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My flute had a tragic accident this weekend in which she got a huge dent and serious bending of both the body and the rods.  I thought she was a goner for sure.

I took her to a flute doctor today.  He pulled her out of the case and made a few choice comments such as, "I see you have a banana flute.  They're becoming very popular."  Yeah, the curve to the body was that severe.  As I was watching him examine her I couldn't help but think of Miracle Max in the Princess Bride as he picks up Wesley's dead arm and drop it and proclaims, "I've seen worse" and sure enough, that's exactly what he said.  It was almost funny.

The good news is that he is almost certain he can fix my flute and that it will be relatively inexpensive to do so.  So yay!  No new flute for me.  With any luck we'll get another 35 years together.
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I want one of these.  http://www.johnlunn.com/lunnflutes/slideshow.html

At $60,000, I'll probably pass on getting a gold one.  Of course, even at $16,000 I'll probably pass on a silver one, but I still want one.
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...putting off updates for a week at a time.  It leads to long posts.  However, I will attempt to be brief, no promises. 

Babysitting Elijah )

Flute stuff )

Madrigal Troubadours )
Picnic with family )

Harry Potter )

Work stuff )

Nick )

One Man Star Wars Trilogy )

More flute stuff )

Guess what I desperately need to get to today?  That's right, 7V stuff.  So on that cheery note, I will leave you and go catch up on all those emails I didn't get to over the past three nights.

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So last night, I experienced a highly amusing lolcats moment in real life.  We had guests over (Amy's family).  Whenever we have people staying in the guest rooms, we close our bedroom door for the privacy.  At about 1:30 in the morning, we heard pawing on the bedroom door, so I got up and let Sasha in.  She jumped up on the bed and did the usual middle of the night purring, whiskers-in-the-face routine.  About two minutes later, from in front of the door we hear, "Meow!  Meow!, Meow!".  Apparently she'd had enough, so I got up and let her out, closing the door again.

I was in bed for about 3 minutes when I hear the pawing at the door again.  So I got up, let Sasha in and went back to bed.  About 3 minutes later, "Meow!  Meow!, Meow!".  She either thought this was a fun game or she really cared more that the door was impeding her free judgment than what side she was on.  Either way, Monique says, "Just let her meow.  She'll stop."  Yeah, right.  Sasha is a cat.  What was she thinking?

One of our computers was in screen saver mode, so there was just enough light in the room to see what happened next.  Sasha is my cat and generally leaves Monique alone as there's no great love between the two of them.  Oh sure, if no one else is home, Sasha will turn to Monique for attention and Monique will occasionally give Sasha a freindly scritch, but that's about it.

Sasha jumped up on the bed and walked up over Monique's legs and onto her chest and put her fuzzy little face in Monique's face.  I could see the profile of the two of them and I could see the caption, "Prhps u din't hear me meowing!"  I started laughing and couldn't stop.  It was so funny.  Monique didn't get it.  Oh well.  I'm still chuckling over it.

And speaking of lolcats, they have provided me with a new icon for flute posts.  I am so amused.  Somehow, it just doesn't seem like a Monday.

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