May. 11th, 2015 01:30 pm
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Madrigal happened this weekend and in spite of all the things going on to make me consider skipping it (see previous post) it was

incredibly awesome for me and I'm so happy I went.

All the Madrigal stuff behind the cut )

I am so looking forward to the next event and barring one thing, I'm pretty certain I want to come back for the third arc as Zephy (assuming he lives through the second arc).

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Today I have a brand new bunch of victims... uh, fellow employees who had no idea what I'm like at Halloween.  I got permission to turn the conference room across from my cube into a mini-haunted house.  It's only one room so I had to scale way back, but since most of the time I spend in there is in meetings, I'm used to it being Hell.  ;-)

None of the videos turned out all that well, so you'll just have to settle for stills.  A few of the low light photos turned out reasonably well and for full affect I've included the lighted versions as well.

It started out outside the conference room with the 7 foot animatronic reaper that was my prize acquisition from the auction a few weeks back and some scene setters and cemetery fence to keep people away from the mirror that was propped up against the window outside the conference room.

First, before pictures so you can see what I had to deal with for space.

Before pictures behind cut )

Outside decoration behind cut )

Best of the pictures with lights off )

And finally with lights on behind this cut )

Various motion and sound activaed animatronics along the way:
- misting, lighted crystal ball
- faceless ghost that grows a face and moans
- bright, moving eye skeleton hovering over (and distracting from) the...
- leaping spider on the floor
- talking Medusa
- talking urn
- mirror with candles and appearing, talking face

There a was also a mirror at the end of the second run that made the room look much bigger.

The responses were quite favorable and I think made the proper impression on my fellow employees at HPO.  :-)

Special thanks to my darling wife for coming down and spending four hours the night before to help me with setup. That's true love. :-)
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Tuesday night around 9:30 I got email notification from Facebook (sans_peur) that there was going to be a huge Halloween store auction in Fitchburg MA on Wednesday (

Details of the day )

What did I get? )

Lot 1 )

Lot 2 )

Lot 3 )

So all in all, I'm extremely happy. I wish I'd had time to spread word of this to a few other people.

Oh, and the good Samaritan freebie:
What being a nice guy gets you... )

And hey, look at that, I made the local newspaper:
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Wow!  This was the best Madrigal weekend I've had in a long time.  The NPCs, all the NPCs and there were a lot of them.  My fellow PCs were so much fun to interact with.  Thank you all for putting up with the unusual wierdness that was Zephyr this weekend, well, weirder than usual.

In no particular order of stuff:
Stuff that happened behind cut )

Sparkly clean Zephyr who rarely even gets an inflict, never mind carry it over the end of the event, left the event with not one, but two inflicts. This is a huge milestone. I'm making progress in my LARPing. :-p

Finally I will leave you with the first riddle that came into my head for the riddle competition with SoulDrinker. I didn't use it because she would have killed me on the spot for it, but it was so timely in light of current events that I had to share it. Don't worry if you don't get it if you're not up on Madrigal IG current events.

What's black and white and red (read) all over? (Go on, admit it. You're conditioned to go with the classic answer of a newspaper.) The correct answer is...

Answer... )

I can't wait for the next event. Happy Monday all!
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Monique and I went up to Mansfield MA Friday night so we could attend the NERO 25th anniversary party. While it didn't do much for the much needed productivity of a long weekend, it was a nice change of pace.

NERO reunion )

Defy Gravity or Popular? )

BBQ in brief )

All the Halloween costumes )

So, fun weekend if not terribly productive again and now off to another (blessedly short) work week. Happy Monday everyone (even if it is Tuesday)!
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NERO OOG Reunion - Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014 (10 am - 11 pm)

Let us know you’re coming!

For financial reasons, we’re moving the gathering to the hotel at which we have a group rate set up. It will now be at the Holiday Inn Mansfield/Foxborough - Hospitality Room, 31 Hampshire Street, Mansfield, MA. You do not have to get a room at the hotel to join us for the day at no charge – but if you’d like a room, our special rate is good if reserved by August 15th.

