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Melissa's reposted Evil Test
Updated in 2014
Take this Evil Test for any LARP PC in any game. This version is slanted for but not exclusive to Accelerant. Only in game actions count; character histories and offscreen actions don’t. Give yourself one point for every “Yes” answer.

1. Have you ever cut down a PC (on purpose, when neither of you were controlled)?

2. Have you ever killed a PC?

3. Have you ever killed a “goodly” roleplaying NPC?

4. Have you ever been directly responsible for someone’s permanent death?

5. Let someone die when you could have saved them?

6. Withheld healing from someone who was bleeding out or dead solely because you didn’t like them?

7. Have you ever stolen something?

8. Violated a tomb?

9. Embezzled or skimmed team or town treasure?

10. Murdered or assassinated someone? (Regardless of goodliness)

11. Had someone assassinated?

12. Set someone up to be killed? (Without actually giving orders for the deed)

13. Committed treason?

14. Killed or betrayed a close friend or relation?

15. Who didn’t deserve it?

16. Sold out the town?

17. Corrupted someone to evil?

18. Poisoned someone?

19. Owned any illegal items or substances?

20. Taken payment to perform an illegal act?

21. Is your name commonly followed with “The Great Betrayer” in casual reference?

22. Been wanted by authorities for any crime (real or false)?

23. Been convicted and punished for any crime?

24. Have you ever cut down an NPC of a PC race without real justification, just because you thought they seemed suspicious?

25. Have you ever had fangs and/or claws?

26. Drunk blood?

27. Do you have a unique title with a “the” in front of it?

28. Are you related to or friends with any campaign villains?

29. Are you of a traditionally evil race?

30. Has anyone actually ever run in terror from your mere presence?

31. Are you a minion?

32. Do you have minions?

33. Do you have a visible mark of dark or questionable power?

34. When you’re alone in a room with 5 people you don’t know well, is your first thought “I can take them”?

35. Have you ever derailed a plot by unexpectedly siding with the bad guy?

36. Fought against the town in a battle, without being controlled? (And not as part of a game, tournament, or other challenge.)

37. Have you ever worked the room?

38. Spied on a PC conversation without getting caught?

39. When people first meet you, do they say “You’re (your name here)?!”

40. Do traditionally evil beings come to town seeking you for conversations?

41. Have you ever dropped a PC or “friendly” NPC publicly just because they were annoying or offending you?

42. Do you exist only to destroy?

43. Do you have a hit list?

44. Are you on someone’s hit list?

45. Has your name become a verb?

46. Has it ever been illegal for you to enter town?

47. Have you ever been a member of any assassin’s or thieves’ guild?

48. Have you ever turned a blind eye to an evil or illegal act?

49. Have you ever accepted a bribe?

50. Have you ever let someone else take the blame for something you did?

52. Do you have an evil twin?

53. Are you the evil twin?

54. Has any evil NPC group asked you to join them?

55. Have you ever called upon Powers Dark and Foul?

56. Consorted with Minions of Evil?

57. Consorted with major villains?

58. Have you Accepted the Power?

59. Has anyone ever Accepted the Power from you?

60. Have you Ascended?

61. Have you ever transformed into any supernatural creature?

62. Entered into an agreement with a campaign villain?

63. Been a minion of a campaign villain?

64. Owned an artifact of dark power?

65. Served a dark god (or similar power)?

66. Helped perform a dark ritual?

67. Summoned or unleashed a being of evil?

68. Have you ever received an Inflict tag with your name on it? (Or otherwise exclusively for you?)

69. Have you ever been tainted?

70. Infiltrated a group for the express purpose of spying on or betraying them?

71. Done something horrible to someone’s spirit/soul? (Eaten, destroyed, removed and stuck in a bottle, etc)

72. Broken an oath?

73. Actively used someone else’s life force or blood for power?

74. Killed an inherently pure and goodly being?

75. Inflicted someone?

76. Inflicted someone with a unique Inflict card?

77.Consigned someone to eternal torment?

78. Been restored to life (or unlife) by Dark and Terrible powers?

79. Been outlawed from any (non-evil) countries, major cities, or courts?

80. Utterly broken a fellow PC?

81. Seriously betrayed a PC in a way not covered elsewhere on the test?

82. Did you lie on the Evil Test to make yourself seem more goodly?

And for my own reference, my current score on various PCs:
Jericho (long dead but with 16 years of living history): 7
Kumir: 9
Zephyr: 17  (This Inquisition stuff is blowing my score to Hell)

Evil, I am (apparently) doing it wrong.  :-)
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