, I'm not even going to think about how little time there is for that. 
-Downloaded a lot of music that Monique wanted to the iPod and then spent hours listening to music of the 70's
-Didn't get the taxes done again.
-Missed out on two things I really wanted to do but couldn't justify the time for with all the things that *need* to be done before I leave for vacation  :-(
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The Eastwyck team players from NERO spent the weekend at my place.  This consisted of silway, thedeviantangel, draco, byron and talon.  There was no IG session, just OOG bonding.  We played games and talked and ate and ate and ate.  We played multiple games of Settlers of Catan and RoboRally, both a lot of fun.  Of course I didn't win a single game all weekend, but it was still fun.

Monique did her usual amazing job of making too much food for everyone.  Let's just say the scale was not my friend this morning.

I miss playing with these fine folk.  I miss playing Kumir.  Sadly, I just can't go play while I'm doing 7V, so it probably won't be until late in 2012 that I play again.

Flute choir rehearsal was awesome.  It was the first time in a very long time that we had that many people all at the same time.  The sound was really good.  It was nice to see that people had kept up with practicing over the break, a break extended by two rehearsals due to winter weather issues.

And then, there were 7V PELs.  We got the vast majority of them in this weekend with a huge number yesterday, last night and the wee hours of this morning.  I was up until after midnight processing and I still have about 20 to go.  Silly 7V players, waiting until the last minute, but the PELs are so wonderful to read.  I love our players.

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