Holiday Inn Mansfield/Foxborough - Hospitality Room
31 Hampshire Street
Mansfield, MA 02048
Tel: 508-339-2200

If you want to stay overnight, use Group Rate: "NERO" - $138/night ONLY if reserved by Aug 15th

Send photos, trivia, and other materials for a slideshow to
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Some NERO players are getting together for a party in honor of NERO's 25th anniversary.  This is not NERO event, but a party of NERO and ex-NERO players getting together to celebrate the anniversary.  It's in Attleboro MA on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, very close to other parties and BBQs the same weekend in that area.  Monique and I will be going.  I'd love to see others there.

Here's the email that's been sent out with details:

It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since Weekend in the Woods became New England Roleplaying Organization. Tens of thousands of creative minds helped build the world of Tyrra, which continues to grow to this day.
Since NERO began, many other LARPs have sprung from its roots, along with numerous friendships, marriages, and other collaborative endeavors.
On Saturday, August 30th, we're getting together anyone who's interested, who's played NERO -- PAST OR PRESENT -- who'd like to get together with old friends and maybe some old foes, too, just to share remembrances of what the game has given us. We'll be gathering at the Ezekiel Bates Masonic Lodge in Attleboro, MA, which has a fantastic period feel to it, from 10 am - 11 pm. Please help us spread the word via suitable LARP lists and to your friends who've played.
We must commit to the hall by August 15th, so we need to meet our minimum counts by then. Please register via PayPal at:

To cover hall rental and insurance, we need at least 30 attendees at $30/pp. Once you register, I cannot refund your fee, a...

NOTE: This is *not* a NERO International event - it is an out of game reunion/party.
* COST: $30 per person to cover hall rental and insurance
* FOOD: Bring your own, grill in the parking lot, or order takeout from multiple area restaurants
* BYOB: Permitted for responsible 21+
* LODGING FOR OUT-OF-TOWNERS: We are presently gathering quotes for group rates in a local hotel, though Labor Day Weekend is tough - if you'd want a room, please let us know ASAP
* ACTIVITIES: Asking Ford Ivey all the questions you've always wanted to, slideshows (send in your photos!), bring in your favorite mementos (All 25 years of The Raven's Herald in one place...), NERO trivia, gabbing it up, maybe hitting friends with boffers...
Travelers, the event site is close to Boston for museums and the like, and to a few casinos (Twin River in RI, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in CT). Best airports to come into would be Providence, Hartford, or Boston.
Thanks, and I hope we see you at the reunion!
-Rachel Morris (former NERO Mass/Ravenholt owner)

PS - Unless I hear from you at or via your registration, I will not contact you again about this event.

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Mirror, Mirror this past weekend was a great deal of fun in many ways, but had some real downer moments.  It was such high highs and such low lows that I'm really torn on how to rate the event.  I had a lot of fun and I'm trying to stay focused on that so that's what I'll talk about here.

Weekend details behind cut )

All in all, a very fun event with some really good mods, fights, character interactions and character development.
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Details behind cut )

It has been pointed out to me that my description of the weather as wet but not too wet does not take into consideration the fact that I was in bed through the worst of it and so I do not have the proper appreciation of how poor the weather actually was. Sorry about that.
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Monique and I arrived in Kissimmee FL last night around 8:00.  The traffic through the Carolinas was brutal.  It was awesome to sleep in until 6:30 this morning though.
Plans for the next two weeks: Sleep in every morning, enjoy a little sunshine, read a little bit (Nate, your stuff is on my list, honest), play an occasional game, swim some and make a ton of headway on the LARP Portal project.
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I haven't written in a while so I figured I'd update a few things.

Long details behind the cut )

Anyway, on with the work week.  Happy Monday everyone. 
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Melissa's reposted Evil Test
Updated in 2014
Take this Evil Test for any LARP PC in any game. This version is slanted for but not exclusive to Accelerant. Only in game actions count; character histories and offscreen actions don’t. Give yourself one point for every “Yes” answer.

