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Mirror, Mirror this past weekend was a great deal of fun in many ways, but had some real downer moments.  It was such high highs and such low lows that I'm really torn on how to rate the event.  I had a lot of fun and I'm trying to stay focused on that so that's what I'll talk about here.

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All in all, a very fun event with some really good mods, fights, character interactions and character development.
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It was a somewhat odd Mirror, Mirror event.  People weren't feeling themselves, sicknesses, allergies, late arrivals, non-arrivals, a lot of people going to bed early, missing people due to conflict with Aralis, cold weather, full moon.  It all added up to an event that was not bad, but strange.

I myself suffered a 3 1/2 hour period of total apathy on Saturday morning.  I woke up at 7:00 (not unusual) and laid in bed for 3 1/2 hours (extremely unusual).  I really just had no desire to get up and play the game.  At 8:30 when I should have gotten up to be ready in time to go out and play my flute at 9:00 as I usually do, I just didn't have the slightest bit of enthusiasm even for that.  I considered several times getting up and just leaving site and going somewhere else for the day, but I couldn't even work up the desire to get out of bed.  I wasn't feeling at all sick, just totally apathetic toward everything.  I have never felt like that before.  Alysha finally talked me out of it, which was a good thing because I had a really good day after that.


Kumir, you are a god among dogs.

Bei Hu - I've got to remember to get a spelling on that - So much of what Mei Shan has said now makes sense.

Mei Shan - She continues to be the best teacher and apprentice all rolled into one - Kumir and I adore her

Story telling with shadow accompaniment - best thing of the whole event - hats off to the two behind the curtain acting out the stories as they were told, absolutely incredible

"We have two healers" (the person counting does not count Kumir in this) "plus Kumir has two life spells" - Since when does having two life spells not get you counted among the healers, to say nothing of Kumir's actual healing?  However, I have the best discussions on what Kumir is vs what other people think he is, how it affects him and why he does the things he does that seem to impact peoples' perceptions.

Gnolls give canines a bad name.

The dog jokes were running rampant this weekend, always followed by "Sorry Kumir" or "No offense Kumir".  Must have happened at least 5 or 6 times.

It's kind of ironic that the fox is protecting the hound.

Roleplay with so many awesome characters, both PC and NPC.

I really need to get writing on the PEL for this.  I'm so tired and my head is so full I can already feel things falling out (things that I hope are not bits of brain; I don't have much of that to spare).
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Weekend highlights
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And then, there was Sunday night and Monday at the Mangios which was just a wonderful way to cap off a great holiday weekend.  That deserves its own separate post.  I probably won't get around to it considering how late it is already, but it certainly deserves one. ;-)
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I'm beginning to get a good feel for the game and for where Kumir fits into it.  Highlight moments in no particular order of any kind:

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I had an awesome weekend.  I came home last night and chattered happily at my son for about an hour over it.  To put it in perspective I usually come home from LARPs and collapse in a dead heap within minutes of getting home.  Last night I not only unloaded the van completely, I unpacked everything, sorted the laundry and put the rest of the stuff into neat organized piles to go upstairs.  I just has so much excitement for the event.

So what made it so fantastic?

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I can't wait until the next event.  *bouncing happily with the memories of this weekend and being home from work*

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