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Some NERO players are getting together for a party in honor of NERO's 25th anniversary.  This is not NERO event, but a party of NERO and ex-NERO players getting together to celebrate the anniversary.  It's in Attleboro MA on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, very close to other parties and BBQs the same weekend in that area.  Monique and I will be going.  I'd love to see others there.

Here's the email that's been sent out with details:

It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since Weekend in the Woods became New England Roleplaying Organization. Tens of thousands of creative minds helped build the world of Tyrra, which continues to grow to this day.
Since NERO began, many other LARPs have sprung from its roots, along with numerous friendships, marriages, and other collaborative endeavors.
On Saturday, August 30th, we're getting together anyone who's interested, who's played NERO -- PAST OR PRESENT -- who'd like to get together with old friends and maybe some old foes, too, just to share remembrances of what the game has given us. We'll be gathering at the Ezekiel Bates Masonic Lodge in Attleboro, MA, which has a fantastic period feel to it, from 10 am - 11 pm. Please help us spread the word via suitable LARP lists and to your friends who've played.
We must commit to the hall by August 15th, so we need to meet our minimum counts by then. Please register via PayPal at:

To cover hall rental and insurance, we need at least 30 attendees at $30/pp. Once you register, I cannot refund your fee, a...

NOTE: This is *not* a NERO International event - it is an out of game reunion/party.
* COST: $30 per person to cover hall rental and insurance
* FOOD: Bring your own, grill in the parking lot, or order takeout from multiple area restaurants
* BYOB: Permitted for responsible 21+
* LODGING FOR OUT-OF-TOWNERS: We are presently gathering quotes for group rates in a local hotel, though Labor Day Weekend is tough - if you'd want a room, please let us know ASAP
* ACTIVITIES: Asking Ford Ivey all the questions you've always wanted to, slideshows (send in your photos!), bring in your favorite mementos (All 25 years of The Raven's Herald in one place...), NERO trivia, gabbing it up, maybe hitting friends with boffers...
Travelers, the event site is close to Boston for museums and the like, and to a few casinos (Twin River in RI, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in CT). Best airports to come into would be Providence, Hartford, or Boston.
Thanks, and I hope we see you at the reunion!
-Rachel Morris (former NERO Mass/Ravenholt owner)

PS - Unless I hear from you at mailto:NERO.OOG.Reunion@gmail.com or via your registration, I will not contact you again about this event.

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