1. Have you ever cut down a PC (on purpose, when neither of you were controlled)?

2. Have you ever killed a PC?

3. Have you ever killed a “goodly” roleplaying NPC?

4. Have you ever been directly responsible for someone’s permanent death?

5. Let someone die when you could have saved them?

6. Withheld healing from someone who was bleeding out or dead solely because you didn’t like them?

7. Have you ever stolen something?

8. Violated a tomb?

9. Embezzled or skimmed team or town treasure?

10. Murdered or assassinated someone? (Regardless of goodliness)

11. Had someone assassinated?

12. Set someone up to be killed? (Without actually giving orders for the deed)

13. Committed treason?

14. Killed or betrayed a close friend or relation?

15. Who didn’t deserve it?

16. Sold out the town?

17. Corrupted someone to evil?

18. Poisoned someone?

19. Owned any illegal items or substances?

20. Taken payment to perform an illegal act?

21. Is your name commonly followed with “The Great Betrayer” in casual reference?

22. Been wanted by authorities for any crime (real or false)?

23. Been convicted and punished for any crime?

24. Have you ever cut down an NPC of a PC race without real justification, just because you thought they seemed suspicious?

25. Have you ever had fangs and/or claws?

26. Drunk blood?

27. Do you have a unique title with a “the” in front of it?

28. Are you related to or friends with any campaign villains?

29. Are you of a traditionally evil race?

30. Has anyone actually ever run in terror from your mere presence?

31. Are you a minion?

32. Do you have minions?

33. Do you have a visible mark of dark or questionable power?

34. When you’re alone in a room with 5 people you don’t know well, is your first thought “I can take them”?

35. Have you ever derailed a plot by unexpectedly siding with the bad guy?

36. Fought against the town in a battle, without being controlled? (And not as part of a game, tournament, or other challenge.)

37. Have you ever worked the room?

38. Spied on a PC conversation without getting caught?

39. When people first meet you, do they say “You’re (your name here)?!”

40. Do traditionally evil beings come to town seeking you for conversations?

41. Have you ever dropped a PC or “friendly” NPC publicly just because they were annoying or offending you?

42. Do you exist only to destroy?

43. Do you have a hit list?

44. Are you on someone’s hit list?

45. Has your name become a verb?

46. Has it ever been illegal for you to enter town?

47. Have you ever been a member of any assassin’s or thieves’ guild?

48. Have you ever turned a blind eye to an evil or illegal act?

49. Have you ever accepted a bribe?

50. Have you ever let someone else take the blame for something you did?

52. Do you have an evil twin?

53. Are you the evil twin?

54. Has any evil NPC group asked you to join them?

55. Have you ever called upon Powers Dark and Foul?

56. Consorted with Minions of Evil?

57. Consorted with major villains?

58. Have you Accepted the Power?

59. Has anyone ever Accepted the Power from you?

60. Have you Ascended?

61. Have you ever transformed into any supernatural creature?

62. Entered into an agreement with a campaign villain?

63. Been a minion of a campaign villain?

64. Owned an artifact of dark power?

65. Served a dark god (or similar power)?

66. Helped perform a dark ritual?

67. Summoned or unleashed a being of evil?

68. Have you ever received an Inflict tag with your name on it? (Or otherwise exclusively for you?)

69. Have you ever been tainted?

70. Infiltrated a group for the express purpose of spying on or betraying them?

71. Done something horrible to someone’s spirit/soul? (Eaten, destroyed, removed and stuck in a bottle, etc)

72. Broken an oath?

73. Actively used someone else’s life force or blood for power?

74. Killed an inherently pure and goodly being?

75. Inflicted someone?

76. Inflicted someone with a unique Inflict card?

77.Consigned someone to eternal torment?

78. Been restored to life (or unlife) by Dark and Terrible powers?

79. Been outlawed from any (non-evil) countries, major cities, or courts?

80. Utterly broken a fellow PC?

81. Seriously betrayed a PC in a way not covered elsewhere on the test?

82. Did you lie on the Evil Test to make yourself seem more goodly?

And for my own reference, my current score on various PCs:
Jericho (long dead but with 16 years of living history): 7
Kumir: 9
Zephyr: 17  (This Inquisition stuff is blowing my score to Hell)

Evil, I am (apparently) doing it wrong.  :-)
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Zephyr and I had an awesome vacation away from Shadowfane!

