Oct. 31st, 2014

kumir_k9: (Halloween)

Today I have a brand new bunch of victims... uh, fellow employees who had no idea what I'm like at Halloween.  I got permission to turn the conference room across from my cube into a mini-haunted house.  It's only one room so I had to scale way back, but since most of the time I spend in there is in meetings, I'm used to it being Hell.  ;-)

None of the videos turned out all that well, so you'll just have to settle for stills.  A few of the low light photos turned out reasonably well and for full affect I've included the lighted versions as well.

It started out outside the conference room with the 7 foot animatronic reaper that was my prize acquisition from the auction a few weeks back and some scene setters and cemetery fence to keep people away from the mirror that was propped up against the window outside the conference room.

First, before pictures so you can see what I had to deal with for space.

Before pictures behind cut )

Outside decoration behind cut )

Best of the pictures with lights off )

And finally with lights on behind this cut )

Various motion and sound activaed animatronics along the way:
- misting, lighted crystal ball
- faceless ghost that grows a face and moans
- bright, moving eye skeleton hovering over (and distracting from) the...
- leaping spider on the floor
- talking Medusa
- talking urn
- mirror with candles and appearing, talking face

There a was also a mirror at the end of the second run that made the room look much bigger.

The responses were quite favorable and I think made the proper impression on my fellow employees at HPO.  :-)

Special thanks to my darling wife for coming down and spending four hours the night before to help me with setup. That's true love. :-)

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