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2014-02-24 09:04 am
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Madrigal revel

Zephyr and I had an awesome vacation away from Shadowfane!

I got to flex my RP muscle in a different direction with an NPC shift as Abhorrent-tainted Joval.  I don't think anyone out there doesn't know that about Joval, so I can share that much, even if I shouldn't talk about the specifics of the encounter (much as I'm bursting with glee to do so).  However, if one of the PCs had had the power to kill by gaze I think he'd have committed regicide.  That alone was totally worth the price of admission and not PCing at all Friday night.  :-)

As is typical of most revels I didn't get invested in the political plots and almost none of the plots and regular venues I'm personally pursuing were there because of the IG location.  This was just fine with me.  I got to spend a lot of time making music and just talking to people.  It was kind of like the early good old days for Zephyr before every event turned into constantly being pulled in multiple directions all the time.  I actually had time for exchanging information, talking philosophy, catching up with other characters' lives and being the social creature that makes Zephyr what he really is.

There were the prerequisite field fights that invariably happen in front of Roskin Hall.  Those became logistical challenges due to the mud.  Many fine spell packets were only thrown once because there was no way I'd throw them at my worst enemy after they came to their places in the mud and water.  There was actually one fight that packets were in such shortage that I'd wait until my targets were standing in snow or on ice to throw at them so I could recover and reuse the packets.  I felt really, really bad when an NPC was charging at me and the only thing I had to save my ass was a slam by wind because he was charging at me across nothing but mud.  Either he was going down or I was and that really wasn't a contest.  Like I said, I felt bad for losing that packet to the mud... oh, and for the poor NPC.  ;-)

I went on one mod, if only because someone asked me specifically to go.  I didn't actually feel the need to get up and volunteer for mods.  I was quite content with low fight weekend.

The gathering of the monarchs was entertaining on many fronts and the troubadours got to perform.  A huge RP encounter ending in song.  How much better does it get?  :-)

NPC of the event for me was definitely Griff.  I had quality time with him in multiple roles.  His Rhomurgian scholar was absolutely adorable in his demeanor.  i hope we get to see him some more now that I can keep my promise to get a certain organization off his back.  The cross world virtual dinner with Jade Moth was nothing shy of fantastic; a great way to further a plot line in a low key way with minimal physical effort.

Halia and Terra's song was so amusing.  I'm glad they let me participate in some small fashion.  The look on Grum's face was priceless.  :-)  In fact, I would say that the time with Halia, Terra and Aralyn was probably the PC highlights of my event.  I love my fellow PCs.

That's the quick highlights.  Happy Monday all.  Have a great week.