I got to flex my RP muscle in a different direction with an NPC shift as Abhorrent-tainted Joval.  I don't think anyone out there doesn't know that about Joval, so I can share that much, even if I shouldn't talk about the specifics of the encounter (much as I'm bursting with glee to do so).  However, if one of the PCs had had the power to kill by gaze I think he'd have committed regicide.  That alone was totally worth the price of admission and not PCing at all Friday night.  :-)

As is typical of most revels I didn't get invested in the political plots and almost none of the plots and regular venues I'm personally pursuing were there because of the IG location.  This was just fine with me.  I got to spend a lot of time making music and just talking to people.  It was kind of like the early good old days for Zephyr before every event turned into constantly being pulled in multiple directions all the time.  I actually had time for exchanging information, talking philosophy, catching up with other characters' lives and being the social creature that makes Zephyr what he really is.

There were the prerequisite field fights that invariably happen in front of Roskin Hall.  Those became logistical challenges due to the mud.  Many fine spell packets were only thrown once because there was no way I'd throw them at my worst enemy after they came to their places in the mud and water.  There was actually one fight that packets were in such shortage that I'd wait until my targets were standing in snow or on ice to throw at them so I could recover and reuse the packets.  I felt really, really bad when an NPC was charging at me and the only thing I had to save my ass was a slam by wind because he was charging at me across nothing but mud.  Either he was going down or I was and that really wasn't a contest.  Like I said, I felt bad for losing that packet to the mud... oh, and for the poor NPC.  ;-)

I went on one mod, if only because someone asked me specifically to go.  I didn't actually feel the need to get up and volunteer for mods.  I was quite content with low fight weekend.

The gathering of the monarchs was entertaining on many fronts and the troubadours got to perform.  A huge RP encounter ending in song.  How much better does it get?  :-)

NPC of the event for me was definitely Griff.  I had quality time with him in multiple roles.  His Rhomurgian scholar was absolutely adorable in his demeanor.  i hope we get to see him some more now that I can keep my promise to get a certain organization off his back.  The cross world virtual dinner with Jade Moth was nothing shy of fantastic; a great way to further a plot line in a low key way with minimal physical effort.

Halia and Terra's song was so amusing.  I'm glad they let me participate in some small fashion.  The look on Grum's face was priceless.  :-)  In fact, I would say that the time with Halia, Terra and Aralyn was probably the PC highlights of my event.  I love my fellow PCs.

That's the quick highlights.  Happy Monday all.  Have a great week.
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Seems like I just got off the boat from the cruise in early December and already Christmas with my two boys and their families and then New Year in VA are over.  Where does the time go?

We had my son Nick, his wife Nellie and his two kids over for five days culminating in Christmas morning when they had to leave to go back to MI.  It was probably the best Christmas we've had with them in years.  Randy, Tracy and my mom came down on the Sunday in the middle of that.  Family pictures were taken by a professional photographer, a friend of Chris and Nick.  The initial proofs look awesome and the whole affair was done with minimal drama, which was a nice surprise.

Monique and I shared a couple of nice quiet alone days for the rest of the week and then we headed down to VA to spend 5 days with her family.  Sadly, I knew that my free time was going to be minimal so I didn't let anyone know I was down there.  Much as I hated an opportunity to hang out with my VA friends, I knew it wasn't going to happen so I didn't set up any kind of pressure by letting people know I was down there.  :-(

The time was used up almost entirely with family as expected.  It was low key (mostly) but it did indeed use up almost all my time, so I made the right call.  We had my niece and nephew in our care for a few of the days and we took them out to Chuck E Cheese, played games with them, watched TV with them and on the third try made it to the movie Frozen.  We played cards with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law a few times.  We went for dinner at a niece's new condo.  We did some last minute Christmas shopping.  We all stayed in for a quiet New Year Eve and went to bed early.  All in all, it was pretty quiet, but nice.

I'm not a big one for introspection about the past year and the upcoming new one.  I tend to monitor that as the year is going on.  I don't make resolutions.  I resolved years ago to give up on New Year resolutions.  So far, so good.  ;-)

Back to the grind.  Happy New Year!
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7 Virtues just had its second post war epilog event.  I really enjoy staffing these events.  They're relatively low key and therefore low stress while still allowing the story to continue.  I can leave home at a reasonable hour Saturday morning and be home Saturday night.  Setup and breakdown are much easier than a regular event.  Logistics is minimal.  What's not to love?

I got to flex my roleplay muscles a bit differently this time.  I started out as a patron of the arts looking to commission people to create uplifting works of art, paintings, music, songs, poems and stories to inspire the next generation of Armandy.  "But wait Rick, how is that any different for you?"  I'm glad you asked because if you didn't you sort of fell into the same trap as some of the PCs.  I was also playing an assassin out to get a vial of the blood of an ex-Touched Hero.

By passing myself off as the nephew of the old Selflessness professor and a patron of the arts looking to bolster the morale of the nations and pass along hope to the next generations of Armandy, I quickly gained the trust of everyone I met.  Then i spent about an hour and a half talking painting, music, song, poetry and stories with different people until i found one of my targets, at which point I slipped an enchanted scroll into the pages of poems and repeated the scene with him.  At this point I'd established my credibility and story so strongly that no one had a problem letting me paralyze him and walk out while talking to him as I left.  I'd hoped to actually kill a PC in front of a room full of PCs and get away clean, but I forgot how hard it can be to kill some heroes, so he reduced my death to unstable and then instead of bleeding out he went unconscious so he only sat there unconscious and minus his blood for the duration of the paralysis, but I'll take it as a win anyway.

It was a very fun exercise and I had a blast doing it.  The roleplay with all the PCs was fabulous and hopefully taught them at least one valuable lesson.  :-)  I'm betting none of them fulfill their commission though and Aloysius will be out all that money.  ;-)

I spent the rest of the event as the Headmaster, always a fun role to play.  Early on I found Siobhan coming out of the Reliquary of Souls.  She needed time mostly by herself and knowing Brae the way I do, I figured I'd get her to drink to feel better and give her a chance to talk to the Headmaster alone and get whatever was bothering her off her chest.  Unfortunately (IG, OOG mwahahaha) the Headmaster was smitten with a love curse and fell head over heels in love with Idriante during this discussion.  This was amusing because in his love struck state he blew off Siobhan hard in the middle of his talk with her and he created an uncomfortable situation with the lovely Idriante.

I talked children and marriage and futures with many of the students... uh, Heroes.  Need to quit doing that; old habits die hard.  Knowing the upcoming plots over the course of the day always makes it fun to steer early discussions in directions that you know will lead to great follow-up discussions later in the day.  *waves at Bess especially*

I loved hearing students report to me about the assassination attempt that I pulled off.  It made me feel warm and fuzzy all over... well, even warmer and fuzzier than being the Headmaster already makes me.

All the Despair and Compassion discussions were just awesome.  Kiva really is my prime studen... uh, Hero, but the tears shared with T'Dira were wonderful beyond compare.

It's so touching to go out into a fight, go down and hear the stu... Heroes' rallying cries around pushing for the Headmaster.  It gives me more of that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Then I get to yell at a Hero for trading her life for mine only to realize that the Headmaster's major objection to this is probably not quite as relevant anymore and give her the start of a mock scolding and end it with a warm, fuzzy hug.

Oh, and kudos to T'Dira for putting a bow on the Headmaster's tail without him knowing about it.  :-)

Set up for Dark World 7V.  Yay!  More warm, fuzzy... oh wait.  >:}
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Hi there.  I've been pretty much out of touch for a couple days in preparation for my high unholy day of the year, Halloween.  As most of you know I put on a pretty lavish haunted house.  While things conspired against me doing it in NH to raise money for 2020 VisionQuest, nothing stopped me from doing it at my work.  Tuesday after work we brought everything from storage over to work and then Wednesday night after work I was here until 1:30 in the morning doing setup with a really awesome crew of people.  They started trickling off after about 8:00, but I'm grateful to every last one that stayed however long they did.  I got a quick 2 1/2 hours sleep in and was back at 7:00 to do the last of the setup.

We ran for about 2 1/2 hours, 3 or 4 people at a time.  The script got changed along to way to tweak things, since you never get practice runs on our schedule.  Fortunately I had sent out the script for the storyline a couple days before and people had been thinking about how they wanted to do it, which I was fine with.  My script had samples only.  A couple people ran with it, a few put their own spin on it and a few just did whatever the heck they felt like.  All in all it was totally awesome.  The video can be seen here:

Yes, we did in fact have a plant in each group that the werewolf grabbed and ripped her head off in front of the PCs... uh, guests.  Sorry, the 10 hours sleep I got last night has only restored me to partial functionality.  The bloody head went all the way through in the hands of the guide and was replaced on the altar at the end with a real head which screamed as it was sacrificed in the demon summoning.  Those of you who know Jack Voss, (Richard Horton/7V or Grimwold/Mirror, Mirror) will recognize the voice of the demon at the end.

The wizard actually appeared to be skinned right in front of them too as the brave volunteer who played the role was wearing not one, but two costumes.  She had on the skin tight anatomically correct musculature costume () and then was wearing a cloak over that and the mask of a wizard over the skin mask.  The lost the outer mask and the cloak when the demon kills her.  it was really quite effective.

So that was my Halloween.  I hope you enjoy it too.  :-)

The original cut of the script if you care to compare it to the final product:

Original Script )
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The kittens have discovered the place where I used to sleep.  :-(
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It was a somewhat odd Mirror, Mirror event.  People weren't feeling themselves, sicknesses, allergies, late arrivals, non-arrivals, a lot of people going to bed early, missing people due to conflict with Aralis, cold weather, full moon.  It all added up to an event that was not bad, but strange.

I myself suffered a 3 1/2 hour period of total apathy on Saturday morning.  I woke up at 7:00 (not unusual) and laid in bed for 3 1/2 hours (extremely unusual).  I really just had no desire to get up and play the game.  At 8:30 when I should have gotten up to be ready in time to go out and play my flute at 9:00 as I usually do, I just didn't have the slightest bit of enthusiasm even for that.  I considered several times getting up and just leaving site and going somewhere else for the day, but I couldn't even work up the desire to get out of bed.  I wasn't feeling at all sick, just totally apathetic toward everything.  I have never felt like that before.  Alysha finally talked me out of it, which was a good thing because I had a really good day after that.


Kumir, you are a god among dogs.

Bei Hu - I've got to remember to get a spelling on that - So much of what Mei Shan has said now makes sense.

Mei Shan - She continues to be the best teacher and apprentice all rolled into one - Kumir and I adore her

Story telling with shadow accompaniment - best thing of the whole event - hats off to the two behind the curtain acting out the stories as they were told, absolutely incredible

"We have two healers" (the person counting does not count Kumir in this) "plus Kumir has two life spells" - Since when does having two life spells not get you counted among the healers, to say nothing of Kumir's actual healing?  However, I have the best discussions on what Kumir is vs what other people think he is, how it affects him and why he does the things he does that seem to impact peoples' perceptions.

Gnolls give canines a bad name.

The dog jokes were running rampant this weekend, always followed by "Sorry Kumir" or "No offense Kumir".  Must have happened at least 5 or 6 times.

It's kind of ironic that the fox is protecting the hound.

Roleplay with so many awesome characters, both PC and NPC.

I really need to get writing on the PEL for this.  I'm so tired and my head is so full I can already feel things falling out (things that I hope are not bits of brain; I don't have much of that to spare).
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Nutshell version, awesome weekend but utterly exhausting.

All sorts of fun things under the cut )

So for all of you who have Columbus Day off, boy, do I envy you.  I would have loved nothing more than to sleep in today, maybe even until 7:00 or 8:00.  Sooooo tired.  Oh well, Mirror, Mirror is coming up this weekend.  Maybe I'll catch up on my sleep then.

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